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"Hey Lauren." my little six year old brother greeted me while sitting on the couch. "Hey buddy." I said with a smile ruffling his hair. "What do you want to do today?" I asked him. "How about we go to the park?" He asked with a big smile and bright eyes. "Sure." I replied "Go put on your shoes on and we'll go." I told him. "Awesome!" he cheered "Hey Mom, Dad I'm going to take Noah to the park." I told them. "Have fun!" My mom replied. Once we got to the park I got out my phone and texted Ben.

To: Ben

Hey :)

From: Ben

Hey ;)

To: Ben

You want to meet me at the park?

From: Ben

Sure babe, coming right now.

The air filled with giggles and the warm sun I sat back on the bench watching Noah with a close eye, waiting for Ben. Suddenly somebody was covering my eyes "Guess who?" Ben said in a creepy voice. "Hmm its you." "Dang it, I have to work on that" He muttered. "How are you?" I asked "I'm fine, Hal's been getting on my nerves." He said in an exasperated voice. "You guys will figure it out somehow." I assured him. "Do you hear that?" He asked with his eyebrows knitted together. "What?" "It's like mechanical moaning." I listened for a bit then I heard it. "Yeah I hear it, it's probably nothing." I blew it off, thinking it was nothing. I was wrong. Screams erupted from crisp morning air. "What the-" Ben muttered. "NOAH!" I yelled Noah spun around from watching a bomb land near downtown Boston, and ran to me. "Ben, BEN!" I grabbed his and Noah's hand pulled them. Ben snapped out of it, picked Noah up and started pulling me towards my house. I glanced back at the chaos that invading downtown Boston. Alien ships dropping bombs. Then a flash of blinding light that drowned the whole world in white light. Once the light faded, we could see my house. All of a sudden I felt like I couldn't move, I dropped to the ground. The mechanical moaning go closer soon this giant alien robot coming closer with its gun raised. "LAUREN!" Ben screamed. "Go, run, get Noah to safety!" I managed to groan, while trying to get up. Ben put Noah down and scooped me up. "Come on Noah, we ha-" Ben fell to the ground with me in his arms, stunned by the robot. "Run Noah." I told him still unable to move anything but my lips. I closed my eyes about to give up, wrapped in Bens arms, it wasn't a bad way to die. I heard some gun shots. Then everything went black.

Screaming woke me. The room I was being held in was cramped and dark. My hands and feet were bound. I started to cry. Inviting death to take me away. "Hello?" Someone called out. "Whos there?" The voice asked, it was Ben. "Ben?" "Lauren?" "Ben" I started to cry again. "Where are you?" Ben asked. "Over here, just try to follow my voice." I called out. "Can you help me out of these ties?" I asked sniffling. "Yeah, can you turn around for me?" He asked. I rolled to where my back was to him and he untied my hands. I grabbed him in a hug "Don't leave me, please." I commanded him burying my face into his chest. "I won't." he replied wrapping his arms around me . "Where's Noah?" I braced myself for the worst tensing up. "After you blacked out, those robots were taking us away...a- and...these spider things..took him.. I'm sorry." He hugged me tighter as I began to grieve. "I want to go home." Ben kissed my forehead. "I know, we're going to be okay." He lied. I lie there just listening to the beat of his heart, hoping to would be alright until the door to the small room opened and this hideous thing came to separate us. "I love you, whatever you do don't forget that." He told me while they tried to take him away. Next the repulsive things took me, they carried me to a table with restraints. Then they bound my feet and hands to a table. "Ben?" I lifted my head to try and find him but the repulsive thing tried to restrain me. "Its going to be okay." He tried to reassure me from a few tables over. There was a tank with some things swimming in it. I heard a screech then something came down the chute, above my head, which was connected to the tank. Then something plopped onto my back. It penetrated the top my neck. Then the bottom of my spine then everything went fuzzy.