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Hi. My name is Elizabella Marie Cullen. I am the daughter of Edward and Isabella Cullen. I am the sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I'm the imprintee of Seth Clearwater.

Okay, let's get started. Sorry for the dramatic and straight to the point intro. I just wanted to get the main points across to you. So, now let me retell it to you in a cheerier form.

First off, my name is Elizabella Marie Cullen. My father's name is Edward (which in feminine form is Elizabeth), and my mother's name is Isabella (she likes to be called Bella). Therefore, they combined their names and out came my first name, Elizabella. People usually call me Ellie, Lizzy, Bell, or Ella. But, don't ever call me by my full name or else I will blow up on you. My middle name derives from Mom, and Mom got it from her grandmother, who is my great-grandmother. So, to get to the point, my middle name is from my great-grandmother. My last name is my last name.

Second, when Mom conceived me and my sister, she was a human for Nessie's birth. But, since they didn't know they were having twins, halfway through my mom's transformation, she conceived me. I had already drank the vampire venom and it had affected my blood, but not in a bad way. My twin, Nessie is half-human and half-vampire. I am three-quarters vampire, and one-quarter human. So, that means I am one-of-a-kind, unlike my sister. I'll tell you more about the effects of that.

Third, I am the imprintee of Seth Clearwater. Seth Clearwater imprinted on me once I was born, and I learned this and knew this a long time ago. I know we are destined to be together, but right now, since I'm only five-and-a-half, I would like for us to be only best friends.

Nessie and I look almost like identical twins, except for a few things. Nessie and I both have high cheekbones, a straight nose, strong jaw lines, and full lips with only slight differences. Nessie has thinner lips than me; I have slightly more prominent cheekbones than Nessie; Nessie has darker skin than me; and Nessie has rosier cheeks than me. We both have bronze ringlets (mines being darker and a bit curlier than hers), but we have different colored eyes. Nessie has the trademark Swan chocolate brown eyes, while I have my Dad's human eyes. Mines are green and everyone says they have specks of gold in them.

Okay, so now here are the effects of being three-quarters-vampire.

#1 I do have a gift, and it is that I absorb other vampires' powers (whether natural or not) and enhance it for my own use. I can turn the powers on and off (except for the natural ones) meaning choose the ones that I want to use at that moment. For example, Rosalie's enhanced beauty, I take it (she still has it) and magnify it for my own use. Since it is a natural gift, I cannot choose when I want to have it. Or, Emmet's enhanced strength. Since I enhance it, I am two times as strong as a newborn vampire. All the natural gifts. Carlisle's self control, Nana's motherly side, Dad's speed. I have them all. I also enhanced their gifts. Mom's shield, Dad's mind reading, Uncle Jasper's empathy, and lots of others. During that time that Carlisle invited many covens over, was my peak. I absorbed all their gifts, and have been like that ever since.

#2 since I am only one-quarter human, I do not have to sleep as much as an average human. Average humans sleep about eight hours a day. Eight divided by four equals two. So I need only two hours of sleep every night.

#3 I grow slower than Nessie, because I have more vampire in me and vampires are frozen. I grow about two times my average age, and ten times my mental age. Nessie grows two and a half our average age. I will stop aging once I look sixteen years old.

#4 my body temperature is slightly lower than a normal human's. My average body temperature is eighty-five degrees.

Okay, so now that the quick introduction is done, I'll move on to the present day.

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