Hi, so I was bored and I had some ideas of what the Avengers (and Loki) would say in text messages. I was sitting bored in class so I decided to write some of my own. I hope you like it!

Tony: Guys… WTF is going on! Who painted my damn Iron Man suit GREEN!

Clint: Green? Well, who do you know that's favorite color is green?

Tony: LOKI!

Loki: Well, I am the God of Mischief ;)

Tony: Fuck you Loki. I am going to get you back so bad for doing this… and what's with the winky face?

Loki: Oh, nothing ;D

Clint: Lol

Tony: Fuck off, legolas.

Clint: -.-

Loki: …How, exactly, are you planning to get back at the God of Mischief, Stark?

Tony: I have my ways, reindeer games.

Loki: We shall see about that.