As always, it's been forever since I've updated, so sorry :( And also I'm sad and somewhat happy to say that this is the end of The Avengers Text Messages. I'm really going to miss writing these, and reading all of your guys's lovely reviews. I am just so busy lately with school, since I've got some difficult classes, and I am also extremely busy most days after school. So, instead of feeling bad since I never update, I am ending this journey here. It's been awesome and thanks to everyone who has ever reviewed or even just read this story. Over 400 reviews thanks to all of you! So enough of my blabbering, and on with the story. Enjoy.

Tony: sup Lo' ?

Loki: Nothing much

Tony: So in guessing you aren't busy today then?

Loki: Well actually, I have a pedicure scheduled at 3 and then Im getting my hair done at 4…

Tony: Oh, uh, nevermind then

Loki: Yes, It takes a lot to look as good as I do

Tony: well you do look pretty good.

Loki: Thank you Tony... I was just kidding btw

Tony: Oh... okay good. Cause I want to take you somewhere today :3

Loki: Where would that be?

Tony: Ice Skating!

Loki: Oh odin.

Tony: Why aren't you excited?

Loki: I've never gone ice skating before, Tony

Tony: Seriously? There's like ice EVERYWHERE in Jotunheim, right? You've never tried ice skating there?

Loki: No. We better not be going somewhere with a lot of people either, because I am NOT embarrassing myself

Tony: Oh, hahaa... I hope you're joking because we're going skating in Rockefeller center..

Loki: TONY!

Tony: I'm sorry! I just thought it would be a nice date for us… and I could teach you how to skate!

Loki: Hmm, well I guess I'll just go. ONLY because I know if I refuse you'll just drag me there anyway

Tony: Aw, you know I would :) I cant wait, It's gonna be so much fun!

at the ice rink:

Tony: Just push off like this..


Tony: :/


Tony: Hey, look, you're getting it!

Loki: Maybe… I… am… OWW!

Tony: You were getting it…


after more failed attempts:

Loki: I think… I've finally gotten the hang of it

Tony: Yeah, after like three hours of shouting at "midgardian ice"

Loki: Don't tempt me.

Tony: Sorry x3

Loki: This is actually... sort of fun now ^.^

Tony: See, I told you it'd be fun!

Loki: Yeah, I guess you did

Tony: Ba do Ba do, duh duh, da da doo

Loki: ... What are you doing?

Tony: Ba do Ba do, duh duh, da da doo

Loki: Tony?..

Tony: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

Loki: it's Christmas anymore...

Tony: Just like the ones I used to know

Loki: Oh god, it's a glee reference

Tony: Where those tree tops glisten

Loki: So wait, if you're Blaine then... I am NOT singing Kurt's part

Tony: And children listen

Loki: if you're trying to serenade me, it's not working

Tony: To hear sleigh bells in the snow, oh

Loki: ... Okay maybe it is

Later in the song

Loki&: And may all your Christmases
Tony: And may all your Christmases *Leans in close to Loki*

Loki&: Be, white
Tony: Be, white *skates away*

Loki: STARK, YOU TEASE! *Chases after Tony*

Tony: ha ha!

Loki: *bumps into Tony and looks him in the eyes* you will pay for that, Stark

Tony: *pulls Loki close* make me. *kisses him*

Natasha: *looking on from an undisclosed location* omg, they're so perfect for each other!

Clint: ikr? it's a shame Fury wants to break them up

Natasha: Yeah, I wonder why...

Clint: *watching Tony and Loki through binoculars* why don't we get to kiss like that?

Natasha: *pushes Clint playfully* shut up

Clint: What? *makes a pouty face*

Natasha: really? You know I love you *kisses him*

Clint: :)

Hehehe, I couldn't help but put in a twist-ish thing. You may be thinking that this story IS done now, but is there another to come? Well, I'm not sure yet. Maybe there is still an unexpected journey for the Avengers lying ahead... but a lot of it depends on what the readers want :) so please tell me what you think! Lastly, thank you to all my reviewers, readers, and even the flamers. You guys are awesome~ Kaitlin