While He Sleeps

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cassandra Clare.

Author's Note: This takes place during City of Lost Souls before Alec and Magnus broke up.

Time: City of Lost Souls

Genre: Romance and Drama

Rating: PG-13

Date Finished: July 1, 2012

Magnus ran his hand through Alec's hair very carefully. He did not wish to wake him. They had been sitting on the coach in silence for the past hour. At some point, the warlock had lowered Alec's head down onto his lap. Alec had not moved since. The Shadowhunter had fallen asleep about fifteen minutes ago.

Magnus studied his Alexander. The rest of the world knew him as Alec, but he would always be Alexander to Magnus. He called him Alec to his face, but Alexander in his mind.

Alec looked so young and innocent when he slept. His dark bangs fell across his forehead in a similar manner to water falling over a water fall. His skin was so soft to the touch that it reminded Magnus of the flesh of a newborn baby. His hands were curled into lose fists. Magnus wondered if he was dreaming of slaying demons. His chest rose and fell in perfect harmony. Magnus could not think of anything that reminded him of that.

Alec was alive and beautiful. He was one the reasons that Magnus stayed in New York City. Things were going to change; change in this case would not be good. As long as Alec was alive, Magnus would stay in the Big Apple.

While he slept, Magnus would keep him safe in his arms. No harm would come upon Alec. People, no matter how strong they were, were fragile as kittens in their sleep. They needed something to watch over them. This was what Magnus vowed to do with Alec.

Magnus was going to be Alec's guardian angel. Of course, Alec did not know about this.

Magnus gently twirled another piece of Alec's hair in his finger. Things were finally going right between them and Magnus was not about to let anything end that.

While he slept, Magnus kissed Alec gently on the forehead. "I love you, Alexander," he whispered.