Chapter 5: A storm approaches...

"Well seeing as how we have all been introduced, I think it's time we figure out what to do with the Count, and seeing how I know the most about him I think I should lead the discussion." Tabane said rather coyly.

"Wait—what do you mean you know the most about him?" Ichika asked curiously.

"Oh, well that's because he's my Ex-Husband..." Tabane said matter-of-factly.


"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed surprised.

"Look before you all start freaking out, let me explain the whole story." Tabane said. "It all started in my first year at university. I was competing for the top mark in my class as I always do, but when the results for the first test came in I was tied for first with another student. I was extremely surprised. No one else had ever come close to my test scores. Throughout the rest of my years in university he was always tied with me. Then finally one day we started hanging out and comparing our notes, that's when we fell in love. We started dating, and at the same time we started working on the IS project. I was so excited; we were going to change the world. We got married a year later, and we were on the final stages of the IS project. That's when he started to change; he kept saying that we should keep the designs for ourselves or simply just sell it to the military. I was furious, the man I had married turned out to be nothing but an evil maniac. So I did something I am still not sure I should have done. I went deep into the IS core and changed the program. I made sure he would never be able to reverse it..." Tabane trailed off.

Everyone was silent.

Ichika gulped, then said: "What...did you change Tabane?"

Tabane sighed. "I made that only women could pilot IS's."

Silence once again penetrated the small crowd. Ichika looked over at Chifuyu; she didn't seem to be shocked about this news.

"Did you know about this Chifuyu...?" Ichika asked hesitantly.

Chifuyu glanced at him and sighed. "Yes, I did. I was the witness at their wedding."

"Why didn't you tell anyone?" Ichika replied.

Chifuyu sighed once again. "Because Tabane told me not to..."

Everyone looked over at Tabane. She had a tear in her eye.

Tabane continued. "Once he found out, he snapped. He stole most of the data and left, I haven't seen him since. After that I decided to announce the IS anyway. That's when he started to take his revenge. You have all heard about the 'Shirokishi incident' right, when all those missiles were hacked simultaneously and fired at Japan?"

Everyone nodded.

"Well, he was the one responsible." Tabane said.

"That isn't that surprising considering the circumstances, but it was a good thing Aunt Chifuyu was there to save Japan, right?" Kamino said grinning.

Kamino's siblings all nodded, but were surprised to see the looks of shock on everyone else.

"I guess they were all going to find out sooner or later, right Chi-Chan?" Tabane said cheerfully.

Chifuyu covered her face with her hand.

"Wait, you mean you haven't told them that Aunt Chifuyu was the Shirokishi's pilot?" Kamino said.

Chifuyu gritted her teeth.

"Look I kept Tabane's secret so she could keep mine. Is it so hard to believe that I am just not a fan of having so much attention?" Chifuyu said shrugging.

"I suppose..." Kamino said quietly. Everyone else wasn't sure how to react. That is when Kamino realized something.

Kamino looked at his father, and then looked at Tabane. "Aunt Tabane, if you made it so that only women can pilot IS's, how come Ichika, Jack, Xin and I can pilot them?"

Tabane looked at Kamino. "Around the time that I started working on the 4th generation of IS's, I discovered I could alter the code for the IS core to work with males, but I could only do it if I had some genetic material to work with. So I simply took a bit of Ichika's DNA and altered the original code using his big sister Chi-chan's DNA as an example. So essentially I could only make an IS core that worked with Ichika because he had a big sister that was compatible with an IS. As a result, because you guys are his sons it was easy to make IS cores for each of you using Ichika's genetic material as an example. It's all very complicated I know...however, I knew there would be consequences. Once Ichika's ability to pilot an IS hit the news I knew that hewould find out, and he would stop at nothing to find out how Ichika can pilot and IS. That's why he sent all those corrupted IS drones to gather data on Ichika.

"Oh, well that explains all those weird IS drone attacks..." Cecilia said.

Everyone nodded.

"Ok, that answers most of our questions, but that doesn't help us decide what we should do to deal with the Count. Because if he really is coming to try and kill us then should we fight him? Should we tell the military about it?" Ichika asked calmly.

"I'm not sure..." Tabane said scratching her chin. "Do you guys have any ideas? You guys have fought him before correct?" Tabane asked Ichika's kids.

"While we were waiting for everyone to gather, I had time to think of a plan that will give us the time we need to come up with a more definitive solution." Kamino said.

"Well let's hear it kid!" Chifuyu said crossing her arms.

"So the most important thing we have to remember is that even though the present Count is still trying to gather data on Ichika, the future Count has already acquired the ability to pilot an IS and simply wants to kill our parents to get rid of us all. Now as for actually fighting the Count, I suggest you leave that to us kids. His IS: "The Shining Reaper" is far more advanced than all of the IS's from this time period. It is even slightly more powerful than our own models, and he will not hesitate to finish you all with just one blow. His weapon of choice is a scythe that uses a special type of energy that melts away physical matter. We are not sure how it works exactly but no type of shield or armor has been able to stand up to it so far. For that reason alone we suggest that all of you completely avoid engaging him in combat." As Kamino finished his explanation Rin piped up.

"If that's the case then what do you expect us to do while you guys go off and look for him?" Rin asked.

"I don't suggest you guys stay at the school, you would be putting all the other students at risk and he could easily find you all here. In fact, I am surprised he hasn't shown up already." Jack said while looking over his shoulder at the horizon.

"You guys should find someplace safe and well hidden to stay for sometime while we deal with him." Céline added.

"Tabane would most likely be the best person to ask for a place to hide. She has doing it for quite some time now." Chifuyu pointed out.

"Hey that's right! We can all stay at my various secret hideouts I have spread across the world. The closest one to us right now is a secret island facility off the cost of Taiwan. We could get there within the hour if we left right now. Let me just let them know we are coming." Tabane said while typing on her phone.

"Aunt Chifuyu, if you wouldn't mind staying at the school and continuing to teach while maintaining to look out for any signs of the Count? It would be very helpful to all of us." Monika said.

"That sounds like a plan to me kid." Chifuyu replied.

"Alright now that we have things settled, does anyone have any last minute ques—" BOOM!

A large explosion knocked everyone off their feet.

Kamino looked up and saw what he feared most, floating high above the school. The Count in his shining reaper descended slowly while grinning madly.

"Now isn't that nice, everyone I wanted to eliminate is all gathered here just waiting to be slaughtered! I see you kids managed to follow me through the time portal, while that may be a little annoying I am actually glad. Because now I will get to see your faces as you are wiped from existence! I'm sure you all understand that I really only need to kill one person here, and that would be you...Ichika Orimura." The Count said while pointing at Ichika with his scythe.

Ichika could hear the scythe thrumming with energy as it started to glow with a sickening green light...

Authors Note:

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