Due to the serious not-caring skills that Darcy Lewis possesses, she did not freak out about kissing the dude that tried to take over the world a year ago on the cheek. Until she got back to her own apartment, that is. Which totally counted for something.

Alright, so, she'd kissed him. On the cheek. No big deal. That happened all the time in movies and public, and in music videos, books, and TV shows. So it isn't like she should be freaking out this badly. Calm, even breaths, she reminded herself. Loki didn't flip out, call her a disgusting mortal, and shun her from his presence. Although, she hadn't really given him time to react... And he did something similar to that when she forgot his latte once. So, his reaction would either be worse than the forgotten latte incident, or better than when she brought up his stint as a girl.

She so wasn't looking forward to seeing him in the morning.

But, after she had finally fallen asleep, her alarm clock woke her up bright and early for the dreaded morning. She refused to let herself fret (Dear God, it's not like I'm Jane. I don't worry about anything.) throughout her morning routine and as she knocked on Loki's door.

Oddly enough, nothing was different. He greeted her in a slightly cold manner, as always, and demanded a trip to the library after breakfast. After blinking at him stupidly for a minute, she rolled her eyes and nodded. Loki was witty and cold towards her, with the random moment of genuine interest in something she said. It was completely normal.

It continued like this for three days, until Darcy was rambling to him about music, and she reminded herself (since Loki didn't exactly listen anyway) that she still needed to get the latest Glee album on her iPod. "I just bought the Adele album with Chasing Pavements. When that song first came I out, I was like, This chick's gonna go far. No one listened, she comes back a few years afterwards and everyone loves her. I settle back, and I'm like, I am a fucking genius. That also reminds me that I need to get the last Coldplay, and maybe that Sixpence None the Richer album I was looking at... I dunno if I'll actually buy that one though. What other albums did I see? Hmmm... Oh yeah! There was the UK-released Glee: The Music: The Best of Season One that I totally want!"

Loki's head snapped up from his book and he mentioned that he was unable to find the show on television after that night.

Fighting the flush that was creeping up her neck, Darcy rolled her eyes. She did that a lot around him. And Jane. "Well, duh. It only comes on once a week."

They fell into a discussion of when it came on, and why it only aired a new episode a week. Loki was moderately impressed (which means he scoffed at, but did not insult) the marketing strategies used to keep people watching.

"Well," Loki said when they resumed discussing the up-coming episode, "will you be there to dictate my television and show me what channel it appears on?"

For a second, Darcy didn't understand what he meant. Then it dawned on her that he was practically asking her to watch it with him. In a very Loki-like manner, of course, because he was a confusing alien dude who never said what he meant. She had figured that much out about him, at least. So, she scoffed in return and said, "Of course. My TV's still showing blotches of black and white. I can't miss Glee."


A few days later, she returned to Loki's apartment to watch the new episode. They fell into a pattern: irritate, snark at, and be an ass to one another ninety-five percent of the time. That hour that they were sucked into the world of McKinley High and, now, Dalton Academy, was spent with far less teasing and quips. Darcy would cry, rant, laugh, and use other various actions to express her emotions with the episode. Loki would observe his "caretaker" as well as the episode. Her feelings were always clearly written across her face. If he remembered correctly, one of the novels he read had a similar character who always had her "heart on her sleeve." It was an odd expression, but every time she gasped or giggled at the show, he understood it a little better.

It's not as though she counted, but on the ninth week of spending an hour watching Glee with Loki, everything changed. Well, it could be the tenth. But she didn't count the first time.

No, it wasn't just because Klaine became canon (which she totally fangirled at, causing Loki to move away from her jumping and squealing).

It started out pretty much like the other nights. She'd show up in her pajamas, barge in his apartment without waiting for an answer, grab a soda, and snuggle with a throw pillow until the show started. Loki sat at the end of the couch, as always, and she took her usual spot in the middle. Also as usual, Darcy paid much more attention to anything relating to Kurt, Blaine, or "Klaine" than the rest of the plot lines. She swooned when Blaine sang Misery.

"Do you see this perfect example of man?" She flung her arm towards the television and sighed dreamily. "And he is perfect. Being all 1940s movie star dapper and singing Maroon 5? God, Kurt is one lucky boy."

Loki frowned and shifted against the arm of the couch.

As Kurt told Blaine that he found Blaine's constant spotlight to be displeasing, she was on the edge of her seat muttering about how "they better not mess this up, or I'll have to use my taser."

At this, Loki snorted.

She cried when Kurt began singing Blackbird, all the while blubbering about how much she loved The Beatles, too.

Her companion shifted uncomfortably, ending with him being a bit closer than before.

Darcy spent the entire commercial break cheering after witnessing Blaine wanting to have a duet with Kurt.

When he saw her cheer, his frown disappeared and the barest hint of a smile made its way to his mouth. She was such an amusing girl.

Then, Blaine approaches Kurt and gives a "heartwrenchingly glorious" speech about finding him. Darcy squeals when Blaine kissed Kurt, throwing her pillow across the room. Without realizing it, she throws her arms around Loki and continues to happily blubber about the scene.

"I mean, after Kurt's terrible first kiss, this was just perfect! Blaine is such a gentleman and so awesome. He totally should have jumped Kurt's bones six episodes ago, but that was pretty great. Gah, it was adorable! Especially since Kurt is a romantic. Kisses are supposed to define a romance." She continued to babble for a few more moments. It took her until after Kurt's innuendo to grasp that she has nearly squeezed the life out of Loki and hasn't let go.

Gasping, she threw herself sideways, and nearly toppled off the couch. Her face and neck are flushed a deep, solid red. "S-sorry."

He gave her an amused look and they continued with the television. An awkward silence kept them Darcy from glancing at him like she wanted to. It took a minute, but she let herself get lost in the episode again. By the time Blaine confirmed that he and Kurt had, indeed, won, she was in full fangirl mode.

The episode ended and she stood to leave. Darcy called out her usual goodbye. She made her way through the living room and the kitchen and into the hall. When she reached the door, a hand on her shoulder stopped her. Instantly, her hand flew to her hip when she normally kept her handy-dandy taser. It wasn't there; of course not. She wasn't working or trekking the quiet streets. She had been watching Glee.

Darcy's back hit the door and she gasped loudly. Her eyes were quick enough to take in a grinning Loki with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Before she could say anything, do anything, a pair of warm lips brushed over hers.

Loki kissed her with firm, smirking lips for a moment. When Darcy finally (although she'll always swear it was long before) gathered her thoughts, her lips molded against his in return and she slipped her arms around his neck. His smirk faded so that he could kiss her properly as he pressed closer to her, their chests nearly touching. For just a few moments, only their fused lips existed. And Darcy was totally fine with that.

Just as she thought, Good God, this god can kiss, and resisted the urge to giggle at that, he pulled away. His eyes weren't glinting playfully any longer. They were more deeply colored and staring at her with nothing short of satisfaction, and a small bit of wonder. His lips, which he apparently knew how to use for far more than expressing his emotions, curled into a smirk. Keeping his hands on either side of her face, he leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"This probably would have been more romantic if I could have walked you to your door. That's what all the males in the movies do, anyway."

And, hot damn, Darcy nearly fainted.

Author's Notes:

1 Ah, the long-awaited second piece to Never Been Kissed. I do hope it lives up to your standards.
2 I went ahead and named it after the Glee episode that Loki and Darcy watch, in which Klaine goes canon.
3 This was difficult to write, mainly because I never planned on adding onto the original piece. So, keep that in mind when you debate the little button beneath my words.
4 Great thanks also goes to my sometimes-Beta, Novelist N Training, because this probably would have sit in my Independents and Ideas folder much longer without her reassurance on its quality.