Willow woke up, to the empty forest. She didn't see Puck anywhere. She turned, and got up. She had a nightmare last night so she was still shaken. Her heart sped up in panic. She knew yelling would be the stupidest thing ever. Leaving would probably be death but staying might mean the same. "Puck?" She whispered.

"Yes, Miss Willow?" He whispered behind her right ear, making her jump ten feet out of her skin.

"Puck!" She turned and slapped his shoulder. "You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Really?" He said, concerned.

She smiled. "It's a figure of speech, Puck."

He smiled. "I know, just making sure. How are you feeling?"

"Okay, not the best, but not the worst."

He nodded. "You look better." He touched her cheek and frowned. There wasn't the usual blush from the fever.

"Really, that's good maybe I'm not cursed."

"Maybe, I think we should leave we've been here for too long."

That's when the low hum of the trees became silent.

A black liquid was on the floor, moving toward us.

"Do you think you can ride by yourself today?" He asked, looking at the things.

Willow nodded, and he turned to a horse.

Her yaw dropped, but got on his back. The liquid got taller and had a shape of a man.

"No." whispered Willow, and she got on his back.

Puck didn't wait for the Liquid Man to get any closer, and he ran away. The men moved after them.

"No, way. This is impossible...Wow, everything I've seen and this is what I don't believe."

Luckly the things were slow and couldn't follow behind. That didn't last for long though.

The stone cottage was full of flowers with all the colors in existance. Not one flower was the same shade as the other. Everything was vivid, and sharp. The grass moved with you, whispers secrets of those who've passed along.

"Don't get to caught up with the beauty Willow." said Puck. "Or you will never think anything is beautiful again." He knocked on the wooden door that was carved to reflect all the trees that have gone and passed in both of the worlds.

"Well, Goodfellow, I thought it would be a long time 'til I would see you again. Hello." said a handsome fey, with lavender hair, bright lavender eyes, and pale white rose skin.

"Hello, Custos. Pleasure seeing you as well." said Puck, slightly sarcastic. Slightly.

"You know, pissed his Royalness, a lot. You think it was smart to come back here?"

"You owe me a favor. Now, I'm calling on it."

"What do you want?" He said, looking at him darkly.

"All I need is access to your library, without you telling anyone that we're here."

Custos looked at Willow. "I have no interest in turning you in. Or her. She so sick, who would want her anyways?" He looked up at Puck. "Why do you want her?"

"Is it your business?"

"I guess not..."

"Is this a deal?" asked Puck, with all seriousness.

"Yeah, why not? It's better than other possibilities. Come on in."

"Can I help you Puck?" asked Custos five nights later.

"No." He said, looking up from a book.

Willow slept in a window seat, with a book in her hands. She was getting sicker again. Worst then ever, not able to speak. Puck was afraid to give anything fey, fearing it might be too strong, but he needed her awake if he was ever going to through these books.

"Puck. I know you don't want a deal, and that's not what I'm asking for. I want to assist you with what ever you are doing for nothing in return."

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I want you out of my house. Why else? As I have said before, I do not want the girl. I defenitly do not want you. I do not want you here that long because if he finds out, I am sure I will be dead. I don't want that. I'm sure you don't want him to find you with this...Datorem."

"What?" asked Puck.

"A giver. They used to be common a long time ago, way before you were a thought, but they had war... You know how that goes. I honestly didn't think there were any anymore. I guess one escaped..."


"What?" asked Custos.

"There's two, at the least. And who ever that is, is trying to kill her."

"A curse."

Puck nodded. "That's why she's like this."

"And of course no one can curse except for one of her own."

Puck nodded. "That's why I'm here. I was trying to figure out what she was; to see if there is a way to track the other one."

"I only have one book about them, and that one was a hassle to get... It's in latin, so you'll have to refresh your native language a bit."

"That's fine."

"Good. I'll get it for you." said Custos.

About an hour or two later Puck looked at Willow. And thought there was no way such a kind girl could come from such horror.