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Summary: Naruto and Sakura met in kinder garden and have ever since became the best of friends. Fate decided to separate the two and they left with a promise, that when they were older they would get married. NaruxSaku, NaruxShion, plus other pairings that I personally like. AU story.

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Twist of Fate

Chapter 1: First Day of School and The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

It was time for the first day of school in Konoha Elementary School and lots of kids were hugging their mom or dad good bye before their first day of school. But there was one 5 year old kid named Sakura Haruno, she was scared to go inside. She was a cute little girl with adorable pink hair and gorgeous green eyes with a slightly bigger than average forehead. So her mom tried to comfort her before they went in the school.

"Oh come on now Sakura don't be shy." A tall slender woman with long pink haired rested her hand on her daughter's head. Sakura had the same exact hair as her mother except she had her father's emerald eyes. "Sakura don't you want to make any friends?"

"But what if they laugh and make fun of me because of my large forehead?" The pink haired five-year old ask.

Sango smiled at her daughter. "I'm sure they won't besides," she took out white ribbon and made it into a ribbon tie (You know those ribbon things that girls put on their hair) "You're too pretty. Now how about we go inside of the school?" Sakura nodded and both she and her mom entered in the school. After talking with the teacher, Sakura's mother left as well as the other children's parents.


As the day went on it was time for recess and the children to play outside. Sakura was happily picking up some flowers and she was enjoying herself until a boy that was the same age as her pushed her to the ground.

"Oh I'm sorry I guess I didn't see you there and your wide forehead." The young boy taunted.

Sakura could feel the tears coming down her face.

"Aw look at that she's crying," another boy pointed out and snickered.

A third boy looked at Sakura and grinned, "Man your big forehead makes you so ugly."

"I'm not ugly, my mommy says I'm pretty" said the five year old Sakura now crying even more than before.

All three boys laughed at this statement.

The boy that pushed Sakura spoke up first. "Sorry to break it to you but your mom is nothing but a liar." He pushed her to the ground again, as soon as Sakura got up she ran and the three boys chased after her.

The second boy tackled her down, causing the rosette to cry in pain as her knee got scrapped from the grass.

"Stop it, leave me alone," Sakura squirmed as the second boy held her down.

"I think we should give her a makeover," The third boy threw some dirt at Sakura's face causing her to cry some more.

The three boys continued to throw dirt at the helpless Sakura. The second boy grabbed Sakura's ribbon and threw it to the ground as his foot stomped on in and squishing the ribbon. The rosette cried even more as her gift from her mother was getting ruined.

"Hey leave her alone." All three boys turned around, there standing there was a boy as the same age as them, with spiky blond hair and cerulean eyes.

The third boy looked at Naruto again and smirked, "Oh and if we don't?"

"If there's anything I hate," Naruto balled his fist, "Is I hate guys like you that pick on girls." The blond threw his fist at the third boy, causing him to fall.

He sat up and touched his nose, it was both broken and his nose was bleeding. "That's it you'll pay for this, go get him guys." The two other boys charged themselves at Naruto.

The blond easily dodged the first boy, he spotted the second one about to punch him, but Naruto caught the second boy's fist and threw him to the side. The first boy ran towards Naruto again and head butted him at the gut. Naruto fell but quickly got up and punched the first boy.

All three boys were scared as Naruto walked up to them, "If you ever hurt her again, I'll make sure to hurt you even more than I did today got it?" The three boys nodded and quickly ran off Naruto smiled and looked at Sakura. She noticed him staring at her and looked away Naruto walked up to her and kneeled down in front of her.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked.

Sakura didn't answer.

"Hey I'm not going to hurt you." Naruto said.

"Why not, I mean my forehead is big and I'm ugly," Sakura cried again and buried her face into her hands.

Naruto frowned he gently cupped Sakura's face causing her to look at him. "Your forehead isn't ugly," he gave her a bright smile, "In fact," he placed his right hand on her forehead. "I think you have a cute forehead." Sakura couldn't help but blush at this comment that Naruto had just made.

Naruto spotted her scrapped knee. The blond reached out into his pocket and took out multiple band-aids that he had in his pocket.

"Hmm which bandage would you like? I got a lot of different colours" he grinned.

He had different colours of band-aids. There was a pink one, a green one , a blue one, and many more.

"I don't know why don't you choose for me"

"Okay then… I know how about this one! It's pink and green and I think it matches perfectly with your beautiful hair and gorgeous green eyes" he said with a big smile of his face.

Sakura blushed madly and her face was almost the same colour as her hair. "O.. Okay.." she shutter while looking at the ground so Naruto wouldn't see her blushing.

He placed it on the girl's knee. "There all better," he smiled at her again.

"Thank you," Sakura said in a small voice.

As Naruto helped Sakura get up she noticed her ribbon was ruined and began to cry again as she held the piece of cloth in her hands.

"Hey what's wrong?" Naruto asked as he spotted the ruined ribbon in Sakura's hands.

"My mommy gave me this and now it's all ruined." said Sakura sadly.

The blond frowned, he hated to see this girl cry it didn't suit her.

"Hey I've got an idea." Naruto said as he took out a green ribbon out of his pocket. "You can have this one," he held out the ribbon. "It was something my mom gave me because she wanted me to wear something nice when I first came here but instead I was allowed to wear something else."

"But wouldn't your mom be angry if you gave me this?" Sakura asked.

"No, how about if I give you this one and you can give me yours?"

Sakura looked at the ruined ribbon in her hands. "But it's ruined why would you want it?"

"Well one I'll try to fix it and two I want this exchanging of ribbons to be part of us being friends." explained Naruto.

"Really we can be friends?" asked a happy looking Sakura with a big smile on her face.

Naruto nodded his heads, "Not just friends but best friends", grinning really widely.

Sakura couldn't help but hug the blond and causing the two to blush. "Um here's my ribbon," Naruto handed her the red ribbon and in exchange Sakura gave him her white one.


As the day went on and school ended and Naruto and Sakura exited out of the building together holding hands.

"Oh Sakura there you are," Sango went up to her daughter and spotted Naruto, "Sakura who is this young handsome man?'

Naruto couldn't help but blush after hearing the nice compliment.

"I'm Naruto Namikaze and Sakura's best friend." Now Sakura was the one to blush.

"Oh aren't you two so cute together," Sango noticed Sakura's new ribbon. "Sakura what happened to the ribbon I gave you?"

"Some bullies picked on me and one of them ruined it." Sakura began to sob.

"Hey Sakura didn't I tell you that crying doesn't suit you? A smile would suit you much better" Sakura blushed, nodded and gave the blond a small smile.

"See now that's way better, you look so much more beautiful when you smile"

Sango couldn't help but smile at the two. "Well come on Sakura time to go home now"

Before they left Sango stopped and looked at Naruto. "Naruto dear where are your parents?"

"Naruto there's my boy!" The small blond ran pass the mom and daughter and into his father's awaiting arms. "How's your first day of school?"

"It was great dad, I made a friend too, see." He pointed at Sakura, who in return hid behind her mother.

"Minato-san I didn't know this was your son." Sango was shocked to see the president of Namikaze Corporation.

Minato couldn't help but grin. "Well it's good to see you again to Sango." Sango was Kushina's (Minato's wife and Naruto's mom) best friend when they were in school.

"How's Kushina by the way?" Sango asked.

"Oh you know Kushina, same as always." The two friends laughed, no matter how many years passed, Kushina had always been a tom-boy and independent women.

"Well it was good to see you again Sango" Minato said.

She nodded. "It was good to see you again as well Minato, be sure to say hi to Kushina for me."

The Minato nodded and left with Naruto in one direction and Sango and Sakura went in the other direction.

As they were walking, Naruto and Sakura looked back at each other and said good bye while waving their little hands.

"Bye Sakura!" he yelled.

"Bye Naruto!" she yelled.


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