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Summary: Naruto and Sakura met in kindergarden and have ever since became the best of friends. Fate decided to seperate the two and they left with a promise, that when they were older they would get married. But what happens if Naruto returns to Konoha and has a girlfriend named Shion (Remember the priestess from the first Shippuden movie that asked Naruto to bear his child) a girl from Mizu no Kuni (Land of Water). Will Naruto change his mind and go with Sakura instead? Real life fiction and the story does not take place in Naruto's World with Ninjas and crap. NaruxSaku, NaruxShion, plus other pairings that I personally like.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and any of the official characters in the story but I do own the story/plot/etc..

Chapter 8: Return To Konoha!

"Wait? What? Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"My name is Jiraya Sanin, it's a pleasure to meet you" the old man said.

Naruto observed this old man, he had long white hair that he put in a ponytail that went down to his legs. He had a bump on the side of his nose and weird enough he used red paint that streaked down from his eyes, down his cheek.

"Jiraya… I think I've heard that name before" he said.

"Ha you probably have!" Jiraya exclaimed "I use to be your old man's teacher back in the day"

"Oh I remember now! I knew your name was familiar, your that perverted old guy my dad always talks about"

"See he always ta.. Wait! What! Perverted! Dam that guy, always saying stuff like that!"

"Is it true though?"


"Yah I thought so…"

"Well anyways, your dad left me his will"

"What did it say?"

"Here you read it" Jiraya handed Naruto the sealed letter. He opened it then read it.

Will Starts

Minato Namikaze's Will

If you are reading this then I am dead. I have no regrets in my life because I lived my life to the fullest and have a wonderful family. Kushina, Naruto, I love you so much.

Well I'm not sure if I will die first or before my lovely wife Kushina. So if she was to die before me or with me then all the possessions that I'm giving to her will all belong to my one and only son Naruto Namikaze.

For my lovely wife Kushina, I leave you everything I own. My money, all my physical belongs such as the house, car, private jet, etc… I hope you live a happy life without me and always raise our son well.

For my son Naruto, I leave you everything I left for your mother Kushina. Son when you turn 18, I would love for you to take over the family business. I made this company from the ground up and I would love for the owner to stay in our family.

For Jiraya, the person I respect the most even though he is the biggest pervert known to manand vice president of my company. I would like for you to run my company, as president until Naruto turns 18. He will choose whether or not he would like to succeed in the business. Please treat him well as I know you will. Also I leave you my collection of porn magazines that you always loved to read.

Well that's all I guess, I hope all of you live a happy life. So don't be too sad, I'll always be with each one of you in your heart.

Will Ends

Tears started flowing from Naruto's eyes after he read that will. Shion came and hugged him to comfort him.

"There, there it's alright" Shion said, "So Naruto what are you going to do?"

"I'll do it. I will fulfill my old man's last request" he said.

"Okay then now that's settled, we're leaving tomorrow so say your goodbye and pack up" said Jiraya, "I'll pick you up at 9."

"Yah alright I'll be ready" he said sadly.

Jiraya waved good bye and left in his BMW X5.

"So your leaving huh?" Shion asked.

"Yah I guess I am… Shion?"


"Would you perhaps want to go with me to Konoha, since we're done high school and all?"

"Naruto Namikaze, are you asking me to go live with you?"

"I guess I am…" he started to blush a bit.

"Well of course I will you idiot" she gave him a hug then kissed him passionately. Shion went to her parents telling her what had just happened and that she was going to go with Naruto to Konoha.


The next day, Naruto and Shion were ready and packed for the move. They only packed some of their favourite things, knowing that they could just buy some stuff again in Konoha.

"You ready to go?" asked Naruto.

"Yup packed and ready to go" Shion responded.

Ding Dong

The doorbell rang.

"Oh it must be Jiraya" said Naruto and he walked to the door and opened it. He was right it was Jiraya that was at the door.

"Good morning are you ready to go?" Jiraya asked.

"Yup I'm ready, lets go Shion" he said.

"Coming" she replied.

"Ooo so your bringing your girlfriend" he said with lust in his voice, "I'll reserve the honeymoon sweet just for you two love birds"

Naruto blushed, "Shut up you perv! Let's go Shion!" and he grabbed her hand and headed towards the elevator.


30 minutes later they finally arrived in the airport. They checked in and were now about to go into the security checkpoint.

"Bye Shion" her mom cried and hugged her tightly.

"Mom don't worry, I'll come and visit you" she said.

"You better" her mom said.

"Bye Shion love you" said her dad as he gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged her, "And you Naruto, you better take care of my little girl if you know what's good for you."

"Don't worry sir, you can count on me" he had his typically goofy grin on his face.

"Come on Naruto, Shion, we have to go or we might miss our plane" Jiraya said.

Naruto looked at his Rolex watch, "Oh crap your right! Bye" He waved good bye to Shion's parents and the 3 of them walked into the security checkpoints.


After they got past the security checkpoint, they went towards the gate where their plane was at and boarded it.

"Wow I've never been in first class before" she said.

Jiraya chuckled, "That's what happens when your boyfriend is the president of a big company. Maybe you should thank his in the washroom stall." He had the most perverted look on his face.

It took a couple second but it finally clicked in their head on what Jiraya mean't. They both started blushed madly.

"Shut up you perv!" yelled Naruto.

"Chill out I was just joking" he said laughing.

"Well it wasn't funny" Naruto said with the blush still on his face.

"Yah" said Shion with the blush still on her face too.

They went to their seats and started to relax when the intercom went on.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please put your seats in the upright position and get ready for take off." Said the pilot.

Everyone got in the proper position and put on their safety belts. The plane started moving and soon it was moving really fast and took off. It was in the air and above Mizu no Kuni and headed towards Konoha.


It took a long 8 hours but finally they made it to Konoha. As they got out of the airport, Naruto and Shion stretched their legs. As they looked forward they saw a limo in the waiting area.

"Let go our ride is here" said Jiraya as he put on his Ray Ban sunglasses.

"Alright" he responded and they followed Jiraya into the limo.

They were driving through the streets of Konoha and Shion just started out the window looking at the scenery.

"Wow this is nothing like Mizu" she stated.

"Yah I know right, there are no towers here at all" Naruto responded.

"That's because we don't have a lot of rain. You guys build high towers so that places won't get drowned in water too bad" Jiraya said.

"Well I guess your right" Shion replied.

It took the limo 10 minutes but they finally arrived at the hotel they would be staying in, the Grand Namikaze Plaza. It was just absolutely beautiful, gold and granite walls and floors, diamond chandeliers, 80' TV's all over the lobby to show different stuff like the news, sports, etc… The décor plant layout is just absolutely stunning, and amazing flower arrangements.

"Wow I never knew we owned such a beautiful hotel" said Naruto.

"Of course, the Namikaze Corporation only owns the best stuff. We make and own hotels, planes, weapons, and so much other stuff too. We are one of the biggest companies in the world right now" said Jiraya.

"Wow" Shion gasped.

"Hmm I never knew that… Maybe I should have been paying more attention huh?" Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Well anyways let get you to your room, and don't worry I reserved something special just for you two"

"It better not be anything perverted"

"Don't worry Naruto it isn't"

"Better not"

"So your room is room 5001, the presidential suite on the top floor, the fiftieth of course"

"Wow that's pretty high"

"Yup only the best"

"Thanks I guess your not so bad after all"

"After all…"

Naruto and Shion went up the elevator to the fiftieth floor and found their room. It was 1 of the 4 rooms on this floor. They knew it was going to be big and really nice since it was the presidential suite after all.

Once they opened the door, they were blinded by the beauty of their room. It had everything, a granite kitchen with stainless stain appliances, a couch and love seat with a wall TV that stretched from one side of the wall to the other, it was easily bigger than a 100' TV. The washroom was really nice and fancy looking and the bedroom. It had everything a person would want in a bedroom and it had one king size bed that is so soft, it feels like your sleeping on a cloud.

'Wait a second… There's only one bed! Dam that pervert!' Naruto thought.

Naruto was mad and he charged out the room and was going to head down stairs to talk to that perverted man.

"Come on Naruto, it's not that bad" Shion said as she hugged him from behind.

"Well I guess so" he replied and all of a sudden his stomach grumbled.

"I guess someones hungry" she laughed.

Naruto blushed a bit, "I guess… Hey I know! There's this place I use to love going to as a kid, want to go there?" he asked, "It serves the best ramen in the world!"

"You know I love ramen, let's go!" she said.


They went down the elevator and headed outside.

"It's not that far of a walk from here I think we can just walk"

"Alright lets go I'm craving some ramen just about now"

"Now your talking"

After 30 minutes of walking around getting lost looking for the place they finally found it, Ichiraku Ramen Hut.

"Finally we found it"

"Yah I thought you said you knew where it is and that it was only a short walk away"

"Well sorry but I haven't been here in like 12 years"

"Well that's true, oh well no point in complaining now, lets eat"

"You said it babe"

Naruto being a gentlemen opened the door for Shion and she entered the restaurant. They sat down and looked at the menu. Naruto ordered an extra large miso ramen with extra BBQ pork while Shion ordered small shrimp ramen.

"I'll be right back, I've got to use the ladies room"


Shion got up and went to the washroom.

Ding, ding, the sound of the bell on the door rang and Naruto turned to look at the direction of the door.


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