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I got this idea from Perfect Scandals. God, how I loved the summery of that. One more thought on HS 3: Hale, I love you, but how could you leave Kat like that! How could you? *hysterical sobs*

Kat's PoV:

I was in the car with Hale. Marcus was driving us back to my house. We just finished a small grab-and-go and were on our way back to Hale's favorite house in New York. The rest of the gang was there with my dad and two uncles there. Hale's mom and dad were there, too. How strange… they never bothered Hale before… And now Hale was acting strange all week. Now that his parents are here, he barely was able to help steal the Boat on the fourth of July. (A/N: That is a real painting that is in the top ten most famous paintings in America).

I was fed up with Hale's secretism. I was so fed up, I made up a word to describe him! Hale was so exasperating! "Hale, I demand an explanation. What is going on here?" I asked, grabbing his hand.

Hale slipped his hand out of mine and said with a sigh, "Kat, I really can't do this anymore. Us, it won't work out anymore. I love you, but my life can't handle thievery any anyone involved with it. I'm… sorry. After years of wanting you, I can't have you. But it's okay. Nick likes you and you like Nick, even if the feeling is very small, you do. Learn to love him. You'll live happier."

Tears were streaking down my face hard. What had I done to make him break-up with me? Nick was my friend, but that didn't mean I liked him that way. Live happier? Try sadder.

Hale whipped away my tears with his hand and I swatted him away, "Don't touch me!"

I know it was stupid. I know I could have killed myself, but I didn't care; besides the car was slowing down because of a red light. I opened my door and walked out onto the not-so-busy streets. I ran. I didn't run fast, because I have short legs, but I had to get away. I saw my house. It was fifteen yards away. I ran to it, wanting comfort in my room, but that's where Hale was going. I didn't want to be around Hale, the Heartbreaker. I never thought that I would ever feel this way before.

Daddy will make him pay. Daddy said if Hale ever broke my heart, he could make Hale die a million ways and make it look like an accident. Thought my heartbroken side. My rational side told me, Well, Hale only does what he does for reason. I should be happy for him and we can be fri—I can take him up on his advice: Date Nick.

My phone just beeped. A text message.

Hale: If I didn't no U were fine, I'd be worried. U cud always fed 4 Urself. U don't need boys 2 make U happy. And U have family. Bye, Kitty-Kay.

Kitty-Kay? Did he not even spell-check his message?

I sent him a text:

Kat: I hate you! How could you not even look out the window to check on me? I can fend for myself, but don't you think having a friend along would help me feel less lonely? My family is not you Hale. Is it true, what Gabs was telling me the other day? You're going to inherit something from your grandmother? Leave us behind? Is this your poor way of telling me that? P.S. only my friend/boyfriend can call my Kitty-Kat. Not you. Not anymore. P.P.S. You misspelled Kitty-Kat—it was Kitty-Kay in your text, along with 90% of the rest of your text!

A few seconds later I got a reply:

Hale: See? You hate me. It shouldn't be too hard to detach from me. I didn't look out the window—your right. I nearly jumped out myself. Marcus could barely keep in my seat. Yes… but how'd Gabs know? Hmm… It's text talk, Katarina, get used to it. (If you want me to be so proper).

I didn't reply back. With each word, broke my heart into a zillion sheds. I walked around, thinking. It wasn't that I was desperate for a boyfriend, (A/N: for the next sentence is to make fun of Twilight, so if you like it, just skip over it. By the way, for the haters, I only put this in because Kat isn't one for liking Twilight… that's a Gabs thing. I, in fact, do like Twilight) like Bella Swan. I didn't want to leave my friend with me and have my gang full.

"Keeping secrets is unhealthy," said a voice from behind me. I turned to see Nick leaning against a light pole. I smiled. Nick wasn't "in the gang" but he couldn't be not considered a friend.

"Hey, love," I joked. He always called my "love", so I wondered how he'd react to it being on the flip-side for once. His eyes twinkled a little bit.

"I heard about what happened. With you and Hale. I just wanted to say, I'll stay here for a few more weeks and you can come to be anytime."

"Thanks, Nick, but I doubt I'll take you up on that offer. How'd you hear?"

Nick smirked, "Oh you don't want to know that, Kitty-Kat."

"'Keeping secrets is unhealthy," I shot back at him.

"You got me there, Chica. Hale told me three days ago. I thought he'd tell you, too so I thought I'd check in on you when I could. Not to be romantic, I think you just need a good friend."

I blushed a little. At least Nick knew where he stood in my heart. "Thank you. Would you like to come home with me?"

Nick was taken aback, but then regained his posture. "Sure… but only if you really want me too. You don't have to hang out with me, unless you really want me to."

"Yeah, I know. You are. If the Hale's are coming to my house for an announcement that has nothing to do with me, then you can come over with me so the rest of the gang can finally start our last group movie night with Hale."

I took Nick's hand and we walked to my house. When I opened the door, Gabrielle, Hamish, Angus, Simon, Hale were watching a movie in the movie with their parents in the kitchen talking. Nick and I got in without the gang noticing us. I sat next to Hamish on the left and Nick was next to me. I put my head on Hamish's shoulder. He looked at me without being alarmed; he's so good at being calm.

Hale looked over at me, past Hamish, Angus, and Simon. He had a look in his eye that I couldn't place. Sorrow? Happiness? Hurt? A mix of emotions? I didn't know. All I knew was that things would abe the same around here anymore… not without her Klepto-hottie.

I didn't understand the movie's plotline. I was too distracted by Hale's stare. Yes, he was watching me the whole movie.

And he says he doesn't care about me... Said the ego-fluffed side of my brain. I met his gaze again and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes; goodbye, Katarina." Everyone was watching us. Watching my next move.

"Goodbye to you, too, W."

Gabrielle let out a small gasp. The Bagshaws were wide-eyed, and Simon was paler than usual."

"Call me Wieslav." Hale said.

I bit my lip to keep me from laughing. "W-w-what, Now?"

I turned to my friends. "Did he tell any of you?"

Gabs had her hand clamped over Simon's mouth, his face was red, most-likely from holding his laughter in. Gabrielle herself was having a struggle to keep a straight face. Hamish and Angus gawked at Hale. Nick was smirking, like a joke between Hale and him had just been told.


"My name is Wieslav , Katarina," Hale told me. "I have to go now, so goodbye." He turned back to our friends, "You, too, guys. I'm happy you allowed me to be part of your metaphorical family, but now, I'm leaving you for my real one. "

With that, Ha—I mean, Wieslav—left.

"That was… rather dramatic." Angus said. "Does this mean Mom and Dad are splitting up?"

Hale walked back into the room, "Yes, and Hamish, Angus, Simon? You can join me. I will need your help in my industries, if you want."