Contrary to popular belief, Taylor's not dumb. She's a coward. There's a difference. She doesn't want to see. She doesn't want to feel pain, or sorrow. All she wants is to be happy.

She found out a long time ago if she acted dumb, then everybody would love her. They would adore, and she would be popular. She's already got the looks. Why bother with the brain?

But beneath all of that, she's not dumb. She does her homework, but she does in such a way that the teachers think she's average. It's enough to pass; the problems are easy, why should she bother?

Of course, she just had to go on that plane trip. Beautiful beaches were beautiful after all. And she'd heard that the jellyfish were a sight worth seeing.

Then they just had to crash land on the island. She hated crashing on the island. It was horrible. So she did what she usually did. She played dumb. She expressed all of her frustrations and got the easy work because she was so dumb.

Then she had to wake up. The lightning strike, the storm. She was a bit shocked after that. It wasn't because everything was gone. It was because she'd woken up. She didn't want to wake up. She didn't want to try.

But when the tree fell on Eric's shelter, she laughed about it. Waking up was a slow process, but it was a nice one. Jackson helped her out.

She closed her eyes on that one too. She didn't want to see Melissa's pained face, or know that Jackson was frustrated. It was her fault. But she knew what she had to do. She had to let Jackson go. After all, even though he was cute, he wasn't her type. He was too mysterious.

Eventually they got rescued. Taylor knew what would happen. She would go back to playing dumb, being stupid. And then she found that even though being awake is painful, it still has its joys. Like the time Eric asked her to prom (she said yes, of course) and she danced the night away.

Or the time she saw Melissa and Jackson's baby for the first time. Little Vanessa was so adorable, how could anyone not like her?

But she will always keep her eyes a little closed. They go down faster that way.