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'Ew, ew, ew, ew, EW'


'You know what I just saw.'

'I have a feeling I don't want to.'

'Well, I couldn't find Shiro…'



'The shower was, well, open…'


'A horrible picture just went through my head.'

'Tell me something'


'I'm bored'

'Go find a bunny or something'



'I didn't mean it seriously!'

'Hey Zangy!'

'Please refrain from calling me that'

'Aww why? It's fun!'

'What are you doing here?'

'King told me to go find a bunny!'

'A bunny, in here?'


'Go then. Run along'

'Thanks Zangy!'












'A bunny? Really? You're running out of distractions.'

'Well what else am I going to say, huh?'

'Just tell him there's a bottle of chocolate milk somewhere.'



'How long has been on it?'

'Half the day.'

'Aw, still not the record. Well you still have 6 more hours till its beaten.'

'I highly doubt it will last that long.'

'I'll bet you.'

'How much'

'A tenner'


'I found the bunny!'

. . . .


'The money's mine….'

Never make a bet with Zangetsu!

I am very sorry, but there will be a long wait till the next chapter. I'm going on holiday as soon as school ends, and then I'm in Florida for around 27 days. Then I'm most likely going to be dipressed for a couple of days since our form is going to split up and I'm going to be really, really upset if I'm not with my BFFL or my other two best friends.

So yeah, see you in a while. Have a good summer and don't forget the sun-cream!

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