Finally, a new story. This is based 5 years Luke returns. The dominant personality is Luke, with a dash and glaze of Asch.

The Timeline is a little wonky. From context in-game, you'd think the game took a year, leaving Luke at 18 at Eldrant, but the Wiki said he was 19 at Eldrant. So, if someone has a more concrete age/timeline, please show me AND evidence.

Prologue – Two Years after Eldrant

P.O.V. – Luke fon Fabre

The moon shone brightly on Tataroo Valley as my fonons gathered. Lorelei had given me that ability as a way to travel quickly, even though it was risky. It shortened my lifespan and weakens me for a time. I look down the valley, and see my old friends.

Guy hadn't changed much. He had gotten rid of his old Fabre Servant Uniform from the mansion finally. He wore a forest green shirt with the buttons unbuttoned; revealing his collarbone and upper chest, and the sleeves seemed to be black. His belt was over the shirt… A carry-over from his servant days? His jacket was light tan until the shoulders, where it was brown. No sword on him… Odd.

Natalia was in a light blue formal dress. It's as if she had never walked through the valley, it was so clean.

'She is as beautiful as ever,' Asch's subconscious bubbled up in my mind. I smirk as Tear turns to leave, amused that Asch still loves Natalia. He was 7 when he proposed – 13 years now, and he still loved her, even though for 7 years he was gone.

I walked forward through the Selenia flowers that were in bloom, causing a light crunch sound. It seemed to catch Tear's attention, for she looked up and saw me. Her eyes widened, and she stepped forward.
"Why are… You here?" By that time, the others had seen me. Jade, Anise, and Tear looked the same, probably due to their military uniforms. I smile, the memories of our journey rushing over me.

"This place has… A beautiful view of Hod here," I say, glancing over my shoulder at the fallen Eldrant. "And also… I promised someone." I look back, and see Tear barely holding back… well, tears. Finally, a single one fell, and she started walking towards me. The others began to follow, except Jade.

The look on his face was clear to me, something that surprised me. I never used to be able to tell what he was thinking, but now… it was plain to me as a drawing of my own face.

I could tell he was happy from the gentle smile on his face. He also seemed sad, as though he was not sure who I was exactly. I knew he was trying to figure out which I was, The Original or the Replica. My hair has grown to its old length in the past year, and was similar to both mine and Asch's, so he couldn't tell by looks, only by actions. He was running through every possibility in his head, no doubt.

Suddenly, Tear's arms were wrapped around my chest, knocking me from my observations. I froze for a moment and hugged back. "I'm back, don't worry." She let go, and smile. She then immediately steeled herself up again.

"You finally decided to get here, huh?" she said, glaring at me.
"I didn't know how to leave the core," I said, backing off a little. Guy and Natalia laughed, and Anise grinned. Jade even approached. I felt at home again. I smiled widely.

Chapter 1: The Creeping Death

4 Years after Luke's return – The Ruins of Grand Chokmah

P.O.V – Guy Cecil

I looked over the ruins of Grand Chokmah, the former capital of Malkuth. With the Planet Storm stopped, the fonic artes weakened to a point where they were unable to keep the city to its former glory.

Grand Chokmah wasn't the only place affected by the loss of the Planet Storm. It seemed every part of the world was weakening and dying slowly. The grasses all turned brown, the oceans lowered, and virtually everything deteriorated. It seems the planet had slowly developed dependence on the fonons released, and without them, the planet rots.

I look back at Luke, who had accompanied me. He had broken his engagement to Princess Natalia, and joined the reformed Oracle Knights as Commandant. He had approached me to help with investigating the exact cause and ways to stop or even reverse the process before the planet dies and kills everyone on it.

Luke was zoned out yet again. He seemed in his own little world recently; often need help fighting simple monsters. I walk over to him and wave my hands in front of his eyes.

"Guy to Luke. Is your brain on today?" I say. No response. I sigh and shake him. "What are you doing? We're here for clue, not daydreaming." He finally snaps out of it, and grins a little.

"Ha, sorry. I've been… Communicating," he said, closing his eyes.

"You've been in contact with Lorelei again? Does he have any way to reverse this?" I ask. Usually I'm not one to give up, but this was near impossible odds with just the two of us.

Luke's smile turned somber. "Unfortunately, no. He knew of the weakening of fonic artes, but not of the death of the world. He has no ways to reverse the damage other then restarting the Planet Storm."

"That would help if there was a source of power in the core…" I muttered as my gaze fell back onto the ruins. Thousands of people died when the aqueducts fell, and the water that was directed changed course. "Lorelei was the one who kept the power going, and now he's in the Fon Belt."
"And he says there is no way to reverse the transfer. It took nearly half his power to make the transfer, and he's healing slowly…" Luke looked up towards the fon belt. "Maybe… Maybe we shouldn't try to bring the Planet Storm back."

"What?!" I had to hold myself back. I nearly hit him across the face. "And doom the planet to die?!"
"No. It may be able to sustain itself as it finds a new energy source. The impossible can happen, after all. It happened with me," Luke said, smiling a bit. "I'm not even supposed to exist, and here I am. Back from non-existence."

"Yeah…" I said, heading towards the Albiore. This was going to be a long journey…

Malkuth Imperial Forces Mobile Base – A Day Later

P.O.V. – Jade Curtiss

The sun was setting in outside the window. The glass warped the light slightly, making a unique pattern on my wall. With the Planet Storm stopped, I'm one of the few people left in the world who can still perform fonic artes. So, they put me in charge of finding a new source of power for the planet and for our artes.

I sigh, adjusting my glasses. At my age, my eye sight is weakening, right? I sigh, and just take them off, concentrating on both keeping control and the reports in front of me. They were a mixture of those pertaining to my new task, and to those pertaining to the ranks below me. Ever since having Brigadier General forced onto my 4 years ago, my work load had increased heavily.

I look back out the window, and watch one of the few remain-

"Brigadier General Curtiss!" a voice calls from outside my door. I sigh, put my glasses on, and open the door.
"Yes, Captain?" I say, sighing. I always get them fawning to be messengers when that should be reserved for the privates.

"Lord Gailardia Gardios and Commandant Luke fon Fabre have contacted, sir. They said they will be here momen-"
At that second, a loud explosion was heard. The light outside flared, then settled down. I step to the window, and instantly my calm face falls to that of horror.

Outside is the burning wreckage of the Albiore II.