Chapter 14

All the kids of Perdido Beach were called to the townsquare. It was time for Father to fulfill Lust's wish.

Edward watched with his siblings as Father scanned through the crowd.

Father picked a teen and called him up, Edward saw who was chosen and his heart stopped.

It was Roy.

Roy walked past Edward and nodded an acknowledgement. Roy walked past Edward and got to Lust.

Father instructed the two on what to do.

The two were beautiful; they definitely were the hosts of Lust.

Roy took a deep breath to calm himself.

Lust wrapped her arms around Roy and kissed him. A bright red light crackled where there lights met. They both screamed and pushed away from each other.

Edward watched Roy transform, remembering his own transformation.

Roy was destroyed multiple times and regenerated. Eventually the light stopped and Roy laid still, sleeping.

Father cut his wrist and let his life energy flow into Roy's mouth.

Roy's eyes opened and he sat up.

"At last, we have a Lust!" Father declared.

Edward walked over and helped Roy onto his feet.

Roy thanked him.

Gluttony picked up Lust, crying.

The ceremony was finished, so Edward escorted Roy home.

"This is where you live?" Roy asked as they walked into the cave.

"Where we live, yes." Edward said correcting him. Edward showed Roy where he would sleep. Edward slept in a corner with Lust's bed beside him and Wrath's across from him.

"It's a nice little set up you got here."

"Thanks. Ummm… Your bed is here. Sorry about all the pillows, girly stuff. You will have time to redecorate." Edward said as he cleaned up some of his books around his area.

"You like to read?"


Roy noticed that underneath Edward's bed, he had it packed with books. He had a dresser, and so did each of the other Homunuli, inside were some human clothes, but Edward's books stacked up on the dresser and on the walls.

The rest of the family walked in and Father gave Roy some clothes like his siblings.

Roy put the clothes on; they consisted of a pair of black cargo pants and a black t-shirt. The serpent eating its tail showed up very well on Roy's neck.

"Now, I give one wish to my children, what is yours?"

"A wish?"

"Yes, anything."

"Can I have some time to think about that?"

"Yes, but one week only."

Roy nodded. "Thank you Father."

"Now, enjoy your day off, my children. You deserve one."

Roy nudged Edward, "What do you do for fun?"

Edward smirked. "Let me show you."