Chapter 15

Edward walked out to see Wrath fighting Envy.

Roy followed Edward and watched as Envy cut off Wrath's arms and they grew back as he fought.

After a few minutes, Sloth called time. "Envy is the winner!"

"He won?" Roy was sure that Wrath had the fight.

"Yeah. He got the most points," Edward explained. "Wrath hit him a lot more, but he didn't get nearly as many lethal shots as Envy did."

"What?" Roy asked, confused.

"The name of the game is to see how many times you can kill each other in three minutes. The point system goes: ½ point for every broken bone, 1 point for every severed limb, 3 points for each vital hit, and 5 points if you sever the head."

Roy nodded. "It sounds brutal."

"It is." Edward agreed.

Envy looked at Edward. "Come play with me Pride. I've wanted payback for the last time."

Edward walked onto the field and stretched.

Greed laughed. "The Champ versus the Chump. Who will win?"

"Shut up Greed!" Envy yelled.

"Champ?" Roy asked.

"Yep. Pride. He has never lost against any of us."

"Is he really that good?" Roy asked.

"Oh yeah." Wrath grinned.

"Are you boys ready to begin?" Sloth asked the two.

"Fired up and ready to kick ass." Envy growled.

Edward nodded. He could take Envy in his sleep.

"Begin!" Sloth yelled.

Envy charged at Edward. Edward back flipped and roundhouse kicked Envy in the jaw, breaking it.

"Pride is up by a half point in the first three seconds of the fight." Greed commentated.

Envy tried to sweep Edward, but Ed jumped up and formed a scythe in his hand.

Envy rolled out of the way as Edward landed beside him.

Edward swung at Envy, but he dodged.

Envy turned into Winry. "You wouldn't hit your girlfriend."

Edward paused and looked into Envy's/Winry's blue eyes. He smiled softly before he cut Envy's head off.

"Five and a half points, Edward is far in the lead."

Edward waited for Envy to regenerate. "We don't have a thing anymore. It was destroyed when I became a homunculus." Edward informed Envy.

"That was a terrible hit. Are you saying that you have no feelings for her whatsoever?" Envy asked.

Edward growled. "No."

The two fought, Envy lost the battle miserably with the ending score being 26 to 3. Envy had punctured Edward through the chest at one point in the match.

After the fight, Edward was tired. He didn't want to fight anymore. He looked at Roy. "Let's go to the ocean."