Chapter 6

Edward slowly opened his golden eyes. He wearily sat up and glanced around the room. "Where am I?" He asked.

"Welcome to your new family, my son." Hohenheim greeted.

Edward gave him a confused look and turned to look at Sam. "What's happening?"

Same gave him a reassuring smile. "You are okay Edward. You were the last one we had to find."

Edward nodded and looked down at his body. He marveled at his new arm and leg. He had weird red markings all over his sides and running down his arms and legs, reaching to his neck. On his left shoulder was a different mark, of a serpent eating its tail.

A girl with long wavy black hair walked over. She had on a long black dress with weird black gloves on. Edward knew her, she use to sit in front of him in his English class. He remembered having a crush on her, every boy did. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn't remember her name. He handed him a set of black clothing and smiled.

"Thank you… Lust." Ed responded.

She nodded Hohenheim turned to Sam. "They will be ready to work tomorrow."

Sam nodded, "Thank you." Sam and the rest of his group turned to leave, but paused and looked at Ed. "I'll tell Winry." Sam promised.

Edward nodded and the rest of the humans left, leaving the father and his 'children'.