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Chapter Two

I am still sleeping and groaning by the soft wind on my hair, my hand clutches into something that is soft and smell earthy. I wake up, I turn my back to the ground, facing the sun and my blurry vision is adjusted to the light, I put my hand on front of my eyes to block the sun, I noticed my hand have just four fingers and the color of light autumn too. I gasp, I sit up quickly and see that my body, now a fur is autumn too, same as my feet, well, elf shoes and I put my hands on my face, I feel round and my hair is same length, hiding my face. This is perfect! I got stuck somewhere I didn't recognized. I look around and see that I'm in the town with odd shaped houses and I wonder how in hell did I get here? Then I heard a small gentle voice asking me. "Are you okay?" I turn around, gasping to see a lady with orange and yellow on her fur, her hair is up on a high ponytail as the orange ribbon is on her hair, her hair is straight. She bend down, her hand is outstretched. She smiles like a mother. I put my hand on her outstretched hand, I stand up, looking around. I know this town, I must be dreaming!

I look at her and I ask, "Where am I?" "You're in Whoville." she said gently. My eyes widen, Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore. I thought wildly. "Why you asking, honey?" she ask with her head tilt.

"Um, I-I must have fallen asleep here." I said, "Why don't you go home?" she ask once again. "I don't have a home." she gasp, her hand is on my shoulder and she said, "You must come with me to my home. The Mayor and my family would glad to have you!" she smiles. Wait a minute, this is Sally, the Mayor's wife. Oh god, that means I get to meet Jojo. I gulp.

Then suddenly someone else grab my arm, I look at the man that has tan fur and he is smiling at me, "Don't you mind if I bring her to the stage Mrs. McDodd?" the tan man ask her, she nodded, "Of course you can, Willy." then he takes me to the stage. Stage? My eyes widened. Oh no, I'm going to be singing in front of everyone. Then he put me on the stage, he is the host. He uses the microphone and he said, "Everyone on Whoville, I bring you this delightful young lady—" he stopped and looks at me, whispered "What is your name?" "S-Stacey." I spoke quietly. "Last name?" he ask once again, "O'Hara," I gulp. I"m so nervous to sing in front of everyone. "Everyone, give it up to Stacey O'Hara!" they all clap, he handed me the microphone and I look at him, he winks then he walks to the side of the stage where no one can see him.

The music starts, I brave up to walk to the center of the stage. And began to sing.

All the king's horses
Wouldn't make me believe
Even when the walls come crashing down
You still can never be
A rebel without a cause
I smile and began dancing as I enjoy the song.
A rebel to the first degree
Why don't you stop trying so hard?
Cause there's no men, man enough to be

Another James Dean That's when everyone on Whoville cheer and began dancing when I dance.
You're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning
There will never be another James Dean
You'll never be James Dean

All the faces you're making
Save it for the scene
All the people you're faking
Why was it only me?
Who saw right into your eyes
And you're just not so deep
I've had too many cries
Mr. Prince Charming
Sorry, you could never be

Cause you're nothing like him
So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning, the world stops turning
Now you move to the next town
Next set, next girl, have fun baby
I'm taking back my world

Here we are face to face
Same energy, you and me
Don't wanna be enemies [x5]

Everyone on the Whoville cheered when I stopped dancing and singing, I smile at myself that I finally got to sing. And it feel good to sing. I look at Sally then I walk down the stairs then she said, "You are very good!" I smile, "Thank you!" then she said something I didn't expect. "I would like you to meet my family. When we get home."

I gulp.

This is the end of Chapter Two, hope you like it.