This is not a remake of Twilight. The story was simply inspired by the 'sparkling freaks.' Hehe Sorry just had to. Please enjoy.

Quick 411 on the characters, everybody is the same but, instead of Seras being changed at Cheddar village, she will be a normal human…at first. Story line is Twilight for the Twi-Hearts and for the Hellsing lovers there will be of course no actual sparkles. Oh and I promise Alucard will not be a sensitive love hearted Edward. He will be the way we all know and love him to be.

P.S Seras is a bad ass in the story but still childish sometimes.


People might call me crazy for being me and not for running away. I just could not get myself to be mad at my superior officers for transferring me to the Hellsing Organization. That day changed my whole life. Or so I believed. I will miss my old squad though, but still not enough to be filled with anger. I am Seras Victoria.

The squad car drove through the Hellsing gates. At that moment I could not believe my stroke of luck. I always wanted to do something big with my life and serving under Sir Integra Hellsing was something big. The driveway alone felt as long as a landing strip for a plane. The Manor had to be big enough to fit a small town of people. My educated guess would be 3120 people, well now it would be 3121 people.

My driver, the Chief of police Charles, seemed awkward in my presence. He did not say a word the entire drive and when he decided to speak only uncertain slurry words would come out. Out in front of us we could see the front door of the Manor and an elderly man waiting for us. He seemed of average height and build. The first thought that went through my mind was 'butler.' I was right he was but he also was so much more.

When we stopped by the door, I climbed out and got my bags out of the trunk. I watched silently as the butler type guy got out money to pay Charles. Charles on the other hand shakily took the cash and drove away with lightning speed. Tire marks could be seen on the pavement. I just watched curiously as he left. I was brought out of my thoughts when Walter picked up my bags.

"Miss Victoria, welcome to the home of Sir Integra. My name is Walter I am known as the butler." I gave a proud smile, knowing my first thought was right about him.

"Thank you Walter, but please call me Seras." Walter simply nodded and gestured for me to follow.

I watched him leading me into a very beautiful guest room. I wonder why I am not staying with the rest of the employees.

"Excuse me, Walter?" He placed my bags on the bed and turned to me. I took that as a yes to continue.

"Why am I staying in the Manor and not with the rest of the employees?" I didn't want to be a burden. I just wanted to do whatever job Sir wished of me.

"Well my dear, since you are the only other female living here, except of course for Sir herself, Integra feels that you have to have separate quarters. Who knows what the mercenaries might do." I nodded slowly. Things in this house ware strange and gave me chills. Me? The only other female employee?

Walter walked to the door when he turned to me once more with a smile. "Briefing is tonight in Sir's office. I have laid out a map of the facility for you. It is on the desk by the window. Please feel free to explore. You will be meeting the Hellsing organizations better half as well" Walter gave a crooked smile and instantly I knew he was up to something. One thing I like about him though is that he doesn't bother me when I want to unpack.

A few hours later…

I was just about done settling in when there was a knock at the door, just great. I slowly opened the door to be welcomed by a rather handsome young man who reeked of tobacco. I covered my nose and waved away the smoke.

"Wow, look at the man with the braid." He cocked his head sideways, unsure of how to respond.

"I apologize mignonette, I waz hoping for a picture, yez?" Normally I wouldn't find a man with an eye patch attractive but good golly gosh he was working it. Come now Seras keep it professional, you will probably work with him.

"No, but I will give you a handshake." His face fell but brightened almost just as quickly. He took my hand and gave it a kiss. All that I could do was curse the French and their silly traditions.

"Pleaze tell me, iz it true that you are a razher good shot with a ze sniper?" I just nodded my head as an answer hoping he would leave.

"Well I shink you would enjoy your zuprise zhen and you would work great wiz ze thing zhat lives under us." My eyes went wide; I swore they would fall out. 'A thing living under us?' The though shot through my brain.

"What thing?" The Frenchman looked shock from the lack of information they have given me apparently. All I saw was his smoke as he ran down the hall and yelling that I would be in for a rude awakening. I glanced at my watch and it was time for me to go to Integra's office.

I struggled a little to find the way but did it quicker than I imagined. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered. I gave a soft knock on the door. On the other side a deep voice quieted and Integra granted me entrance. The office was huge and it reminded me of the late eighteen hundreds. My eyes were scanning every inch of the office. The thing that caught my eye was the man sitting in a chair opposite Sir.

He was kind of slouching, which made him look…well slouchy. He wore a crimson fedora and a matching coat. He had on a black suit with boots and not to mention the orange glasses. The first thing I thought was. 'Bold fashion statement.' He kept on looking at me as if he wanted entrance in my head.

Walter walked in behind me opening and closing the door causing a wind to blow from me to him. He instantly straightened up letting his head lean on his hands and at the same time covering his nose. I simply lifted up my shirts and smelled at it. It didn't smell bad; it smelled the same it usually did.

And still he kept staring at me, it was freaking me out. I went to sit next to him, on the vacant chair. I do my best observing when feeling. Integra kept on talking about the rules of the house and my place and job. What I could retain from it all, whilst the man next to me sit and stared holes in my head, was to assist him in missions and learn the organization from the inside out and then she will give me leave to do missions on my own.

At that moment I have had enough of his scrutinizing eyes.

"May I?" I asked Integra and the stood up to the man and held out my hands. He had a momentary look of shock but I faded into devil like smirk.

"Do you know who you are extending your hands out to?" He said in a deep menacing voice. I rolled my eyes and just as I was about to say something rude Integra cut me off.

"Alucard can't you see she actually thinks she knows who you are, and she is very good at reading people. Let's see if she can figure it out." He looked pass me to her and simple replied. "Lucky me, then." He stood up and I was astonished at his height. He looked like a giant and I was tinker bell. 'Forget about Peter Pan and just do what you do best.'

I dragged a wooden chair by the window closer to me so that I could stand on it and observe his face. I gently took of his hat en glasses. When my hands made contact with his skin it felt like an ice pick went through my hand. I quickly pulled away and his smirk got bigger by the second. When my hands returned to their explorations I did not flinch again at the touch. I reached down and took his hands in mine and inspected the white gloves.

I could feel my cheeks become red from contact with this man; after all I am a virgin. At the precinct my partner used to observe and handle the males and me just the females. This close contact to a man did strange things to me. It was unexplored territory.

Seras' eyes lighted up like when a child got a new toy. "Your skin is cold, you are soft like humans, though hard as rock at some places. Your gloves can be removed but you prefer to keep them hidden…because of scars maybe? I figured out what you are Alucard." I smiled triumphantly jumped down the chair and giggled because of what I have achieved. They looked at me like I was crazy or something. "What? What I do?" I really did not know why they were staring. Integra gave a small smile and handed me a folder with my duties.

"What am I then?" I looked up at him utterly confused at what he just said.

"Huh? Oh that!" I flipped through the pages of the folder while Alucard steamed next to me for being such an air head, I could presume.

"Well?" He said while putting on his hat and glasses.

"The missing link." Alucard started laughing uncontrollably.

"You just convinced me that you are totally worthless to this house. Keep believing I'm a fish. Pathetic" When he was about half way through the floor I gave him a look out of the corner of my eye.

"Don't underestimate me, Vampire" I said standing up taking my folder. His face contorted into one of anger and astonishment. "A fish really? I may be a girl but I'm not stupid." I giggled and headed to my room to savor the moment when I heard Integra yelling at him to control his temper.