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Astrid started her morning like she did every day.

By waking up her husband.

"Hiccup! Hiccup, if you don't wake up right now, I swear I'm gonna-!"

"Nooo..." Hiccup groaned while rolling over, revealing the book Hiccup had most likely stayed up all night reading.

"Hiccup, were you up all night reading again?"

Another unintelligible grumble sounded as Hiccup pulled the covers up.

"Whack!" a young voice called, just as Astrid's head felt the impact of a strong hit.

"Ow! Svala, why'd you hit Mommy?" Astrid asked as she turned to face the small, 15 month old toddler, light brown curls covering her grin.

"Viking!" she called.

Astrid chuckled as she rubbed her head, and proceeded to pull the weapon from her daughter's grasp, only to squint in annoyance when she saw what it was.

"Svala, what did Mommy tell you about playing with Daddy's leg?" Astrid asked as Svala reached out for the fake limb.

"What about my leg?" Hiccup mumbled as he slowly sat up, only to be greeted by a swift whack on his head.


"Ow! Svala, give me back my leg, please, I need it." Hiccup pleaded, now awake.

"Daddy!" she cried as she quickly handed him the leg.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

"Toothless!" he called to the ceiling. Astrid merely glared at him before Hiccup sighed in defeat. "Alright, I'm up, I'm up!"

Svala cheered and jumped up and down on the bed while Hiccup tried to place on his prosthetic.

Svala sat on Toothless' neck as he walked around the town with his friend, Hiccup, who was currently walking to work with Gobber.

"Toothless, buddy, here's my stop. Wanna go flying after work, bud?" Hiccup asked as he scratched his best friend's nose. Toothless quickly jumped up and down in excitement, causing a squeal from his young rider.

As Hiccup walked inside, Toothless proceeded to walk around town with his friend's child on him. The other Vikings would give him the occasional smile, or wave and talk to the young member of the Haddock family.

"Snot!" Svala cried as she saw a familiar face she loved.

Snotlout placed down the axe he was holding around, knowing full well of the ambush he was about to receive. "Hey, Svala!" he cried as he turned around, just as he was attacked by the young Viking with a considerably strong bear hug. Snotlout proceeded to pick her up to take her to her Grandfather, Stoick, as Toothless walked towards where he knew Astrid would be.

As Toothless walked, he thought to himself how much everyone had changed since Svala came along. Sure, he loved Svala as much as everyone, but because of her, he couldn't go riding as much with Hiccup anymore. And without Hiccup, he couldn't fly. He remembered the time they had when it was just them, riding around the world by themselves, helping out people they came across.

That was a lot of flying, and Toothless loved every minute of it.

Astrid had softened up a bit when Svala was born, but that was expected of a mother. Even all the dragons in the village became noticeably less rough when around the new life. She was so fragile, and everyone knew it.

Even if things had changed, some for the better, and some which slightly annoyed Toothless, he knew that he would lay down his life to protect his friend's child.

Overall, Toothless was still as happy as ever.

Astrid still trained every morning, even if she was a mother now. She would practice her aim and strength with throwing axes at trees on the island's forest, while her dragon, Stormfly, would watch. Some of the other Viking women looked down upon it at first, but then she told them she was training so she could still be in shape to protect her daughter if trouble ever occurred.

That shut them up.

Astrid smirked to herself at the memory as Toothless walked up to her in the forest.

"Hey Toothless." she greeted. "Village life boring you too?" she asked.

Toothless gave a dragon smirk of his own as he proceeded to sit down next to where Astrid stood. Said woman set down her throwing axe and scratched Toothless on the nose, content to listening to his dragon-purr. Stormfly trotted up to them and joined the quiet duo for a moment of rest.

The trio sat in comfortable silence for a while the day slowly dragging on, when the sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching snapped them out of their moment of peace.

A soaking Snotlout ran through the forest with Hiccup close behind, both of their faces showing the same look of horror.

"Svala's gone!"

The two dragons and Astrid jumped to their feet at the statement. "Wha-what do you mean?" Astrid asked.

"I took her to the docks," Snotlout started, still gasping from his long sprint to the forest, "to show her the boats, one of them looked unfamiliar, so I went to check it out, I told her to stay but she followed me."

Astrid gave the smallest of smiles at that, it was definitely her daughter all right.

"It was a foreign ship, they called themselves the Pirates of Dutchman..." Snotlout then pointed at Hiccup, who was worriedly staring at the ground. "They said they had some unfinished business with him, and took Svala. I tried to fight them, but the docks were empty, and there were too many of them. The threw me overboard and started off. By then more people came to help, but they were too far off..."

Astrid gasped and glanced at Hiccup, while the two dragons were roaring in their anger.

Toothless stamped his paw as Hiccup finally caught his breath and climbed aboard the dragon, and Astrid did the same with hers.

"Guys...I'm so sorry." Snotlout apologized, still wet and in shock from what happened.

"It's okay, it's not your fault. Just tell the others to hurry up and help us!" Astrid called as they took off.

Snotlout knew he didn't need to tell the other villagers, they heard the sounds of him fighting and came to help...but it was too late. However, he needed to get Hookfang and fly after them.

Halfway through the forest, his shock caught up with him, and he passed out.

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