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Astrid held close to her dragon as they sped through the skies, her eyes desperately searching the waters below for any sign of her missing daughter. She wouldn't dare cry, though. Especially at the speeds she were at, the tears would do more harm to her eyes than the stinging wind does. And with this fog, her tear-blurred eyes wouldn't help her at all.

Stormfly moaned softly, sensing her friend's sadness. She never really cared for anyone but herself, but she had hatchlings of her own, that she knew were safe and sound on Berk. She couldn't imagine what Astrid must be feeling, but she uncharacteristically tried her hardest to show sympathy for her companion.

"Stormfly! Down!" Astrid demanded, which her dragon instantly obeyed as they swooped toward the island visible through the thick fog.

They landed on some of the softest sand Astrid ever placed her feet upon. She felt like she could feel it through her boots! She took a cautious step forward, her dragon hesitantly behind her as they blindly walked through the fog. "Hello?" Astrid called out. "Is anyone here?" she screamed louder.

"Over here!" A small voice called from a distance. Astrid jerked her head in the direction the voice came from and sped through, hoping to find some form of help, as her dragon's protesting screeches were ignored behind her.

She stopped after a minute of running before spinning in a circle wildly. "Where are you?"

Several eerie whispers answered her question, though none were audible enough to make out.

"Please, my daughter is missing! Pirates took her, you must help me!"

She was then awarded an instant, horrifying silence. "Help..." the whispers repeated together as one, when the fog started dangerously swirling around Astrid. Said Viking tried to run, but the incredibly, unbelievably soft sand refused to let her feet move as the wind and fog cut off her air supply. She couldn't tell if it was the strange island, or her lack of oxygen, but soon darkness overcame her vision.

Pure, desolate darkness.

Astrid was very afraid. She couldn't feel anything, it felt as though all of her senses had been cut off. She didn't know which direction was up, or if she was even facing a direction at all.


Astrid froze, if she wasn't already. She couldn't tell if her eyes were open or closed, or if she was moving at all. She was merely surrounded by nothing.


The senses quickly returned to Astrid as she felt a sickening pulling sensation seemingly pull her apart in different directions when-

She opened her eyes.

Her eyes focused as she took in the several faces surrounding her, if you could even call them faces. Swirling masses of mist formed each one, not defining any of the features of anyone, but she could tell each one apart from the other one.

Astrid slowly sat up, although the movement didn't feel quite right. It felt almost like...

When she glanced down, she let out a horrifying scream. She herself had the strange mist-bodies of the others surrounding her.

But her scream even sounded strange. It was then that she realized that it formed from no air, she wasn't breathing at all. It was impossible, but she didn't feel the pain of suffocation anymore.

Relax, it only lasts temporarily, the soothing voices assured at the same time.

"Where am I?" Astrid asked with her strange new voice.

Many names identify this location.

"What location?"


Astrid glared at the ghostly figures, before fear took over. "Am I dead?"

You haven't much time, you must find the young Sally before time itself runs out.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Astrid asked, anger lacing through her voice.

Help has arrived.

Astrid jerked her eyes open and gasped deep lungfulls of oxygen, relishing in the feeling. She glanced around the desolate, burned island she sat in, the smell of sulfur and fire filling her nostrils. She choked it out and took in another hesitant breath as she stood up, the sharp rocks under her feet piercing into her boots. Her dragon Stormfly then ran through the ruins of the once magnificent forest screeching in happiness when she spotted Astrid. Astrid jumped on her back and the two took off, eager to leave the strange island behind.

The island that looked too much like an ancient skull, from above.

He would find her.

That was the only thought that went through his mind as he sped through the clear skies, desperately looking for his daughter as Toothless did the same.

A sudden gust of wind nearly blew Hiccup off of his dragon, before stopping as instantly as it came.

"Okay...that's a little weird." Hiccup mused out loud as the continued the search, eventually coming across land.

"Toothless, land!" he yelled as the dragon obeyed, wanting to land their himself. Toothless sensed something there.

"Hiccup!" a voice called out.

Said man jerked around to the direction of the voice. "Hello?" he asked.

Soon a familiar face appeared in the trees. "Christine?" Hiccup asked in wonder.

"There isn't much time," the apparition stated. "But more are on your side then you know. You must find Sally, before time runs out!"

"I'd love to, but I have to-"

"One and the same, Hiccup. She's more important to you than you know!" she called as she faded away. "Trust me! The balance of the peace lies in the balance!"

Hiccup blinked at her vanishing form, before glancing to Toothless. "Alright, so that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen..." he attempted to shrug it off, but her message still haunted him. Who was Sally, and why would he give up searching for his daughter for some unknown girl?

He wasn't.

Deciding to continue flying, they leaped back up into the sky to continue their search.

Sally gasped as she saw the small dragon in the dungeon. It was chained, and definitely malnourished and tortured.

"Why hurt the wittle dragon?" the young girl asked with tears in her eyes.

The fat man knelt down to her level, his horrid breath and beard nearly covering her face. "They be evil, lass. Dragons are the very thing that killed your parents."

Sally let out a sob as she stared at the poor dragon. "But they good!"

"Nay, they are not. They fooled the lot of ya, just to feed on ya once they gained yer trust."

"But Daddy-"

"Was killed by that black beast of 'is. I knew the man, and followed his beliefs, until I saw the beast swallow 'im 'ole. I knew 'e'd wan' me to take care of ya, but didn't know how'dya react, but welcome aboard, lass. Terrible sorry for yer loss." a fake tear trailed down his face, joining the various other things stuck in his beard. "We'd be doin' yer parents a favor by saving the rest of this planet from the dragon menace, and we'd be honored if ye'd join us."

Sally, with the tears still freely falling, nodded her head.

"Trust me, ye'd do yer parents proud. Come, we must begin yer training."

Meanwhile, the small dragon looked up in fear at the young daughter of a good human friend of his. Christine and Hiccup were wrong, humans and dragons will never live in peace. The dragon yanked on the rotten chain one more time, the chain snapping. The small dragon named Hope squeezed through the bars and flew through the sky to bring the news of the devastating war to come.

"What's going on?" Stoick, one of the few who chose to travel by boat exclaimed as every dragon near his ship flew off, hissing at the travelers hatefully. The owners of dragons called for their dragons to come back tearfully, but could only watch helplessly as they flew away from them. The unlucky souls who were riding dragons were hurled off their backs and plummeted into the seemingly black ocean, screaming for help the whole way down. Screeches, roars, and flapping wings were also a part of the scene at hand before they flew away.

As the dragons faded off into the distant fog, nothing but the soft waves and the creaking ship dared to make a sound as the Vikings stared at the fog. Hope, it seemed, had left along with the dragons' instant, spontaneous retreat.

Barely a minute had passed when all of a sudden, even the waves and ship ceased their noise and the fog hurried toward them. The now frightened Vikings started to scream as the fog devoured them at an impossible speed, only to be drowned out by the silence the fog carried over them.

Eh? Dark, I told you it would be. Did I deliver darkness, or what?

(Some idiot in background) No, you delivered the Silence.

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