5 years since HE left me alone in the woods. It still hurts to think about-them-but today is the start of my new job. A year after he left I graduated top of the class. I then went to Washington D. C. The George Washington, University of Law. I graduated from their last month. I walked up the steps and through the doors of NCIS. After visiting the front desk I was sent up to the director. Cynthia her secretary sent me through.

"Good morning director." I said as I walked in.

"Good morning agent swan take a seat." She said pointing to the side of her desk

"Agent you shall be working under one of my best teams. If their is a problem-professional or not-they are brilliant agent-"She was interrupted by her phone buzzing "Excuse me, Director Shepard . . . ok send him in Cynthia"

A few seconds later a tall man with silver hair walked in. A coffee cup in one hand, a case file in the other.

"I thought with the new agent coming I would-" He stopped when he looked up and saw me

"I see that plan backfired Gibbs. Agent Swan meet your new boss special agent Gibbs. Gibbs, Agent Swan."

"Nice to meet you sir" I said standing up offering for a hand shake

"First-don't all me sir, second-well be leaving now Jen." He said leaving

"Bye Director." I said walking after him.

He stopped be 5 desks. He pointed to one that had my name plate on then went to his. I noticed no-one else was here as I sat down. Then I heard the ping of an elevator

"Thought to soon." I murmured under my breath. In walked a tall, dark haired and blue eyed man and a beautiful, exotic and scary looking women arguing.

"You are an idiot you know" The women stated the male was about to answer when he saw me sitting between his and another desk.

"Hi, Anthony DiNozzo, call me Tony." He said sitting on the edge of my desk "You are?"

I got up and walked up over to the women

"Isabella Swan, I prefer Bella though."

"I'm Agent Ziva David." She said shaking my hand

"And I'm being ignored like chopped liver" Tony teased pouting.

"Well" I replied "I don't speak to flirts." I went back to my desk and sat down. I looked up to see Tony shocked, Gibbs smiling and Ziva trying hard not to laugh. Just then the elevator pinged again. A green eyed, brownish-blonde haired boy stepped out and once again stopped what he was doing when he walked past my desk.

"Um ... Timothy McGee you?" He asked offering for a hand sake

"Bella Swan, Nice to meet you." I shook his hand as he just stared at me.

"You'll like her she called Tony a flirt in her introduction" Ziva said still smiling.

"WHAT? In you first 5 minutes of being here? I'm impressed girls normally fall for his 'charm'" He said awe

"Yes well I'm not most girls" I said looking at my desk thinking of all those times HE had said that to me.

I looked up and smiled "E lui è un idiota!" I exclaimed (a/n translation "And he is idiot")

"HEY!" He shouted. I just laughed.

"Italian. Figures."

"Yes and didn't your mom teach you not to be rude?"He sulked sitting down at his desk crossing his arms

"Sì, ma è Vero." I smirked as I answered (a/n translation "yes but it is true")

"Care to translate Agent Swan, DiNozzo" Gibbs said amused

"She said I'm an idiot!" Tony said angrily

"You know Italian?" Ziva asked

"Mhm, and Spanish and I am learning Hebrew at the moment."I replied as Ziva's face lit up like a child's on Christmas day.

"?באמת כמה למדת" she asked (a/n translation "really, how much have you learnt?")

"קצת, לא רהוטה, יותר מדי זמן" I replied honestly (a/n translation "little, not fluent, too much time")

"Again translations please" Gibbs asked getting angry now

"Nothing" We replied simoustanly.

He was about to protest when his phone went off.

"Gibbs ... on the way now." He said hanging up

"Grab your gear dead petty officer."