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The Beginning Of The End

When he looked back a moon later, Nightfang could only think of scattered memories for the next few days. He felt like he had been through too much to take it all in anymore. The memories he did have were very painful. The worst, perhaps, was the meeting with the Diggorys that took place the next morning, for he was afraid they would be angry at him and blame him for their only son's death.

But...they did not blame him for what had happened; in fact, both thanked him for returning their son's body to them. Palefur sobbed throughout most of the interview, and as for his mate named Honeybee...her grief seemed to be beyond tears.

"He suffered so little then," the golden she-cat rasped when Nightfang had told her how her son had died. "And after all...he died just when he won the tournament. He must have been happy." When they got up, she looked at Nightfang and mewed, "You look after yourself."

Nightfang grabbed the sack of gold on the bedside table and held it out for her, mewing, "You take this. It should've been Oakheart's. It's my fault he died."

But she backed away. "Oh no, it's yours, dear. You keep it. You've earned it after all you've done for Oakheart and us...and take care."


Nightfang returned to LionClan Tower the following night. From what his two friends told him, Silverstar had spoken to the school that morning at breakfast. He had merely requested that they leave Nightfang alone, that nobody ask him questions or harry him to tell the story of what had happened in the maze. Most cats, he noticed, were skirting around him in the hallways, and some even whispered behind his back.

He guessed many of them had believed Tansy's article about how disturbed and dangerous he could be. Perhaps they were formulating their own theories about how Oakheart had died, maybe even saying that he killed him. But he didn't care; in fact, he liked it better when he was with Redstone and Fawnwillow, and they were talking about other things, or else letting him sit in silence while they played chess.

It was like all three of them had reached an understanding they didn't need to say. It was that each one of them was waiting for a sign or word of what was going on outside the Forest walls. And it was useless to wonder about what might be coming until they were ready. The only time they talked about it was when Redstone told Nightfang about a meeting his mother have had with Silverstar before going home.

"She went to ask him if you could come straight to us this greenleaf," he told him. "But he wants you to go back to the Dursley cats first, at least."


Redstone shrugged. "Search me, but Silverstar's got his reasons, so we gotta trust him."

The only other cat he could talk to now was Badgerstripe. So since they no longer had a Defense Against the Dark Arts mentor, they had those lessons free. They used the one on Thursday at noon to go down and visit Badgerstripe at his hut. It was a bright and sunny day as Marmaduke sprang out of the open door as they approached, barking and wagging his tail madly.

"Who's that, Duke?" Badgerstripe called, coming to the door. Seeing Nightfang, he ruffled Nightfang's head fur and purred, "Nightfang! Good ter see yeh, buddy!"

They saw two cups and saucers the size of rabbits and flounders on the wooden table in front of the fireplace when they entered they hut. He ushered them inside and meowed, "Bin havin' a cuppa with Fuzzystar. She's just left around now."

"So you two made up?" Redstone asked with a smirk.

"Dunno what yeh're talkin' about, kid," Badgerstripe meowed cheerfully, fetching some more cups from the dresser.

When he made the cream and offered around a plate of slightly burned cookies, he sat back in his chair and studied Nightfang closely with dark amber eyes. "You okay?" he asked gruffly.


"No, yeh're not. But yeh will be, kid. Yeh will be."

When Nightfang didn't speak, the giant black tom meowed, "I knew he was gonna come back. Known it fer years. Knew he was bidin' his time. It had ter happen. Well, now it did, and we're just gonna have to go through with it. We're gonna fight. Might stop him before he gets a good hold. That's Silverstar's plan. Great cat, Silverstar. As long as he's wit' us, I ain't worried."

Badgerstripe raised his brows at the unsure looks on their faces. "No good worryin' about it," he reassured him. "What's comin' will come, an we'll meet it along the way. And Silverstar told me what you did, Nightfang," he added with a purr of pride. "Yeh did as much as yer dad would've done, and I've got yer back no matter what."

Nightfang smiled back at him, the first time he had smiled in days. So he meowed "So what did Silverstar want for you to do?" he asked. "He sent Thistleheart to ask you and Fuzzystar to meet him...you know...that night."

"Got a job fer me over greenleaf," Badgerstripe told him. "Top secret, though. I ain't supposed ter talk about it, no sir. Not even ter yeh kids. Fuzzystar might be comin' with me, and I think she will. Think I got her persuaded."

"Is it to do with Red Helmet?" Nightfang asked.

Badgerstripe flinched at the name, but he muttered, "Might be. Now who wants ter come and visit the last skrewt? Wait, I was jokin!'" he added hastily, seeing them flee to the castle.


It was with sadness that Nightfang packed up in the dorm on the night before going back to his Twoleg's house. He was dreading the leaving banquet, which was usually for celebration, when the winner of the Inter-Clan Championship would be announced. He had avoided being in the Great Hall when it was occupied ever since he recovered, preferring to eat alone to avoid the stares of the other cats.

When he and his friends entered the Hall, they saw at once that the usual flags were missing. The Great Hall was customarily decorated with the winning Clan's colors for the leaving banquet. But tonight, there were black curtains all over the wall behind the mentors' table. Nightfang knew right away that they were there as respect for Oakheart.

The real Mad-Eye Moody was with the staff now, his wooden leg and magical eye back in place. He was awfully fidgety, jumping anytime someone spoke to him. Despite all this, Nightfang couldn't blame him; Mad-Eye's fear of being attacked was bound to have been increased by his ten-moon caging in his own trunk by Crouchclaw.

Coldstar's seat was empty, and Nightfang wondered where he was now and if Red Helmet had caught up with him. Fuzzystar was still there, sitting next to Badgerstripe, as they were talking quietly together. Further along the table, sitting next to Thistleheart, was Brokenfang, whose eyes lingered on Nightfang, who looked at him in return. His expression was difficult to read, yet he looked as sour and unpleasant as ever. Nightfang continued to watch him, even after the Potions mentor had looked away.

What did Brokenfang do on Silverstar's orders, the night Red Helmet came back? And why is Silverstar sure that he's truly on our side?

He had been their spy. Brokenfang had turned spy against Red Helmet "at great personal risk." Was that the job he took up again? Had he talked with the Demon Cats? Pretended that he had never really been good all along?

His musings were ended by Silverstar, who stood up at the main table. The Great Hall, which had been less noisy than it usually was at the leaving banquet, became very quiet.

"The end...of another year," Silverstar meowed, looking around.

He paused, and his eyes fell on the BadgerClan table. Theirs had been the quietest table before he got to his paws, and theirs were still the saddest faces in the Hall.

Silverstar meowed clearly, "There is much I wish to say to you all tonight...but I must first confess the loss of a very fine cat, who should be sitting here with his Clanmates, enjoying our feast. I would like you all, please, to stand and raise your glasses...to Oakheart Diggory."

They all did. Everyone in the Hall stood, raised their chalices and echoes in a loud low rumbling voice, "Oakheart Diggory."

Nightfang noticed Rainleaf through the crowd. There were tears pouring silently down the white she-cat's gray face. Not wanting to raise any kind of suspicion, he looked down at the table as they all sat down again.

"Oakheart was a young warrior who demonstrated many of the assets that characterize the hard-working BadgerClan," Silverstar continued. "He was a good and loyal friend, a hard worker, and he valued fair play. His death has affected you all, whether you knew him or not. I think that you have the right to know exactly how it came about: he was murdered by Red Helmet."

A panicked murmur swept the Great Hall, and cats were staring at Silverstar in disbelief and horror. He looked impeccably calm as he watched them mutter themselves into silence.

But he went on, "The Government does not wish of you to know this. It is possible your parents will be horrified that I told you...either because they will not believe that Red Helmet has returned, or because they think I should not tell you so for being young. I believe, however, that the truth is superior to lies, and that anyone who pretends that Oakheart died in an accident would insult his memory."

Stunned and scared, every face in the Hall was turned to Silverstar...or almost every face. At the ViperClan table, Nightfang saw Iceheart muttering something to his cronies and Pugface. The black-furred cat felt a hot yet very disgusted swoop of anger in his belly because of their lack of respect. But he forced himself to look back at Silverstar.

"There is another cat who deserves to be mentioned with the death of Oakheart," Silverstar went on. "This cat...is Nightfang Potter."

A ripple crossed the Great Hall as heads turned in Nightfang's direction before flicking back to face their leader. Silverstar went on, "Nightfang managed to escape Red Helmet and risked his own life to return Oakheart's body to the Forest. He showed the bravery that few warriors have ever shown in facing Red Helmet, and I honor him for this."

He turned gravely to Nightfang and raised his chalice once more, nodding as nearly everyone else did the same. They murmured his name, as they had murmured Oakheart's, and drank to him. But just through a gap in the standing figures, Nightfang saw Iceheart, his cronies, and most ViperClan cats staying defiantly in their seats, their chalices untouched. But despite being very smart, Silverstar did not see them, and when everyone sat back down, he continued.

"The Tri-Warriors Tournament's purpose was to further and promote understanding among every cat in the world," Silverstar meowed, "In the light of what has happened...of the return of Red Helmet...such ties are more important than ever."

He looked from Fuzzystar and Badgerstripe to Swanflight and her fellow Oasis cats, and he then looked to Earthclaw and his Mountain warriors at the ViperClan table. Earthclaw looked wary and slightly ashamed as if expecting Silverstar to say something harsh.

Silverstar eyed the Mountain cats a bit before going on, "Every guest here will be welcomed back here anytime they wish. I say to you all again: in the light of the return to Red Helmet, we are strong when we unite, but we are weak when divided. Red Helmet's gift for spreading conflict and hatred is very great, so we can fight it by showing a strong bond of friendship and faith. We may be from different breeds, languages, and countries, but we are one. We are all facing dark and difficult times now. Some of you here have already suffered at the paws of Red Helmet. Many have been torn apart...and a quarter-moon ago, a fellow apprentice was taken from us.

"Remember Oakheart. If the time should come when you have to make a choice between right or easy, remember what happened to a cat who was good, kind, and brave right to the end. Remember Oakheart Diggory."


Nightfang's stuff was packed, and Katara was back in her cage on top of it. He, Redstone, and Fawnwillow were waiting in the crowded entrance hall with the rest of the fourth year cats for the carriages that would take them back to the Village station. It was another beautiful greenleaf day. He supposed Evergreen Terrace would be hot and damp when he arrived there that evening.

I'm not looking forward to that.


He looked around and noticed Swanflight hurrying up the stone steps into the castle. Beyond her and far across the grounds, Badgerstripe was helping Fuzzystar back two of the giant horses into their harness. He realized that the Oasis carriage was going to take off soon.

Swanflight dipped her head to him. "We will see each uzzer again, I 'ope. I am 'oping to get a job 'ere, to improve my Eenglish."

"It's good already," Redstone mewled in a strangled voice. Swanflight smiled at him, but Fawnwillow merely rolled her eyes.

"Au Revoir, Nightfang," the white she-cat purred as she turned around to go. "It 'az been a pleasure meeting you!"

Nightfang felt a bit better as he watched Swanflight hurry back across the lawns to her leader, her long black-spotted white fur rippling in the sunlight.

"How are the Mountain cats gonna get back?" Redstone asked. "You reckon they can steer that ship without Coldstar?"

"He did not steer," a gruff voice growled. "He stayed in his cabin and let us do the vork."

They turned to see Earthclaw, who asked Fawnwillow, "Could I have a vord vith you?"

"Oh...sure," Fawnwillow purred, looking slightly flustered as her tail quivered. She followed the dark tabby tom through the crowd and out of sight.

Redstone called after her, "Hurry up! The carriages will be here in a minute!" And under his breath, he muttered, "That boneheaded mouse-brain."

Nightfang kept a watch for the carriages, however, and kept looking over the crowd to see what Earthclaw and Fawnwillow might be up to. They had returned quite soon, and he wondered what they wanted to talk about. Redstone stared around at Fawnwillow, but she didn't say anything. In fact, her face was quite poker-faced.

Earthclaw meowed abruptly to Nightfang, "I liked Diggory. He vos alvays polite to me. Even though I vos from the Mountain...with Karkaroff," he added with a furious scowl.

"So you got a new leader yet?" Nightfang asked.

Earthclaw shrugged before nodding to Nightfang and then to Redstone. The ginger tom looked like he was suffering some painful internal struggle, and his friends knew what he was going to do. Earthclaw had already started walking away when Redstone called:

"Wait...can I have your autograph?"

Fawnwillow turned away, smiling at the horseless carriages trundling toward them up the drive. And Earthclaw, looking surprised but happy, signed a book for Redstone. The ginger tom received the autograph, looked down at it, and smiled at his idol.

The weather was so nice that there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. The cats of the Golden Trio had gotten a compartment to themselves. Sheepinton was once again hidden under the dress cape to stop him from hooting constantly, Katara was sleeping with her head under her right wing, and Garfield was curled up in a spare seat like a large white pillow. The three friends had talked more fully and freely than they had all the past quarter-moon, and Nightfang felt as if the speech Silverstar spoke at the leaving banquet had cleared him. It was less painful to talk over what had happened now. They broke off their talk about what Silverstar would do to stop Red Helmet only when the lunch cart arrived.

When Fawnwillow returned from the cart and put her money back into her bag, she dislodged a newspaper she had been carrying in there. Noticing Nightfang looking at it, she meowed calmly, "Don't worry; there's nothing bad in there. I've checked every day. It's just a small piece the day after the third mission saying you won the tournament. They didn't even mention Oakheart. If you ask me, Fudgepelt is trying to force them to keep quiet."

"He's not gonna keep Tansy quiet about this," Nightfang sighed.

"Oh, she hasn't written anything since then," Fawnwillow meowed in an oddly constrained voice, a sly grin on her face. "In fact, she won't be writing anything for a while. Not unless she wants me to give the game away."

"Huh?" Redstone tilted his head to the side.

Fawnwillow meowed quickly, "I found out how she was listening in on stuff when she wasn't allowed to come onto the grounds."

Nightfang guessed she had been dying to tell them this for days, but she had restrained herself in light of everything else that had happened. "Okay, tell us. What'd you do, and how'd you find out anyways?"

"Well, it was you who gave me the idea, Nightfang," Fawnwillow meowed.

"Did I?" Nightfang was confused. "But how?"

She merely said, "Bugging."

"But didn't you say they don't work-"

"Oh, not electronic bugs. Tansy Skeeter..." Her voice was now trembling with triumph. "...is an unregistered Animagus. She can turn into a beetle."

At this, she pulled a large clear jar out of the bag she was carrying. And inside the jar were twigs, leaves...and a big red beetle. When she gave it a short shake, the beetle gave an angry buzz and kept bumping into the glass.

"You're...hell no," Redstone rasped.

Fawnwillow smiled. "Hell yeah. I caught her on the windowsill in the medicine den. Remember? Look very closely, and you'll see that the markings around her antennae are exactly like those foul markings around her eyes."

Nightfang looked and saw that she was right...and he remembered something. "Hey, there was a beetle on the statue when we heard Badgerstripe was telling Fuzzystar about his mom!"

"Exactly. And Earthclaw pulled a beetle out of my fur after we had our talk by the lake. And I bet she was perched on the windowsill of the Divination class the day your scar hurt. She's been buzzing around for stories all year long."

Redstone's eyes widened. "And when we saw Iceheart outside..."

Fawnwillow nodded. "He was talking to her in his paw. It's obvious he's wanted to talk with her; that's how she got all those nice little interviews with most of the ViperClan cats. They didn't care if she was doing something illegal, just as long as they were giving her horrible stuff about us and Badgerstripe. I've told her I'll let her out when we get to Juneau," she added as she put the jar back in her bag. "I've put an Unbreakable Charm on the jar so she can't transform. And I've told her she better keep her quill to herself for a whole year or else I tell everyone her secret. See if she can't break the habit of writing horrible lies about others."

"Very clever, Granger."

Iceheart had stalked into their booth, Lobsterclaw and Monkeynose standing behind him. All three ViperClan cats looked pleased with themselves, haughtier and more sinister than Nightfang had seen them.

"So," Iceheart hissed, stepping forth and looking slowly around, a smirk on his jaws. "You got a pathetic reporter, and Potter is Dumbledore's favorite boy again. Who cares about all that?"

His smirk widened as his cronies leered. "Trying not to think about it, are we?" Iceheart sneered softly, looking around at all three of them. "Trying to pretend it hasn't happened?"

"Get out," Nightfang hissed. He had not been this close to him since he had watched him talking to his cronies during the speech about Oakheart. "We've had enough of your bullshit, and we're not going to take it anymore. So get out or get fanged."

"You've picked the losing side, Potter!" Iceheart spat with contempt. "I warned you to choose your friends more carefully, remember? I told you not to hang around with worthless trash like this!" he added, aiming a snarl at Redstone and Fawnwillow.

"And the 'worthless trash', as you call them, are the best friends I could ask for," Nightfang retorted with pride for his friends.

Iceheart snarled, "It's too late now Potter! They will be the first ones to die now that the Dark Bear is back! Kittybloods and kittypet lovers will die by his paw, and it'll be glorious-"

But he didn't speak any further, for he was knocked back. It sounded as if someone had exploded fireworks within the booth. Blinded by the blaze that blasted from every direction, Nightfang blinked and looked down at the floor.

Iceheart and his cronies were all lying unconscious in the doorway. Nightfang and his friends were on their paws, all three having just used a different spell...but they weren't the only ones to have done so.

"Thought we'd see what those three were up to," Berrytail meowed, stepping on Monkeynose and into the booth. He had his tail-wand up, and so did Cherrynose, who kicked at Iceheart's head as he followed his twin inside.

"Interesting effect," Cherrynose meowed with a nod, looking down at Lobsterclaw. "Who used the Furunculous Curse?"

"Me," Nightfang meowed.

Cherrynose smirked. "Odd...I used Jelly-Legs; I guess those two shouldn't mix. He seems to have sprouted little tentacles all over his face. Well, let's not leave them in here. They're not the d├ęcor even a poodle would want."

So Redstone, Nightfang, and Cherrynose kicked, rolled, and pushed the unconscious Iceheart and his cronies out into the corridor. Each of them looked distinctly hit by the worse of the jumble of jinxes. Then the three toms came back into the compartment and rolled the door shut.

"Go Fish, anyone?" Berrytail asked, pulling out a pack of cards.

So they played Go Fish. They were halfway through their fifth game when Nightfang asked the twins, "You gonna tell us who you were blackmailing?"

Cherrynose's face darkened. "Oh...that."

Berrytail patted his brother's shoulder. "Ah, it doesn't matter. It wasn't anything important. Not anymore, by the way."

"Yeah, we've given up," Cherrynose added.

But the Trio kept on asking until Berrytail finally answered, "It was Graytail."

"Graytail Bagman?" Nightfang asked sharply. "Are you saying he was involved in...you know..."

Cherrynose shook his head, "Nah, nothing like that. He wouldn't have the brains."

"You remember that bet we had with him at the AirBall World Trophy?" Berrytail asked. "About how Canada would win but Earthclaw gets the Pinch? Well, the idiot paid us in leprechaun gold he got from Irish visitors. By next morning, it was all gone!"

"Was it an accident?" Fawnwillow asked.

"Yeah, that's what we thought too," Cherrynose growled with a bitter laugh. "We thought if we wrote to him and told him he made a mistake, he'd cough it up. But he just ignored our letter. We kept trying to talk to him about it at the Forest, but he was always making some lame excuse to get away from us."

Berrytail added, "And when we told him in the end, he turned nasty. He flat-out told us we were too young to gamble and he won't be giving us anything. So we asked for our money back, and he refused like last time."

"But that was all your savings!" Redstone yelped.

Cherrynose nodded. "Tell me about it. We found out what went on in the end. Quicktongue's dad had a bit of trouble getting money off Graytail as well. It turns out that he's in big trouble with the local monkeys since he took loads of gold off them. A gang of monkeys cornered him in the pine woods after the World Trophy and took all the gold he had, and it still wasn't enough to pay off all his debts. They followed him all the way to the Forest to watch him. He lost everything in gambling and hasn't even got two Galleons to rub together. And you know how the frog-brain tried to pay them back?"

"How?" Nightfang asked.

"He betted on you, buddy," Berrytail confessed. "He put a big bet on you to win the tournament. It was a bet against the monkeys."

Nightfang narrowed his eyes. "So that's why he kept trying to help me win! Well, I did win, so he can pay you your gold now!"

"Nope," Cherrynose meowed, shaking his head. "The monkeys only play as dirty as him. They say you drew with Oakheart, and Graytail was betting that you'd win alone. So he had to run for it right after the third mission." Then he sighed deeply and started dealing out the cards again.

The rest of the journey passed pleasantly enough. Nightfang wished it lasted all greenleaf so that he would never arrive at King's Cross, but time would never not slow down when something bad lies ahead, and too soon, the Forest Train pulled in at platform seven and a half. The confusion and noise filled the hallways as the cats began to arrive in port. Redstone and Fawnwillow made their way out past the ViperClan cats, carrying their trunks.

But Nightfang stayed and meowed, "You two! Wait a moment." He opened his suitcase and pulled out his winnings, dropping it at their paws and meowing, "Take it."

The twins stared at him, shocked.

"Take it," Nightfang repeated decisively. "I don't want it."

"You're crazy," Cherrynose gasped, pushing it back to him.

Nightfang pushed it back. "I'm as sane as any other cat. You take that money and get inventing. It's for your joke shop."

They gaped at him, and Berrytail rasped, "He IS crazy."

"Listen, you two," Nightfang hissed. "Take it, or I'm throwing this into the crowfood can. I don't want it, I don't deserve it, and I don't need it. But I could do with some laughs; in fact, we could all do with some laughs. I feel we'll need them more than usual before long."

Cherrynose carefully pawed it back to them. "There's gotta be a thousand Galleons in here."

Nightfang smiled. "And think of how many Cardinal Cupcakes that could make. Just don't tell your mom where you got it...though she might not want you to join the Government anymore, after what happened." He shook his head. "Look, if you don't take this, I'll claw you. I got some good moves now. Just do me one favor: buy Redstone a new dress cape and say it's from you."

He left the booth before they could say another word, stepping over the ViperClan cats, who were still lying on the floor, covered in hex marks. He leapt down onto the platform, where Daniel and Samantha (Redstone's owner) were waiting beyond the barrier. Hollywhisker and Buck were waiting nearby, the latter rushing over to Nightfang and nuzzling him.

Hollywhisker padded over and hugged him tightly. Then she meowed, "I think Silverstar will let you come to us later in greenleaf. Remember to stay in touch, Nightfang."

"Yeah, see ya," Redstone meowed. "Let's hope for a normal school year next year, huh?"

"No way," Nightfang meowed.

Fawnwillow looked up towards the sky. "Everything's going to be different now, isn't it?" The toms nodded, so she licked them each on the cheeks and meowed, "Promise me you won't forget to write often this greenleaf."

Redstone held up a paw. "I won't. You KNOW I won't forget! Right? And Nightfang?" He turned to said cat. "What about you?"

Nightfang nodded. "Yeah. Every day."

"Hey Nightfang!" The black cat looked up and saw the twins prowling just behind them. Cherrynose, who had spoken, muttered, "Thanks, buddy."

Nightfang winked, turned to Daniel, and followed him silently from the station. There was no point worrying yet, he realized as he got into the back of Daniel's van beside Buck. As Badgerstripe said, what was to come would come...and he would meet it head-on.

The End...for now!


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