Chapter 1

"Vampires," I hissed. I turned around. I had just been shooting hoops, when two vampires jumped my fence like they owned the place. When I turned around at their soundless entrance to my property, they were pretty surprised. Not many normal beings with beating hearts should be able to hear them. Then again, I am no normal being.

"How do you know what we are, and how did you hear us jump the fence?"

"I just guessed because you approached so soundlessly." I spoke with a hint of sarcasm in my voice, but also succeeded in tricking them into thinking I had really just guessed. "And how did you hear us….. Approach?" he asked this as if he was choosing his words carefully. "I was born with ears as sharp as a hawk's, my dad was an Indian. He died when I was two." They couldn't tell if I was lying or not, so they didn't know all I just said was a lie. They walked a few feet away so they could speak in private, but I heard every word they said.

"What are we going to do?" the first one said.

"I have no idea. Maybe we can drink her blood and see if we can hypnotize her then," Said the second one.

"No Streak, we can't do that, everyone already knows that won't work, it's been tried too many times", Said the first one.

The one I figured was Streak said," Well it won't hurt to try Peter."

This is where I had to butt-in. "Yeah," I mimicked perfectly, "it won't hurt to try Peter." They looked at me. "How did you hear that?" "You talk too loud." I blinked innocently. "Oh, and if you try to bite me I will literally tear your heads off with my bare hands." They were fully turned toward me now, and they were full of fear and surprise. They started walking toward me. "Bad move guys. Bad move." I told them.

They advanced like lightning. In seconds they were upon me. I lashed out and struck one in the neck so hard it broke his adam's apple. He won't be my problem for a minute. I thought. The other one landed a solid blow to my face. I ignored the pain, and left a dent in his chest. While they were healing I whistled and brought out my silver sword. By the time I had it against Streak's throat, Finnick had his sword against Peter's throat. I looked at Finnick. "you were a little late in your entrance, if you don't mind me saying." I gave him a lopsided smile. He snorted in return.

"Ok guys, talk."

"What do you want?"

"Let's start with who sent you here, and why?"

"We came here ourselves."


"We saw a girl playing basketball, and she looked helpless. We were hungry."

"You think eating innocent people is ok? Sickos."

Finnick looked at me, I gave him a questioning look. I looked back at our captives.

"Ok guys, here's the deal. I'm going to let you go only this once so if I see you trying to kill innocents again I'm going to kill you, understand?" they nodded their heads in reply. I looked at Finnick and nodded. With that, we were soaring above the rooftops.