He ignored my question, continuing on as if my last few sentences never happened. "I knew there was something about you." He stared into my eyes, as if he could see into my very soul. Which he couldn't, as you all know.

"What gave it away? My amazing good looks?" I flipped my hair, smiling.

His face was impenetrable. "Actually, it was your aura. It flows around you in deep red and also a muddied red in some places."

I cocked my head, "You can see auras?"

He smiled," I was not able to until recently. Lila, I'm guessing you have heard of her, has taught me. It only takes concentration."

"Good to know."

I felt the presence of two people on either side of me. On the right, Finnick. On the left, Cat?

"Vlad, it's good to know you've met my friend." Said Cat, very friendly-like. Oh, yeah. They're friends.

"Yes, she was showing me some of her very rare powers."

Finnick just stood there, scowling.

"I really must be going. There are some things I have to deal with in Paris," Cat flinched. "and I can't be late." He held out his hand," Nice to meet you, Jasmine." And with that he was gone.

"You have either made a great friend, or a dreadful enemy." Whispered Finnick.

"I'm guessing the former." I said, and turned toward the stairs.