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Beep, beep, beep.

She groaned. "Leave me alone." She grumbled.

Beep, beep, beep.

"I hate you." She said as she didn't bother to open her eyes as her hand fumbled about on her nightstand as she looked for the source of the noise.

Beep, beep, beep.

She slammed her fist down and the alarm clock shattered into several pieces. She grumbled as she sat up. "I need to stop buying these cheep two dollar alarm clocks." She muttered as she tossed the demolished bit of technology over her shoulder. She ran a hand over her face and then through her shoulder-length hair. She put her hands on the edge of her mattress as she stared down at her feet with bleary eyes. A sliver of light hit her feet and she could see that she needed to re-do the metallic blue nail polish on her toes. She rolled her shoulders a bit before pushing herself off her bed.

She walked out of her messy room as she headed out into the hallway of her small apartment. She hadn't pulled the drapes back just yet; she didn't feel like doing so just yet. She padded into her kitchen and opened the fridge as she idly scratched her leg before crouching down to pull out a carton of milk, once she had it she placed it on the small table in the kitchen before she grabbed a bowl and some of the horrible cereal she had forced herself to eat so she could stay fit – because if she stayed fit – she would never go hungry as he job required it.

After she had breakfast she went back into her room to prepare herself for the day. She pulled on a clean pair of sweats, she then grabbed her favorite olive-green tank-top she put it on, she then grabbed her hoodie and shrugged it on, making sure to zip it half-way. After she tied her hair up, put her shoes on, and grabbed her iPod she was out the door for her usual morning jog.

She went down the familiar route as she always did, around the block of her busy L.A. neighborhood. A woman walking a massive shaggy dog waved her way. "Good morning Danni!" She said.

"Good morning Mrs. Carpenter!" She replied as she waved. "Nice morning."

"Yes, yes it is!" She agreed. "Well, I'll see you later."

Danni nodded and jogged off. After her jog she went up to her apartment once more and prepared herself for her usual morning Yoga.

She hated her routine, working out most of the morning before she had to go to her demanding job.

This time her job would be taking her to Georgia. Some director needed a stunt team for some action movie he was filming in Atlanta – some sort of spy movie or something like that starring one of the biggest names in the film industry. Roger Salbek, he had to at least been in some of the most major films – and she had the misfortune to work in three of his movies – as a stunt performer… and it was always for some air-headed actress who was usually a no-body, and was too princess to do even the simplest of stunts.

She would not be leaving for a couple of days, but even so she had to stay in top shape – she would have to leave in a bit to go work with the stunt coordinator so that she would at least know what stairs she would be stumbling up.

After a quick shower, she changed, grabbed her car-keys, and bag, and then she left the apartment. Once she was in the building's garage she walked up to a very old, and very beat up Caprice that was too big for her, the upholstery was peeling on the inside, and on the outside the paint was chipping. But it had belonged to her father and she refused to give it up – even if it did belong in a scrap-heap.

With a swift kick to the door it popped open, she tossed her stuff in and then got into the car, and once she got the car to work she was off. The place she would meet up with the rest of the stunt-crew was a gym they usually worked at. Really it was nothing but a studio in the middle of the city with padded walls and flooring and an office through one wall.

As usual she put her things in her locker and then she changed her shoes before she stepped into the padded training room.

Out of nowhere she had to jump and summersault before rolling away, she kicked up her feet and stopped the reason she had to do that by the chest. "You're fast." The man said with an amused smirk. He had hazel eyes and black hair that was long enough to be tied back. She always thought of him as a sort of modern-day barbarian or something similar.

"You're not supposed to attack the minute I walk in." She said as she eyed the wooden stick in his hands. "And you're armed.

He chuckled. "Come on, Danni, you know it's all good fun!"

With a heave she flipped him over; she sat on his back and twisted his arm behind him. "I told you not to do that, Barns." She said.

Barney Anderson was typically her partner when it came to work, and her closest friend. The always trained together and did almost everything else together. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." He said as he pushed her off.

She sat cross-legged as she leaned back on her hands as she watched him sit up. He was easily 6'2'' and probably twice her width, people often called him a gentle giant. "I smashed my alarm-clock again." She said.

He laughed. "Maybe I should get you one of them expensive ones!" He said. "For your birthday!"

"Ha – ha." She said. "You should go into Comedy."

"Really?" He said as his face lit up.

"No." She said dryly. "How's Maria?" She asked.

Maria was his very petite 5'5'' wife, she was also very pregnant. "Just fine." He said as he got up, he pulled her up with him. "She has an appointment today – her due-date is soon."

Danni smiled. She had known Barney for a very long time – and she knew he always had a soft-spot for children. Especially babies. This would be his first child.

"Of course I'm going to be godmother – right?" She said with a smirk.

"Of course." He said.

She grinned as they walked into the office.