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"Ahhh what a humid day," Orihara Izaya mused to himself as he turned off the air conditioner and opened the window to see if the night air would bring about any change. A cool breeze met his tired features, sweeping into the room like a long-awaited guest. The summers in Tokyo were infamous for their merciless humid heat, but he couldn't let information slip through his fingers by taking a break in the mountains now, could he?

"It's decided," he breathed in the fresh air. "Namie~ I'll be going out, so lock up on your own~!" He stuck out his tongue, winked and left for the streets, not bothering to look back because he knew that all there was to be seen was an annoyed expression and no answer whatsoever. "The temperature difference is too good to be true, I think I'll catch a storm…" the infamous man frowned to himself. Oh, how he loathed the summer. He had always found shorts and tank tops too revealing, but they were a necessary evil if he was to live through the season. He instinctively hugged his shoulders in the first moment, but immediately straightened himself into his trademark confident posture. That day he had found a pair of Bermuda shorts at the very bottom of the closet, so it was a good day. "Scratch that, I've run into the king of idiots." Unfortunately, Heiwajima was on his way home from work and had caught sight of the informant.

"Oye, flea. Why are you dressed like a high-school girl?" 'And what's with that blush?' The debt-collector thought woefully and his eyebrow started twitching. Damn bastard was out to seduce the whole city, huh? "Oh my, Shizu-chan. You noticed what clothes I wear, I'm flattered." Heiwajima Shizuo reacted like a bull seeing red. He was starting to get angry and it got worse with every second he had Orihara in his line of vision. Said man was just enjoying his lack of self-control and the amusing way he clenched his fists and began shaking, adrenalin obviously spreading throughout his body. "Too bad, Shizu-chan. You're getting worked up for nothing; I can't be bothered to make a single extra movement with this heat and whatnot," he shrugged dramatically, raising a palm to the sky to emphasize his point. As he did so, a drop of water landed on his hand. And another on his nose and before you could count to ten it was pouring. Orihara's shocked expression and wide eyes soon gave away to his normal, manipulatively charming grin. Heiwajima, on the other hand, was enraged further by the way his enemy's poor excuse for clothing was now clinging to his skin. "Changed your mind?" he growled through gritted teeth. "Hmmmm… no. Sorry, maybe next time," Orihara provoked without making a single move to leave. This threw Heiwajima off, because he was used to a moving target. But it was quite simple, really. The weather forced a usually fast and fun-to-chase target into this lazy, somewhat calm state.

That bastard even had the nerve to close his eyes and face the sky, obviously enjoying the cold droplets hitting his face. Heiwajima glared at him, accidentally studying the information broker's handsome features. His eyes wondered down to his collarbone, which was glistening with moisture in an entrancing way. But then he realized to whom that neck and chest belonged to and got angry. With himself, this time, but blaming Orihara nonetheless. "You scum. Don't just start daydreaming!" He walked closer to the sly fox, but inched away when his target refused to move. "Oh my, what's wrong, Heiwajima-kun. Never seen me up close and not running?" He opened a gleaming red eye in amusement. What he saw was interesting: a flabbergasted Shizuo with a beet red face, his mouth slightly ajar. He pretended not to know the reason and said "What's the matter? Has my dazzling beauty made you speechless? Damn, it's stopped raining. " With those words, he took off down the midnight street singing to himself: "Shizu-chan, Shizuo, Heiwajima-kun, Shizuo-san" and more in different ways, from cute to mocking. Shizuo, having never been so confused in his life, decided that stupid Orihara was in the sun too long and had either gone crazy or he had a fever. He reluctantly followed the prancing man. When they were a few blocks closer in the general direction to the Fortissimo's apartment, Shizuo knocked the flea out and sat down on the curb next to the unconscious body, getting a smoke. He scrutinized the now deactivated brunette. His hair was clinging to his forehead and his clothes were still wet, but he was drying up. His Bermuda shorts and girly spaghetti strap shirt had rolled up quite a bit how he fell, but Shizuo didn't dare to touch him, deactivated or not, they weren't exactly friends.

Orihara stirred and started to come to. As his eyes fluttered open, Shizuo stepped on his cig and clamped a hand on the rubies. "Shizu-chan, why are you he-" and his other hand flew to his mouth. Izaya thought for a moment and sat up. Shizuo's hands didn't leave his face. "Couldn't have risked anyone else killing you when you were knocked out," was the reply. After that, the hands left his face and the bodyguard stood up to leave. "You're weird when you aren't running." The informant decided to head home too, he'd had his share of fresh air for the night. They left in opposite directions into the buzz of a sleepless Ikebukuro.

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