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Izaya got to the office, expecting Shizuo to arrive soon. It got him in a foul mood when he didn't come. From his spot on the couch with the laptop, he and Namie were bickering again. About an hour later, a woman came in with a large bouquet of flowers. "Orihara Izaya-san?" she asked and said man rose up to meet her. He inspected the flowers. It was a tastefully put together bouquet with blue and white tulips and decorative ferns. He gave her a tip, took the flowers and she bowed on her way out. Neither mentioned who it was from, but it was unnecessary to say it because Izaya already knew. Namie had been quiet ever since the bouquet arrived, eyeing it with envy. "So… who's that from?" she asked. "None of your business~," Izaya replied with a pleased smile. He went to check if they still had a vase in the cupboard, he hadn't received flowers in some time so he thought it was unnecessary to keep a vase. Thankfully it was still there and he cut the flowers, setting them in the water gently. He noticed a tiny envelope amongst the tulips. He liked that Shizuo had chosen tulips, because tulips were a great flower to say 'I'm sorry, I was stupid.' Upon opening it, he unfolded the paper inside.

'I'm very sorry, please forgive me. Please accept these flowers as my apology.'

To have Shizuo act so humble must have cost him a lot of pride and Izaya recognized and valued this. He did his best to walk normally in front of his assistant; he couldn't reveal a weakness in front of that woman. He set the vase down on the coffee table, the envelope and its contents carefully tucked into the back pocket of hid capris. He wore a long-sleeved shirt and capris despite the weather conditions (the forecast said it shouldn't be so hot today anyway) because he didn't want Namie commenting on his battle wounds, he might strangle her if he didn't watch himself. 'If she wasn't useful for filing documents and staying quiet when necessary, she'd be out of here. Haha who am I kidding~ it's too fun to taunt her and watch as she tries to protect her brother.' He lay back down on the couch, typing away. Shizuo peeked in when he was in the middle of an important phone call. It was hard enough to call in a horizontal position, so he didn't pay attention to him. Ikebukuro's Fortissimo sat down in the armchair across from his, the delicate bunch of flowers obscuring his view of the informant. He didn't care about the oh-so-secret information Izaya might be talking about and Izaya knew he was no threat on an intellectual level, so he let him stay while he chatted away. Instead, the blonde studied the tulips and contemplated on what strategy to use when confronting Izaya. 'It would be best if I pretended I don't know who the flowers are from, no, no, no. He'd use that against me. Oh what the hell, I'll try not to mention what happened yesterday. Ever. This may or may not be the best plan I've ever had. I'll bury it in silence and regret. Am I becoming a romantic old man? God-fucking-damn it this is no time to be worried over such things. Fucking louse, I'm getting mad again.' He furrowed his eyebrows angrily and picked at a string he found in his shirt. Izaya hung up and eyed the man behind the flowers guardedly. It always bothered him that he didn't know what to expect from Shizu-chan. Said man shifted under his steady gaze and tried to shrink his form behind the tulips. 'Very funny, Shizuo, you can't avoid me and you know it~,' he thought when suddenly a barely audible "Sorry" came out of the other's mouth. The informant would not have been sure whether he actually said it or not if Shizuo didn't just look so fucking sad for a second there. 'Oh please, don't toy with my feelings, it could reach my cold, little heart one day,' he cynically remarked to himself. He brushed him off with an icy "I'm fine." He made himself comfortable to type again and resolved to ignore Shizuo today if he was going to act like a crybaby. This isn't the person he wanted when he arranged this a few days ago. Shizuo opted out for keeping his hands busy and went to help Namie with the endless mounds of paper the brunette was creating. He was more docile in the summer, the heat pushing him into a position in the sidelines of the things he devised.

The older man excused himself in about 10 minutes, he needed some nicotine and he needed it now. There was an unsettling silence between the all-knowing informant and his employee for a few minutes. Izaya had no expression on his face to reveal what he was thinking. "It's none of my business and if you weren't my employer I couldn't care less, but since you pay me money every month to stay in this dump…" Namie spoke up. "What's your point, Namie-san?" he asked in an annoyed tone, picking his fingernails to emphasize this. "Wouldn't want you getting yourself killed trying to have a romantic relationship with that." She gestured to the door. Shizuo opened it seconds later. "Romantic?!" he laughed. "You must be kidding. I don't do romance. It's just not how I roll." She just raised an eyebrow and retorted: "Gonna die by the looks of things anyways." Izaya stopped picking his nails abruptly and said "Ah, so you noticed." "No shit, I noticed. You also failed to hide that you have less of a heart than him." "Cute, Namie-san, very cute. Care for my wellbeing any more and I might just melt and hug you or something." With this she walked away, leaving Shizuo rather confused and not sure what to make of what he'd heard.

He opened his mouth to say something but chose to leave it be. He'd just get into their argument and he really didn't like arguments that couldn't be solved with a good ol' whack in the face. "Need help with anything?" he asked more out of politeness than thinking that Izaya couldn't handle working with minor injuries. He was sorting through a thick file as he replied: "I don't suppose you could go kidnap someone, break into an apartment or make tea or something like that, so no, thank you." He turned the page and rested his head on his arms, having his head dangling off the couch was uncomfortable. He had put the paperwork on the floor and seemed to be doodling in it. "Huh? Tea? I could make some tea," Shizuo gestured to the kitchen/printer room. All he got in reaction was a "Hm," and more page turning, so he went to get the water boiling. He came back not 5 seconds later with the kettle in one hand. "I forgot to ask, just the tea leaves or do you add lemon or fancy stuff?" "No fancy stuff, thank you," came the slightly entertained reply. Shizuo was glad to have something to occupy himself with, at least for a few minutes. He poured the tea carefully into an English-style porcelain cup he found in front of the other glasses and cups in the cupboard. "I hope it's not too strong or mild, I tried to make it just right." He set the teapot and cup on the floor in front of Izaya. On impulse, he went and squeezed himself on the couch since Izaya's legs were dangling back and forth in the air. The smell of tea was really soothing; he didn't even have to drink any. He had never been much of a tea person, but you can't say the smell of expensive green tea. When Izaya's feet stopped dangling and flopped down, they met Shizuo's lap. The brunette brought them up again as if he got burned and looked over his shoulder at the smiling bodyguard. "Oye Shizuo-kun, go sit somewhere else." "I don't want to" was the simple reply. Izaya then maneuvered the teapot and porcelain cup onto the coffee table, balancing it so that he wouldn't spill. He motioned to Shizuo to grab his hand and was dragged up into a sitting position. He shifted uncomfortably but as soon as he got hold of the tea, he was a happy camper. He was holding the cup and smelling the signature smell with half-lidded eyes and a satisfied expression. He blew on it generously, it was summer and the last thing he needed was boiling tea. 'That's kinda cute…' At first, Heiwajima Shizuo didn't notice he was hypnotized by the way Izaya was holding the cup, with his fingers curled around it, but then he put his cheek into his hand and just looked at the content flea. "You're staring at me like one would look at a stuffed animal. Stop it," the informant mumbled into his cup and moved so that he wasn't facing Shizuo. Said man didn't budge and just sat there stubbornly, looking at Izaya with the same affectionate gaze that was creeping him out. He couldn't drink his tea like this. "Stop it." It clinked a little as he put the teacup down, returning the annoying stare, though rosy cheeked. "No way," said the stubborn beast, inching his face closer. "So…" Izaya leaned in for a kiss when Namie cleared her throat loudly. He pulled away and turned his eyes to the ceiling. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jeez." He leaned his elbows on the low table so that his face was just above the tea. 'I'm blushing? Seriously? Is this divine retribution for skipping this embarrassing phase in high school? Oh screw this,' he decided and gave Shizuo a light peck on the lips, caressing his face. However, he made this lightning quick and put on a poker face as if it had all just been Shizuo's imagination. The rest of the day proceeded as usual, not missing another argument between Izaya and Namie, Shizuo getting lunch and helping sort the paperwork that seemed to have no end. Izaya was rolling around on the couch like a fat-ass, smug as a cat with his tea and laptop. Shizuo had forgiven himself (what an indestructible man, eh?). Besides, Izaya didn't look like he would be holding a grudge. 'I think it's time for a private meeting with Shiki-san,' he made a mental note to himself when he saw an especially stupid look on Shizuo's face. 'He'd better not begin thinking this is anything more than I intend it to be.'

The rest of the day went predictably – Izaya reading and typing up mounds of information, Namie trying to make sense of it and put it in into its respective file and Shizuo being restless with not much to do. He went for a walk, read a magazine, even tried to work out a crossword puzzle… he broke the pencil and gave up. But Izaya seemed as happy as a clam. He really had Shizuo here as a pet: something non-boring to freshen up the routine. And he didn't expect the bodyguard to like being a pet, but he'd give him a decent bonus in addition to his paycheck. 'Heh, if Namie knew, she'd be all pins and needles, telling me how I need to pay people to even be around me.' He got everything wrapped up for the day at 5 and shooed the two out, locking up not 5 minutes later. He didn't care what the damn beast thought. For now, he had a private meeting with Shiki. Those were always fun – Shiki was great with his hands. Although he was fair on the outside, in bed he was rather harsh, letting Izaya know with every impersonal touch that he was never going to be affectionate. Izaya didn't mind that, quite on the contrary. This shadowed side to Shiki didn't manage to deter him, it actually sparked interest in Izaya. The yakuza may be cold, even detached during the act, but he was amazing during the cleanup and aftercare. The brunette was almost certain that he didn't fuck his wife like that, but if he had wanted a romantic date with making love, he wouldn't have gone for Shiki in the first place. He wasn't a woman and wasn't about to let anyone treat him as such.

Before going, he went to the bathroom to check if his lovely rear had healed enough for this. He was pleased because his body healed fast as usual, but he did the prep then and there. 'Don't want to risk an unpleasant surprise,' he laughed to himself. Somewhere on the way between Izaya's office and his apartment, Shizuo had a bad premonition. 'That bastard looked like he could begin humming to himself any time,' he thought. He had walked very slowly to see Izaya go – 'Why the fuck did I stay there? Was I expecting him to turn into a fox spirit upon contact with the outside air?!' – and oh he did see Izaya go. An unnervingly pleased smile on his face, he had his suit on and wasn't walking home. Nevertheless, the blonde forbid himself to think any more today, he'd had enough of the flea's mind games. 'I need to keep my sanity to survive being in one room with this bastard.' He stayed true to this and forced the gloomy feeling down. 'One more cigarette before bed…' The night was cooler than usual, autumn was creeping in slowly. Shizuo opened a window and the front door before retreating to the front of the building to light his smoke. He shivered lightly. It wasn't that the air was so cold, but the feeling was new and welcome after days in the merciless summer sun. The faint breeze cooled down the apartment nicely so he fell asleep right away. If today was weird, tomorrow couldn't be better.

Izaya stumbled into the office, somewhat less elegant than usual. "Morni~ng,' he said in a mildly hoarse voice. Namie looked him up and down critically and asked: "Sleepover?" He stifled a yawn. "I had time for a few hours of sleep at home," he looked at her accusingly. "What have you been up to?" she wondered aloud, not really seeking the answers. "Oh I'm glad you asked~" the brunette said and stepped close to her to whisper in her ear. "There was a meeting with good old Russian business partners, but I had a vibrator up my ass the whole time, so I couldn't concentrate on what they were talking about." Namie had heard enough. She shielded herself from her employer's sudden chatty attitude with a folder but her face gave nothing away, the perfect poker face. "I hate to say this, but I like you much more when you're just a spiteful douchebag. No more fun details, you're still drunk anyway." Izaya stopped mid-swirl and thought for a bit. "Oh yeah, I may have broken my no drinking policy. But a little Piña Colada never hurt anyone." That's when he noticed Shizuo. Said man was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, studying him from top to bottom. To anyone else, it would look like hostility was in his eyes, but Izaya knew all too well that this was jealousy and anger. "You look cute like that, Shizu-chan." His hands moved to the back of the scowling ex-bartender's neck and he leaned close. "I hate you," Shizuo answered. Now, Izaya was in no way drunk. The alcohol had worn off long ago, he just felt like being more of an asshole than usual today. 'Shizuo's trying not to throw me on the ground and kill me right there, how sweet of him~.' Izaya had the first three buttons undone to make sure he could clearly see the hickeys all over his neck and trailing lower, under his shirt. Just when he saw the bodyguard was about to snap and strangle him, he stepped back and announced he was going to make himself some strong tea to wake up and start thinking.

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