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The Doctor had randomly decided to park the TARDIS on top of a large mushroom, approximately the size of a normal hill. He looked out of the door, shouted "Come along Pond" and promptly fell on his face. He got up onto his knees and rubbed his sore nose. Amy popped her head round the door, looking worried.

"You okay, Doctor?" she asked.

"No I'm not," the Doctor moaned. "I think my nose is broken"

"You forgot me again, Doctor!" Rory shouted, also popping his head round the door.

"SHUT UP RORY!" Amy and the Doctor yelled simultaneously. Rory started crying and hid inside the TARDIS and was never seen again. BAZINGA!

On Mobius, Sonic sprinted through Green Hill Zone wearing Amy's knickers on his head. Amy chased him, screaming that he was a pingas and was in love with Weegee. The last remark hurt Sonic's rather large ego and he responded that Amy was a Mary Sue. It was super effective and she spontaneously combusted. OH NOES D:

Meanwhile, Tails was in his lab staring at a poster of Joey Wheeler dressed as a furry. He was supposed to be researching Extreme Gear but his concentration drifted towards the poster.

"Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeeeh!" he whispered under his breath. He stared up at the poster again and realised that he was drooling.

"Oh no!" he exclaimed. "If the fangirls find out about this, they will have yaoi fantasies and make me look like an idiot". He took his Joey plushie out of its hiding place (behind the computer's monitor) and hugged it tight. "Don't worry, Joey. They'll never find out"