Chapter One

Barrel of Monkeys

by DivineAngel

He felt it. They had won. So what. He won last time, they won this time. He could beat them again, and he would.

He groaned lightly, feeling the hard tight clamp of his jaw as he grit his teeth. The fast run of cool then hot sensation his breath made running in and out through his mouth. His mind waiting with his body to ease the pain. It was fast; he wasn't expecting it would be. Though the fight had lasted longer then he anticipated. If it wasn't for the thick old walls of the dull rust colored bricks that filled the alley walls. Now flaking and cracked from time and ware, but still strong. Locking in sound as they locked out the public, who would want to just get involved. No one, even thought people must have heard them, the sound would have gotten out.

He stopped, for one moment. The quick sharp stings of his lungs filling with air as he inhaled holding his breathe. Waiting. This kind of dull numbness, familiar pain was something that only came with experiencing it many times over and being able to understand it wouldn't last forever while it ate you from the inside out. His dark eyes closed, unruly red hair sliding slightly into his eyes. I am seventeen. I am alone. But I am not scared, I don't run anymore. Do you know I used to? Maybe I did. I don't care if I did, but I was younger then. Maybe that's an excuse, maybe that's my reason, but now it's just a fact.

Who where they and why was there a fight? Did it really matter? The same tight fists and rough faces, lost souls. Battered pasts, none of it really mattered. Whether they were the same faces again tomorrow night, or days from now, months from now. There would always be someone to fill their spot. Because pain is inspiration, pain is motivation. Pain is like a numbness that flows over you whole body when you've finally realized it's enough. You can't take anymore and you let it seep into all the cracks you had been protecting. All the places you were subconsciously trying to save because they were some of the only places of you that were still recognizable. That were still identifiable as how you used to be, wanted to be, might have been. But when it seeps in, when you let it in, it sooths everything, because it takes everything. Now you laugh, you cry but you laugh. You grin as you bleed. You look ahead always wondering what was really there behind you, and what you could have done to make things different. Make things right so that what you're looking at, would be different. Would be better? Cleaner? Sweeter? Anything but what it looked like, anything but what it was.

The sharp pain returned as the hot rolled back out, over the growling teeth clamped hard and tight. Dark eyes looking up, the top of the alley walls seemed to lean forward when you looked up at them. Like Oak trees you saw in kids picture books when little Betty or little Johnny looked up to see what shooting star would grant his wish, or what pretty bird would sing her song. Like two man made trees groaning as they leaned because they wanted to fall. They were tired and worn and forgotten, but strong. Unable to give in to what was pulling them downward. To the hard gravity tugging them inward while holding them firm to their foundation. Helping but mocking them at the same time.

He frowned, taking another sharp breath as he looked down, grimacing slightly at his wound. Watching the fleshy warm red color of his blood reflect back at him as he raised his scarred hand to look at the slash where the quick flash of the silver knife had jumped him. There was more blood than last time. Enough to feel tired, enough to just lie there. Worrying about the seventy-five Wong in your back pocket but not being able to do anything about moving it so you wouldn't be robbed if you passed out. Enough to snarl and growl up to the oak tree brick buildings leaning into you as you are unable to reach down and better conceal your favorite knife. Your most expensive possession, most treasured and important object, used every night, every day. "Son of a bitch." He grinned slightly, hearing his voice for the first time since his last defining scream. His last defining punches and blows. Kicks and slashes with his own knife. As though relieved and humored that despite the blood and the sharp sting from small temporary wounds, he was unchanged. As if this time was supposed to be different. Mean something different, make him something more. As thought the warm dark red soup dripping from his lower hip would lead him to what he was subconsciously looking for. Lead him in slow painful shuffles, dark eyes looking down at the sick trail of squiggled red blood and entrails, that were from his body, though he didn't know it. Like a path to a rainbow, or the yellow brick road Dorothy wanted to follow. "Yeah but that was back in the twentieth century." He scoffed now, at his own ideas. His mind wondering since there was nothing else to do, drunken by the blood pouring from his side. The bitter amount served to him in those small clear little cups before the fight . Who designed those things anyway? He frowned, glaring up at the withering brick and blackened sky. This was an unfamiliar alley. "Should have headed closer to home.damnt." He growled. Walking all the way home in the mourning was going to suck. "Assuming I don't die and aren't robbed first." He growled, dark eyes shifting to the side as strains of unruly red hair slide into the side of his face. The cement was dirty. Stained and cracked, drawn on, spit on, bled on. Small papers collecting against the brick of the buildings base next to the small basement window.

There was someone else there. He frowned. The sharp quick sting suddenly snapping again at his quick inhale. He was next to powerless now, the dark sky blurring into the towering tree buildings above him. Pulling him down instead of the heavy brick and coving his senses with the leaves that had never fallen.

They were brown. The eyes looking down at him. Frowning down at him. Brown hair, irritated voice. The words and sounds and light smearing together, he knew he was loosing consciousness. Hope they don't take my knife. He grinned slightly, feeling the calm sleep mercifully being granted to him. Though he had refused to ask but secretly wished for it. Just as long as they didn't take his knife.


"Awww" He heard his own moan but that was it. Beige brown color smearing above him, some kinda of ceiling. "Ahh Son of a bitch." He growled, scarred fingers moving towards his forehead. He mine as well have been hit by a truck. Damn alcohol, pretty chicks, damned bastards and their...stupid...stupid knives. His head growled as he moved slightly before stopping. Feeling the cool bracelets tighten as he made the first attempt to pull from what he was tied to.

"Don't move and shut up."

He snapped, the same sudden cool and hot feeling running thought his mouth suddenly as he breathed. The sharp pain gone from last night, his mind grinned. The pain always eased, always.

He frowned, the barrel of the strong gun aiming right between his eyes by the unfamiliar and seemingly annoying unfriendly brown hair and brown eyes that no longer looked down at him from outside in the alley.

"What?" His voice was hoarse but still strong, firm. He pulled slightly, dark eyes now snapping up at where he was and his surroundings, just great. They were handcuffs, no doubt about it. Heavily snapping his wrists and ankles to some antique piece of shit. Some kinda old bed frame made of metal in a.basement? Basement or run down piece of shit, whichever. He frowned; the walls were an old yellow brown, probably a crème originally. The floor was dirt, littered with crap. Papers, garbage, rotten food, rags, wires, tools and junk. "Where the hell am I?!" His head frowned, he meant that to sound forceful, firm like whoever this was better let him go. But it came out baffled, scoffing at the small ten by ten shit hole of garbage, nothing but this bed contraption and thin table running along the wall to his right side. While the left side was so littered with debree and trash the small what looked like a door seemed to be so blocked off it was useless. "You have got to be kidding me." He growled this time, dark eyes looking back at the straggly matted brown hair from the small basement window above his head. No doubt he was inside one of those rotting tree buildings, probably one foot from where he was last night. What an improvement.

"Shut the hell up." The brown eyes frowned at him. Tightening the grip on the trigger of the strong barrel.

I am being held captive, by someone who knows one dumb phrase, and is some what.four feet tall? His mind growled, the irony that whoever saved him from the street would be some wacko midget. His dark eyes frowned studying the figure better. The body hidden under the same brown burlap colored rages the sandy floor seemed to be constructed with. As though hiding, nothing but the fingers protruding to aim the gun, the bare feet towards the bottom and disgusted face glaring at him.

"You wanna tell me why you were lurking around outside my place?" The brown eyes frowned at him. Watching the scarred irritated face continue to glare at the stupidity and ironically cruel everything around him.

"Maybe it was because I was *bleeding*." He growled watching the face behind the gun just smile lightly before disappearing. Strong weapon falling back along the small side that simply turned it's back on him, and started through the rubble to a small turned over cardboard box now holding a bright take out bag.

"Hey!" He snapped frowning. Glaring at the back of the dirty rags, the small light feet tracking clumps of dirt with them as they moved. As though the ground was wet but it wasn't. "What the hell is this?" He growled, the cool metal pressing against his skin as he pulled at the cuffs. "Are you just going to sit there and eat in front of me!?" He glanced up at the dirty clumped brown hair woofing down the large burger. The brown eyes ignored him, pulling out of the cloth more to pick up some sort of electric piece and start fiddling with it as it chewed. "Hello?! You speak English right? How's about untying me so I can eat!?" He growled, yelling at the brown eyes that flicked up at him annoyed. His dark eyes glaring harder as he moved slightly, feeling the sharp sting of his wound. "Or how about you just untie me so I can fix this big hole in my side." He cocked an eyebrow at the light filthy skin. "Or.." He chuckled slyly "Am I asking too much?" He chuckled his words out now, this was sort of funny.

His dark eyes snapped up as the small cardboard box was suddenly kicked forward irritated. The brown rags of dirt, and clumped brown hair stomping over. Directly to his side glaring down. He frowned slightly, if the ragged figure looked so dirty, how come it didn't smell? The brown eyes ran over the wound in his side fast and irritated before growling lightly at him. The warm brown gun suddenly humming back to life as it snapped up.

"Hey what the..." He trailed slightly, stopping at it slammed into his forehead. Brown eyes sneering at him, pressing the barrel hard to his skull.

"You try one sick move with me and I am going to blow you skull open." He blinked, dark eyes stammering silently. Holy shit it was a kid.

"Hey your not a freak midget after all huh?" He grinned suddenly watching the brown eyes do a fast blink, totally confused and slightly nervous by his comment. It was so out of place and weird and stupid. He grinned harder, it was a kid. A goddamn kid, and he didn't look like he was going to be the kind to bust open any kinda skull either.

He grinned up at the frowning eyes aiming at him as the small hand suddenly shot at his hip tearing down what little was left of his clothes around the blood smeared leaking hole. It was a bluff, he wouldn't shoot, not his head anyway.

"Your going to pay me for these bandages you know." The light hands were surprisingly efficient, holding the heavy large gun under one arm while smearing the blood away from his scarred skin enough to see what was really cut and what was merely show. "How much money do you have?"

He grinned slightly, watching the brown eyes glance up at him. The small hand rubbing them quickly before looking back at the cut, and ripping out a small case from the deep pocket of what looked like some kind of rag, sack, shirt hidden underneath everything brown and dirty the kid wore. Like some sort of secret agent in a movie. Tracking through the sandy dessert in a foreign country, and having to survive for himself after his secret agency turned their backs on him. Learning to live off the land and natives in filth and poverty until the movie hit a sequel, and he would come storming back with big guns, and half nude chicks. Blowing everyone away while spitting corny sentences for abandoning him in the first place.

"Maybe." He grinned watching the light hands only smile bitterly at his comment. Brown eyes disappearing behind the small hands growling at them as they rubbed. Straining to see for some reason before reaching back towards the take out bag and shoving what was left of the burger into the small mouth.

"I mean besides the seventy five Wong." The younger voice chuckled at him, watching the grin disappear to a disgusted irritated jerk pulling at the restraints.

"Hey kid! Where the hell is my money!?" He growled snapping his wrist forward, watching the brown hair back up a small step calmly watching.

"I am eating it." The brown eyes shot him a dull look watching the scarred face growl irritated before grunting a small chuckle. Grinning disgusted as it slouched back the small amount it had rose. Back into the small mess of metal, twisted and filthy like everything else around them.

His dark eyes sunk to a flat irritated expression. Feeling the anger pulse through him in a thin flat line, understanding he couldn't move at the moment and calmly storing it for when ever he would be mad next and would have a chance to release it. The light hands pulling the thin thread through his cut sewing him up before the stinging burn of the cool clear disinfectant, the stupid kid was thorough.

He looked up at the lightface watching it growl. The small hands snapping back at the frowning eyes, bending over slightly. Gingerly pulling something thin and clear out of them, like clear Ziploc bags protecting its eyes from the dirt and mold growing everywhere in the damp debris of emptiness.

"Hey get away from me!" He grimaced, disgusted. His firm weight shifting back slightly before relaxing. Watching the dirty mess stand back up. Two blue eyes now blinking at him, seeing clearing now that the self made color contacts where out. "Hey?" He muttered slightly, watching the blue eyes glance at him. "Are you a little girl?"

"Now! Shut up!" The brown hair stepped back fast raising the gun back out. "You owe me some money pal." The voice sneered watching the dark eyes widen as they choked a small laugh

"Excuse me? *You* robbed *me*. I don't owe you shit." The dark eye frowned.

"That coasted a little more then lunch." The blue frowned irritated.

"Tough shit, I don't have anything else." He grinned lightly watching the blue eyes squint at him before running over his clothes.

"Maybe you have something I can sell. Think about that?" The small faced grinned watching him squint irritated suddenly. "What are your boots made out of?"

"You want a piece of me you better untie me and fight." His dark eyes snarled, watching the lightface ease as it thought. Blue eyes thinking over what he said and what he wore. How much he could get for it before sighing slightly. The strong weapon disappearing into the rags as they moved towards the small stack of crap near his metal bed. "Hey!" He yelled watching the small basement window open to the light hands pulling on it before crawling out and disappearing. "Hey!?" He shot again; anger pulsing thought his veins as his jaw clamped. Dark eye snapping at the opposite wall, forcing it into the thin line he could use later. Frowning at what looked like a great plus + on the wall. Only different slightly, the vertical line was longer, religious but faded. Familiar but not, like something that should have been once, but was accidentally forgotten and would one day be rediscovered and so many would stop and blame others for what they had lost or were never showed. Only to repeat the same mistake, and loose it again when they would forget. And suddenly all the stupid ceremonies you dressed up for, all the phrases you repeated, prayers that you made. Were all again, suddenly useless, lost with the memory.


He jumped. It had been hours, hours since that little brat had disappeared and left him healing alone. Captive with no food and nothing to drink. Stupid kid. He growled as the alarm wore off. The small brown rags bolting back through the basement window before dropping to the floor and remaining perfectly still. The small quick breathing the only sound as he strained to look over his legs and metal to the brown filth breathing on the floor. His dark eyes frowned, opening his mouth to yell before jumping as the brown hair snapped up. Storming into the room of junk with fast- focused motions. The small hands quickly picking up pieces of wires and chips. Fiddling with the purple colored.stuff before dropping it. Dragging over another small piece before slamming the two together and ruffling connecting the wires. Small shaky grip holding the pieces steady through the light figure of rags breathing hard and shaky. "AHhh!"

He blinked, dirty cloth and rags throwing the pieces quickly to the floor watching them bust with frustration. Small pieces bouncing away into the sand like beads on a necklace when it breaks and they scatter. And everyone around helps to look for them, trying to be polite but not all of them are ever recovered. The small body suddenly dropping to the floor as though something it loved had just been killed. Quickly pulling pieces of green electronic chips apart and wires loose before shoving the rest away. Shuffling through the dirt to the cardboard boxes and digging through them, shoving and kicking and growling.

"Kid you got some kinda-"

"-SHUT UP!" The brown hair screamed widely at him as he frowned. Watching the light filthy hands fly through the garbage and computer pieces. Frantically searching and building and mashing. Brown hair standing up fast with pieces of technology in hand, connecting and plugging

Moving fast and focused, breathing hard and strong before stopping. Blue eyes staring down at the piece of creation in hand before cringing, as though it had been hit. As thought he had failed and the failure physically stood next to him. Scolding him like a four year old for being a disappointment. For failing where he should have succeeded before swatting him the back of the filthy clumped head and telling him to apply himself better. "Ah." His dark eyes just stared, listening to the small choke. Blue eyes still staring down at the piece they held before choking out a small sad gasp. The familiar universal frown appearing pulling down either side of the small mouth with the sadness and tears inside the body pushing to get out from either side. Like little people calling and climbing onto each other as they made their way out the small corners of the mouth. Fighting to get out and be expressed, climbing and piling out like that dumb game Barrel of Monkeys. Turning into weights and tugging the edges down, making it that much harder to stand not crying. That much harder to hold it together.

"Are you a robot? A cyborg? You broken or something?" He frowned watching the small chest beat strong and fast before the light hand ran onto the small dirty face hiding it.

The small piece of failed electronic falling to the floor with the fast unwilled sob. The second light hand snapping under the shagged clumped brown hair fast. As thought to help hold the next one in as it came, screaming but crying at the same time. "AH.aa..aaAAAAHHH!" The mess of garbage started moving. Giving and busting to the irritated blows digging into it with the small legs and hands beating it with every sob and cry.

"If your broken! Maybe!" He frowned yelling at the filthy mess of rags that stomped out of the dirt suddenly tearing at the brown clumped hair.

"SHUTUUUUP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" The voice screamed at him, making him frown more as he couldn't place it. Stupid busted computers, his mind growled. Damn thing would probably malfunction and blow up, and he would be stuck down in some damn basement of some religion he didn't know with some fried up piece of metal that would probably combust and set the whole place on fire.

"Oh." He grinned slyly, watching the light hands tearing at the brown clumped mess on it's head before ripping it off. "So you're a blonde." He chuckled lightly watching the sobbing blue eyes suddenly snap at him. As though in disbelieve he was actually there, actually still talking, and talking so stupid. So unaware.

"SHUT UP!" The gun appeared again, snapping up and aiming at him. The small chest hiccupping below it. As the hot clear tears streaked down the lightface behind it. Pulling cleaner trails of skin down where they fell. Like small fingers drawing in a pile of slightly damp sand. Tracing through the wet top layers as they played revealing the light pure color underneath.

"You're a girl aren't you?" He grinned slyly watching the blue eyes blink fast, blonde hair ruffling as the small head shook back and forth as thought not understanding the question. But in reality, just scoffing at how dumb and out of place it was. Boggled by how confusing it was to think about. "I won't hurt you." He grinned watching the gun shake as it aimed at him, the sobbing face just staring at him, but not seeing him before the weapon dropped.

"Ahhhaaaa." The lightface sobbed suddenly looking up, dropping the gun to the floor as it stumbled back to the small table of electronics. Picking up pieces slowly and collecting them before sinking towards the floor. Blonde hair beginning to mat and clump like the brown in the filth as the small figure slumped into the wall. Slowly trailing down it as it sobbed, light hands shaking through their fast focused movements connecting and wringing while rocking. The top half of the small ragged mess sitting on the floor rocking back and forth slowly as it worked before working faster with anger and pain. "AHh!" The light face screamed sending what it just built across the room in terrorized frustration. Small legs pulling into the chest leaning into the wall and curling up. "Ahhaaaa..ah haaa haaahh" Dirty matted blonde hair looking into the ragged knees as it rocked now, crying quietly but still sobbing.

He didn't say anything. Dark eyes just watching, waiting for whatever big explosion was coming. Emotions now flat lining too. Sympathy for whatever was hurting so bad over in the small filthy corner now waiting in the small thin line running inside him. Different from other emotions because he never felt this one. It would be stored away for a long time if he never met the kid, never knew the little sobbing girl. So it didn't hurt, for the same reason it didn't matter. Kids cried for all kinds of reasons. He yanked at his cuffs, these had to go.


Mourning was always one of the worst parts of the day. When you wake up, remembering that phrase they tell you when you a kid. Goes something like, you can wake up to a brand knew day and start out fresh and clean. They never tell you when your small that everything bad that happened the night before that day carries on with you. That waking up in the mourning means nothing more then having to face a hard sense of reality you don't have to face while your asleep. While your sleep you dream, or you don't. Or you do and just don't remember it. Most people don't remember it. Dreaming is like sailing, alone in a small rowboat, because it's big enough to be absolutely perfect for yourself. Absolutely comfortable and warm under the sun in some place quiet and still. Soft water rocking gently underneath you as you lie on your back and look up at the sky. As you hear the waves making the small smooth sound. Like someone running their palm over a smooth clean surface. Running to the right slightly and pausing before starting back towards the left. The sound in itself is relaxing, like the dark color that washes over you when you sleep. When you sink into the dark abyss without moving. Offering nothing and receiving nothing but remaining on a calm neutral flat. Mourning is like a joke when that's what you can get from sleep. Like a gag purposely set out to give you those small hours of sweet taste and then yanking you back with the sound, and light, and mess, and laughing at you. For being able to do it every mourning but still getting the same dumb founded but overrun expression that only a human can make. Being one of the only animals able to fully comprehend their surroundings for years and decades ahead of their own existence. That must be what makes the joke so funny. The understanding that the torment is coming again tomorrow, right along with the sun.

"Hey kid?" He growled, frowning at the light face still leaning into the wall where it had fallen asleep. The light body of rags and shades of brown now more relaxed as it released the soft smooth breathing. The small mouth drooping open slightly to the minute frown gently tracing the smudged forehead. Small sleeping fingers protruding from the enormous sleeve of brown, curling slightly. Completely relaxed in the dirt where the hand rested. "Hey Kid." He growled harder this time, watching the small forehead nit tighter. Frowning to the sounds waking him back up, the gag falling into play. Waiting for the dumbfounded defeated expression. The sun was up.

He grinned slightly watching the blue eyes open. Slowly blinking half alive, dully staring ahead as the small mouth clothed. Light face moving slightly to the tongue inside tracing over the film sleep had left over its teeth and inner cheeks.

The blue eyes didn't frown at him as it focused in, sighing heavily with the stupid man that was still tied up. Inconvenient and ill mannered all in one. "You plan on untying me?" He cocked an eyebrow at the clumped matted blonde hair as it sat up more, leaning off the wall. Light hand moving slightly before tipping over a cardboard box and dragging over a bright red paper bag. Ripping out the last large burger inside and cramming as much of the cold juicy meat toppings into its face as would fit. The dark eyes frowned. "Great." The deeper voice sneered, blue eyes flicking up at his comment. Quickly staggering to it's feet, sniffling slightly as it carried the bag over. Ripping half the burger apart and tossing it onto the irritated scarred chest watching him.

"Here." the voice was calm. Flat. No expression, no emotion, the light face and blue eyes still exhausted and sleepy. Tired from a hundred hours, a hundred days, the endless sweep of fighting for everything. Even if it was all crap. Like hermits that used to live in the woods when Earth was still covered with the trees and rainforests that were later destroyed in the war of 2012. Long bearded beady eyed men who stored cans of beans and chopped wood all spring to burn it all winter. Stuck on the fact that the small bits of colored glass and knowledge of shrubs and berries would track tourists and terrorists out to the shitty hills to steal it from him.

Paranoid overrun blonde hair chewing and swallowing. Eating fast as though what it held in his hand: in the empty room, as the only one holding a weapon, and free to move would be snatched from him. The last meal he would ever have.

"So." He grinned slightly, dark eyes watching the nervous fidgeting movements chew and cram. Constantly moving in someway always. "I take it this is your place." He grinned, weren't those the first words out of the small mouth?

"You knew that already." The blue eyes frowned at him, watching the darker color study the food. Continually glancing over the browned dirty rags covering the small form. Looking for a way to place who this person was. It wasn't a midget, definitely a kid. Damn clothes, his dark eyes frowned, it was impossible to tell if it was a girl or a boy. Something was seriously wrong with the voice though. It must be a robot, no human sounded so.robot like. "Thinking of breaking out of here?" The blue eyes smiled evilly suddenly. Like a bully ready to send the first punch to the small head wearing the thick glasses outside on the elementary playground. So sure the blow would hurt, and the kid looking back was scared.

"Maybe" He chuckled watching the light filth snort at him, scoffing at his ideas.

"Don't bother. If I wanted you to escape.." the light face stopped, sitting down as it chewed. "I wouldn't have gone through so much trouble to make sure you couldn't." The evil smile flashed at him.

Anger quickly running into a thin line inside him, filling the vat it always ran into. To much more of this and it was gonna start coming out.

"You now you quite a smart ass for being so small." His dark eyes frowned watching the evil grin smile but frown at him, irritated by his comment.

"You know you quite a smart ass for being so stuck." The blue frowned at him, evilly grinning as it ate. Dark eyes squinting at him.

"Jutic." The blue eyes glanced up. "That's what my boots are made of. Think you can sell that?" The blue squinted at him, there was no way in hell he could sell those on this planet. "Didn't think so?" He grunted. "So if you don't have anything you want with me.and seeming as I don't like you." He grinned "Why don't you just un-cuff these and I'll waltz out of here." He grinned harder watching the blue eyes listen to him, bored, or focusing on looking that way.

"I have a better idea." His dark eyes squinted, watching the blonde hair get up and start across the room. Stumbling slightly on the sand of rubble building in masses from the night before where it had been shoved and busted. "Shut up while I work." The light smudged face didn't look back at him as it sat down across the room fiddling with electronics on the floor. But the voice had changed, suddenly abandoning its firm set superior tone. Small cracks of concern and stress suddenly bleeding in, maybe the kid was six.

"How old are you?" The blue eyes didn't answer. "Look kid, if I am going to be here I am not taking any of your damn orders." His thin line was starting to grow. He could only stand not moving for so long, and this was about as boring as knocking your head into the wall.

The blue eyes glanced over.

"You got someplace to...what is this like your.fort?" The blue squinted watching the baffled face try to place a name to the rubble of crap.

"Define fort?" The voice scowled at him, irritated and insulted.

"Define that." The blue eyes turned slightly. Following the darker gaze of the scarred face and looking at the large faded painted plus (+) on the wall. Watching the shoulders shrug. "You the leader of some cult or something? You know the cops don't give a shit, you can operate in the street." He growled slightly watching the smudged expression turn back to look at him.

"That was there. *I don't have a cult.*" The blue squinted slurring out the last part as if it were the stupidest thing it ever heard. "You might be worth talking to if you didn't ask such stupid questions." The dark eyes squinted. "I think it's a symbol for some religion. Something belonging to a dead guy or...something like that." The shoulders shrugged slightly, working in the sand below the faded but still strongly set black painted crucifix. Neither of them knew what it was.

He sighed heavily, growling slightly as he did but the straggled threads of blonde color ignored him. Building in the filth that was the ground as he watched. There wasn't anything else to do. Maybe the kid was like one of those maniacs that were on the news every once in a while when they went totally insane and mass murdered people for no reason and then claimed they loved them after. Or maybe the wiring inside the spine had gone bad and the kid was getting mixed messages causing malfunctions. Either way, he was the dumbest cybrog he'd seen. "Pretty stupid you don't know how to fix yourself." The blue eyes frowned but continued ignoring him. Watching the tip of the thin green wire it held move into the small gold colored dip. "Maybe I know something you don't" He grinned watching the blue eyes sighed hard suddenly. Dropping the small wire to the ground as they looked up to the ceiling irritated before snapping at him.

"I am very busy. *Shut* *Up*" The squinting blue hardened as the grin across the room just widened to the light chuckle. "Look." the light hands sighed. "I didn't want you here, but I couldn't leave you in the alley. It wasn't my fault you decided to bleed all over my doorstep! Do you know how much attention you would have attracted if I just left you!?" The light rags stood up annoyed, glaring at him.

"I see, that was all *my* fault." He growled spitting his words sarcastically.

"You lost right? That means your at fault for your own injury." the voice was mad.

"Yeah that's right. Like you would have any idea what the hell happened!

He growled, watching the small midget of blue eyes sum him up, correctly. "At least I can get up and walk off! Not cower in some shit hole and cry myself to sleep!" He growled watching the blue eyes do a fast blink at his scream. Almost flinching slightly as he shot what happened last night back in its face. "Some four foot cyborg couldn't hold a candle to the shit I put up with." He growled, dark eyes turning up to the ceiling. "Blasted computers."

It burned but stung at the same time. The anger and irritated pile of unruly color strapped to the mess of metal caused. "Yeah! Well it's not like you would have any idea what the hell is happening!" The brown rags stomped forwards slightly. Moving in a fast jolt as though ready to hit but being to far away to do so.

"Oh yeah." he grinned, watching the smudged dirt smeared figure run back into view with the unruly red strains of his hair as he turned his head to the side to look at it. "Try me." He grinned watching the small figure just snort at him. Grunting a, your too stupid to understand without ever speaking a word. Tight furious fists glaring at him with the squinting blue eyes before slowly calming down. Resembling water coming to a boil. Bubbling so intensely with the heat rushing up from the bottom, flouting up to get out. Yet the moment you turned off the heat, it slowed and steadied. Blue eyes calming, as though the heat had just been shut off.

"Do you know.." the light face tripped suddenly. Moving forward with a small step, tripping slightly on the junk littering the floor as it stumbled towards him. "..this woman?"

He blinked fast as the small crumpled picture was pulled out of the dark brown rags. Of course he knew her, every inch of her. A warm smile flooding over his face as he looked at the small smeared and creased photo. The straight strains of blonde hair running from the top of her head. Curling towards her face slightly as it layered downward . Sweet pastel pink lips giggling to the sweet green eyes silently laughing, caught in the moment.

He glanced up, blue eyes watching him intently. As thought waiting to hear the final score of his life. As if it all had to end now and he was being summed up. Every word he had ever said, every action he ever did, every time he donated a penny or pushed someone smaller then him being written into the calculator of fait that would deliver to him his numerical score. Above five heaven, below five hell. Tight smudged blue eyes watching his face, blinking slightly, confused at the quick warm smile before the scarred dark features suddenly became expressionless again. Tight light forehead knitting up with anticipation, preying for an above five.


The picture dropped from sight, disappearing back into the brown fabric as the blue eyes sank to a dull expression. All that adrenaline for what, nothing. The guy didn't look that smart anyway.

"Should I?" He grinned watching the light face step back slightly looking around the ground as it thought.

"Don't see why. She's my mom." His dark eyes blinked fast, Cyborgs didn't have kids!

"What?!" The blue frowned slightly at his sudden reaction. Slightly confused and alarmed, watching the scarred mouth open to spit an excuse before snapping at the door.

The thin brittle wood suddenly being shoved in, jamming into the trash and stopping no more then a foot wide. He blinked, dark eyes frowning, watching the blonde hair snap for it immediately. Picking the strong weapon up out of the sand as it bolted to push the door closed again before being shoved back as it swung open.

They looked like dream men. Figures and shapes distorted when you dream of evil. You mind never really understanding or having a full idea of what evil would look like, or how it would move. So you instinctively clasp it into dark suits and features as you sleep. Hiding the real figure in the shadows. Yet you fall to the hidden evil power that is never really explained, cause your not sure how that works either, but it gets you just the same.

"Well well." There were two of them, one bald, and one with dark black hair. Quickly stomping in as the blonde hair and door went flying in and backwards. They faded out of view fast as he looked back down at his scarred body. Red shirt now wrinkled and pulled from where he was slouched into the metal, the side of his pants pulled down reveling his hip as he lay, cuffed to the metal. He kicked hard and fast. Hearing the immediate groan and clang of the metal against his boots. Dark eyes glancing up feeling his own panic. It was one thing if the midget, or kid had drug himself into this and deserved to get shot. Yeah it would be a tragedy but it was no reason for him to get shot when these weren't even people he had pissed off. Ahh of all the people he had pissed off (kick) to be shot by (kick) guys he didn't piss off (kick) was such a (kick) in the head!?

He raised the weapon fast, heavy trigger and grip running in his hand before feeling it be yanked away as he shifted his eyes for a moment to look at the bald form moving in on him. His guard dropping that small millimeter too much, black hair ripping his only line of defense away. "Do you long we have been looking for you?" The face grinned at him. Watching the brown rags fall weak to his grinning bald partner now twisting the light arms behind the small back while holding the clumped blonde hair up so the light face couldn't get away. Furious blue eyes glaring ahead as they fought, kicking slightly, but not wasting unnecessary strength.

"Ahh damnt" He growled lightly under his breath as he kicked again. Watching the rusting metal groan at his blows. Falling weaker to his force as it bent inward, twisting in pain as he kicked it. Rusted metal begging him to stop, it had lasted so many years, it wanted to stay, to prove it could beat it's competitive brands. Yet it was forgotten and unused, like all the prayers and chants the people used to say.

He glanced back over, grimacing quickly. Feeling his legs respond to his reaction and kick that much harder as the two strong figures preoccupied themselves with the mess of rags now squirming hysterical. Ruff fingers jamming into the small mouth searching for something as the light skin gagged without making any real noise, pressed back down on an old wooden box. Small chest jumping up as the small body tried to arch it's back and get away as it was restrained. Feeling the small fishing line move slightly. Ruff dirty fingers finding it as the bald head above him shoving its fingers into his mouth grimaced slightly. Feeling the moist tongue and skin under his touch before yanking at the line fast. Watching the small body jolt as thought it had been shocked with electricity. Gagging hard as the hand yanked up the small pouch it had carefully hidden inside its stomach.

His dark eyes blinked, trying to shake the grimaced disturbed expression that continued to seep onto his face. Dark eyes focusing harder on the strong weapon the light hands had dropped so close to where it was now restrained. Still gagging to hard to do more then focusing on breathing as the bald form stood up walking out. The other calm dream like figure continuing to restrain the choking smudged skin before watching it gulp a fast small breath of air as it hit him. His strong fist slamming into the smaller stomach watching the gagging features breath in a gasp fast before silencing. Hugging itself ever so gently as the light body wished it could curl up and hide form the pain before squirming again. Dirty fingernails and small hands digging at the strong form ripping the photo from inside his brown mess of cloth and chuckling at him.

Calm brown eyes staring down at the gagging, cringing, now widely panicked light face that could hardly focus a movement enough to grope near the picture. It was all to easy to take something that important and just walk away and leave the clumped smudged figure to rot in sorrow and guilt that it had failed with the only thing it was ever asked to do.

"It was fun seeing you again kid." His black hair grinned as he stood up watching the warm orange flames run over the photo he burned. Strong undefined figure calmly stepping over the struggling mess kicking sand and dirt around as it quickly tried to roll over and get up. His strong grin heading towards the door before flinching. Hearing the strong hum and familiar click as the heavy weapon behind him shot to life. Blasting loud and fast. Sending the one single gold bullet complete with small red designs whizzing towards his flesh and ripping him apart. Leaving nothing but the thick wet thump his body made, falling into the trash and busted glass.

His dark eyes stared, wide eyed at the entire scene. Legs still pumped and ready to kick, now frozen where they had been for the last minute watching. The blonde hair quickly flying back as the guns power shot at it as well. Knocking the small figure into the wall, loose brown rags and tormented expression dissolving into nothing, unconscious. "Hey." He breathed his whisper out lightly. Dark eyes blinking as he ran over what just happened again. I get stabbed, midget saves me, captures me, guys come in, steal his stuff, he shoots them, knocks himself out, and I am...what."Hey!" He growled squinting heavily at the scene of chaos as his legs picked back up. Kicking harder as he growled. There was no way he was hanging around in this mess. He didn't shoot anyone, *he* was the victim, *he* was chained up and robbed. (Kick Kick Kick) "Ahhhthere" he sighed heavily. Dark eyes closing as he watched the rungs of the metal frame bend away. The loose circled handcuffs slipping out of them as he pulled his feet out. "Ahhaaa" He groaned standing up, feeling blood rush back into his legs as he used them. Balancing his own weight as he teetered slightly, using either hand to force his joints around. Listening to the sick popping snap as he dislocated his thumbs. Scarred face grinning widely through the pain as he yanked his hands through the tight circles hard and fast. He wasn't staying in this shit hole one minute longer then he had to.

He frowned looking down at the light face. The soft breathing frowning hard, small tears still caught in the tiny dips of light expression that had gone berserk watching the orange flames eat the captured image of the stunning blonde woman.

"Yeah right. More like stunning prostitute pal" He frowned at the light face he spoke to watching the features, they didn't move. He frowned harder, as much as he hated to admit it, he owned the blasted midget something. "You just had to pull me out of the alley didn't you." He growled yanking the light wrist up shifting the weight onto his shoulders. Dark eyes growling heavily as they squinted, even if he was a mass murderer. He didn't really have time to mass murder anyone yet. There was a lot of scum around this section he could do without, it would be a shame to see the damned cyborg imprisoned for just one guy.

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