Desperate and so lonely, I've looked for you.


And left behind all that I had ever longed for.

"Goddammit, Francis, where are you?"

Cold winds scream through my ears like a banshee.

The pelting rain bit at his skin, but he ignored it.

A freezing chill – a pain that still will forever haunt me.

"You fucking promised me, you bastard… You said you didn't break promises!" He could feel a warm wetness streaming down his cheeks. He ran around the next corner. He stopped.

Yet I have made it here

Alone, in the dim, deserted street, a broken body laid. Dark red liquid pooled around it, tainting the already dirty street.

Running through all the fear.

"Oh, God, no…" he whispered, surging forward. In utter disbelief, green eyes stared down. Empty blue ones that used to be filled with so much emotion – he used to tease him that there was often too much – stared back up. A crack could be heard. It echoed, quietly resounding in his ears over and over again.

The sadness in my heart retains the pain.

His heart broke in two.

And if I fall, I've learned

He fell to his knees, gripping the blood soaked fabric desperately; as if to hope there was some chance his lover could still be revived.

That I may not return.

For a moment, there was only the sound of rain colliding with the ground.

None of my love remains.

His heart shattered into nothingness.

Yet I have made it here.

After everything – all of the pain, the promises, the hope, the emptiness and even what he thought didn't exist; love – Francis had been killed by them. Just like that.

Make this pain disappear.

Love was just an illusion.

My one and only, Prince Charming.

For a while, it had all seemed like a fairytale. He was the damsel in distress, swept off his feet and saved by his Prince Charming.

And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

Weren't all fairytales supposed to have happy endings?

Tears fall like a rainstorm I barely see.

The icy rain scratched at his face, and he couldn't tell if the tears had stopped or not. A laugh reverberated from that lonely alley.

A twisted grin broken within. Am I going crazy?

Everything was a lie, wasn't it? He stood up. This must have been another one of those tests his bastard boss was experimenting with. Making him think he had truly escaped and was free to love and live in peace. The asshole was always trying to break him… "Alright, you can stop now. I've learned your fucking lesson!"

Yet I have made it here

No reply.

Bearing this love, my dear.

"Braginsky! Get the fuck out here now!" Without realizing it, he had drawn his gun and clicked the safety off. He began to stalk towards the shifting shadows.

Bearing the weight of it upon my knees.

"A… Arthur…"

And if I scream your name

"Francis?" He twisted around, his eyes empty.

It's not returned in same

Francis was struggling to crawl to his lover. "Arthur… I… lo–"

I bid, forget me please.

Without a second thought, he pointed the gun at the dying Francis Bonnefoy.

Yet I have made it here.

"This isn't real. I know."

Make this pain disappear.

Dead blue eyes bore into his green ones. "Cher–"

My one and only, Prince Charming.

"You're dead, Francis. You're not real."

And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

"Je t'aime."

And still I wonder, why can't I even dream?

A shot rang throughout the black night.