A/N: This is a rather short story that as of yet doesn't really have an ending... but I've written it and fallen in love. So hopefully people will like it to? Reviews are always appreciated, good or bad. There's nothing like getting an ego boost or people highlighting possible improvements. It makes me happy and improves my work, win, win! ;) Hope you like!

Rebeka lived, what she deemed, a pretty normal life. At the tender age of 4, she lived in a really big place. She lived with her Daddy and Step-Mummy. She played with her best friend everyday and she had a pet. He lived in a little tent in one of the big rooms. Daddy said that she wasn't allowed to play with him like her previous pets. He said that he was too unpredictable and she may end up getting hurt.

No her Daddy, the Master, said that her pet, named the Doctor, was too dangerous to play with...

...so Rebeka had to make do with her Toclafane best friend instead.