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Tomorrow was the day. 365 days since he had taken over as Master of Earth and tomorrow he'd celebrate that anniversary with war. His battle fleets were ready, his Toclaphane soldiers in place and the human race his pitiful slaves, building his vast armada. The universe didn't stand a chance.

But first the night still had to pass and tonight, like every other night, he put his daughter to bed, tucking her in and kissing her forehead. Making sure she had her favourite bear at her side, he left her room, leaving the door ajar.

Several hours later, the Master was still awake. He had little need of sleep and slept very rarely, the incessant drums made sure of that. He was currently sitting in one of his smaller offices. A place he came to do things whilst not being under the eye of the Doctor, his little piece of privacy on board the flying vessel. Only himself and Rebeka even knew of the room's existence, hence he had no doubt who was at the door when a knock sounded from it.

"Come in Rebeka." The Master called and the door slid open to reveal little Rebeka. She was wearing a long white night gown, which had lace frills around the collar and sleeves. In her hand was her favourite teddy bear, it was of a size that as Rebeka carried it by one of it's arms, it tended to drag across the floor behind her. She loved it though and practically refused to even attempt to sleep without it; the Master had learnt that the hard way.

"What's the matter l'aiorlea? Why aren't you asleep?" The Master asked. Rebeka shrugged as she walked over to her Daddy's chair. He scooped her up to sit on his lap.
"I couldn't sleep." She stated, getting herself comfortable on his lap. The Master kissed her on the head.
"Well we can't be having that now, can we?" The Master stated and Rebeka hugged her bear to her chest.
"Can you tell me a story?" Rebeka asked.
"Meioooo…" Rebeka dragged and the Master smiled.

Half an hour later the Master laid a now sleeping Rebeka in bed. He had not even got halfway through Rebeka's usual bedtime story when she had fallen asleep. He had waited awhile to ensure she was properly asleep and now he was putting her back in her own bed.

Pulling up her duvet to her chin, Rebeka snuggled into the pillow with a satisfied sigh. The Master smiled softly at his sleeping daughter and perched himself on the end of her bed, sitting below her feet. "Tomorrow's the day l'aiorlea. I begin my legacy, my gift for you. The universe. When you're old enough, it'll be yours. You'll rule it all, every planet, every star in every system. You deserve it." The Master whispered to his sleeping daughter. He then kissed her on the forehead. "Sleep well my little princess." He said and left the room.


Meio (Me-o): Please

L'aiorlea (le-ay-oarl-ee-ah): Term of affection. (L' is the Love pronoun, aiorlea means darling or any affectionate term said unaffectionately.)