Erin had a nightmare.

"I don't want you to become one of us!"

"I know your secret breather..."

She dreamed about Vlad, her favorite person to dream about these days, but this time it was a nightmare. At first Vlad had told her that he didn't want Erin to become a vampire, but then when his reflection took over... at first it hadn't even hesitated for a second. Now that they've become one person, his reflection can take over again, and Erin did definitely not like that thought. But Vlad's in control now, she tried to calm herself down with, his reflection isn't strong enough.

All of a sudden the door opened and Vlad came in.

Why are you screaming, Erin? He asked, obviously concerned about her. Erin was surprised, were she screaming? She hadn't even noticed.

Just havin' a nightmare, Vlad, she said to calm him down.

Okay, about what? He asked and sat down on the edge of Erin's coffin. Should I tell him? Erin thought. Yes, it's no good lying to him, she decided.

First you said that you didn't want me to become one of you, and after you came out of the mirror you didn't even think before you tried to bite me. The thought that your reflection could take over again scares me.

It wont, he assured. But then he held her in a tight grip and tilted her head down.

Vlad, what are you doing? She asked, Erin was really scared now. Then he let her go.

I'm just kidding, Erin, he said and laughed, but Erin didn't seem to think it was funny. Vlad left. I will never fully understand vampires, she thought as she put a sweatshirt on and walked through the door. There were Vlad, holding some flowers in his hand, rotten though, but he couldn't help it.

I'm sorry Erin, he said and gave her the flowers. Do you forgive?

Of course I do, Vlad, Erin said and hugged him. What are we doing today?

There will be a meeting with the council for me to go to, but I can skip that if you want to do something else. Do you have any suggestions?

Well, I don't know... Erin said and tried to think of anything, she didn't want to be by herself today. Suddenly Ingrid wooshed there.

Bertrand is sick! She said, panicking.

What? Both Vlad and Erin said at the same time.

Yes, he has the same blood-allergy like me and he's really ill. Come quick! She said while impatiently pulling Vlad's sleeve.

Wait... so he bit someone? Vlad said, being a bit angry.

Yes he did... Come now!

But we had a deal with the slayers, they're going to chase us now! Vlad said with a bit of panic in his voice.

Erm... Actually...

He bit the slayers? Vlad shouted with a mix of anger and panic.

Kind of... But don't worry, they'll be fine. Ingrid said. Now... COME!

Where are the slayers Ingrid? Vlad asked with a voice that would've been heard throughout the whole school if the count hadn't isolated the walls.

They staked themselves... Ingrid said. COME NOW! She shouted, she was so impatient that she weren't pulling Vlad's sleeve anymore, she ripped it of his shirt.

And you didn't do anything to make 'em to not do that?

No, they were slayers. Why would I care? But now you should really COME Vlad.

But I'm sure Bertrand will be fine, Renfield cured you and he will cure him too. After Vlad said that, Ingrid wooshed away again, probably to Bertrand.

She can be so annoying... Vlad said and turned to Erin again. So, have you come up with something to do?

Well, actually I want to be by myself today. You're okay with that?

Okay then... I have to go to a council meeting soon or I'll be forced to pay fines, he said and smiled. Then he wooshed away.

Stupid, stupid! Erin said to herself. "I want to be by myself today.", what was she thinking? She wanted to be with Vlad!