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Elizabeth Meyer marched confidently down the corridors of the Hellicarrier. She had just been ordered by Director Fury to interrogate their captive, Loki, which, unknown to SHIELD, she had some previous experience with. Quite honestly, she hated the demi-god; but neither her expression nor her words to Fury showed it. She was a spy after all.

Walking into Loki's holding bay she didn't falter a step as she approached the glass of his cell. Nor did she flinch under his unimpressed gaze. "So this is what they send. After all the heroics in Germany, they send a measly sycophant, a woman at that, to talk to the mighty Loki." He ranted, now standing directly in front of Elizabeth. "I expected better." He spat finally meeting Elizabeth in the eye. She didn't flinch.

"As I of you." Elizabeth finally responded, her arms crossed and eyebrows raised in defiance.
"Bold words for such a faint being. You are merely dust beneath my feet, all of you craving subjugation and dominance. The human race, such pitiful creatures." Loki sneered, yet Elizabeth's expression didn't change. Well until she started to laugh.

"What do you find so amusing?" Loki shouted his tempered flared with annoyance more than anger. Wiping a tear of laughter from her eye, Elizabeth calmed herself to make a coherent response.
"You. You are what I find so amusing, hilarious in fact. You are so smart, intelligent beyond belief, but you are also blinkered, almost blind. You could never see what was right in front of you." Elizabeth retorted, her laughter now gone and an expression of pity on her face directed at the God.

Overseeing Elizabeth's look of pity, Loki couldn't help but deny she had piqued his curiosity. "You speak as if we have met before." Loki stated and Elizabeth's expression turned bitter.
"Yes, I have known you for a long time and detested you longer still." Elizabeth snapped. Loki stepped up to the glass, his nose now only fractions of a millimetre away from its surface and his breath threatening to fog up the glass.
"No being has the right to speak to me in that manner." He stated, his eyes narrowed and his teeth gritted.
"Oh Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki Laufeyson…" Elizabeth began her tone now eerily cheery and gleeful.

Loki backed away a little at the mention of his full name and Elizabeth stepped up to the glass, mirroring Loki's positioning of only a few seconds before.

"… did you miss me little brother."