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Dipper held his binoculars close to his pupils, wanting to be sure that what he was seeing was what he hoped it was. It was hard to tell, even with these binoculars. He'd have to get in closer.

He hopped down the small ledge, and whipped out his magnifying glass. He gazed carefully at the seemingly human tracks… It could just be Manly Dan walking barefoot, but… These were really big, even for that emotional lumberjack.

Dipper could tell people, but since he'd already been denounced as a 'crazy city boy'… He had every doubt that they wouldn't believe him. He needed some more precise proof. It was definitely huge…


There were a few trails that lead off in this part of the forest. One went home, and another was a hiking trail. The other was unmarked on a map, except the custom one Dipper was working on. It never hurt to be careful.

He took another look at the footprints…There had to be something. Wait..Is that a piece of off colored grass? Or is it…

He examined it closely, holding it between his thumb and his pointer finger. No, it was far too thin. It's a piece of hair!

It was chestnut, and Manly Dan was a red head, as were his sons. So… maybe it was some sort of Ape? But they weren't known to reside in North America, and none had been sighted so far.

It was settled. He'd stuff the hair in a small pocket in his pack, and then venture further into the woods to see if he could spot one of the creatures that had presumably left the hair.

Several Unsuccessful Hours later

"Fine. If this thing's gonna play hard to catch, then I'm just gonna…gonna… Fine, no good puns."

Dipper told himself.

He'd only spotted average animals so far, the usual forest stuff. Nothing to help him, at all. Maybe he'd just…fail. But that would be a mark on his record of solving mysteries.

Dipper sighed, walking around a tree stump. Nothing. Just nothing.


Is actually what it sounded like when he sneezed. He rubbed his nose with his palm. Maybe some plant life around here was hitting on his allergies. Dang, he hated the sound of his sneeze. It sounded pathetically like a cat meowing.

"Mabel was right. You do sneeze like a kitten."

He jumped in surprise and spun his head around.

"Who's there?"

"It's Me. Wendy. Your crush and co worker." And sure enough, the teenage figure appeared from the top of a tree, looking casual and relaxed, even though she was holding on with one hand and the other stuffed in her jacket.

"I-I do not…You are not my crush!" He stuttered. "W-Wait…Where you…stalking me?"

"No, I just happened to be following you around, watching your every move."

Brief Silence.

"That's what stalking is."

She rolled her eyes. "I was being sarcastic, dork. No, Stan sent me out here to plant some more signs, since you were out playing make believe in the forest." She confirmed it by pulling out a sign from where her hand had been tucked inside her jacket. Noticing the disappointed look on his face, she added. "His words, not mine. Anyway, I heard somebody, and thought I'd scare whoever it was."

Dipper breathed in a sigh of relief. But still… "I do not sneeze like a kitten!" he tried to protest.

"Say whatever you want. Your nose speaks for itself."

And with that, she disappeared back into the trees, leaving Dipper dumbfounded.