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A/N: soooo, after I wrote and published Would You Rather, I started working on another story called "Spin The Bottle." I published that one as well... but... well, I decided: What if I did stories about Starfire playing all the Earthly games that normal teenagers play: Twister, 7 Minutes in Heaven, Baby I Love You, 20 Questions, Truth or Dare. And so, I decided to just make it a sort of mini-series/collection of random oneshots... Keep in mind, the stories are in NO way connected. They don't follow one another, and you don't have to read one to comprehend the other. Now, as always, enjoy the story!

"Fight a one-on-one battle with Slade, or a one-on-one battle with Mad Mod?" Starfire asked, hanging her head off of the end of the couch. She rested her hands on her stomach, and stared into Robin's face, trying not to giggle at how amusing it was to watch the Boy Wonder upside down. He was sitting cross legged on the floor at the edge of the couch, pinching the bridge of his nose between two fingers as he pondered her question.

Of course, both options had their pros and cons. Robin had already fought one-on-one with Slade several times, but he'd never been victorious. Mad Mod, on the other hand, posed a lesser threat, but Robin really didn't want to be turned into an old man again, forced to watch his teammates struggle to rescue him.

"Slade." Robin finally decided, as a rumble of thunder shook Titan's Tower. Starfire jumped visibly, watching as lightening split the sky in half outside of the Tower. It was pouring outside - had been for the past 3 days.

"Why did you pick Slade?" Starfire asked curiously, even though she was sure she already knew the answer.

"I figure if I fight him one-on-one enough, I'll eventually win." Robin responded, clenching his hands into fists in his lap. Starfire flipped onto her stomach and cocked her head at the Boy Wonder. She wondered if he knew how well she could gauge his emotions and guess his answers. When they had first started playing the game, "Would You Rather," Starfire had been delighted. She loved when Robin taught her Earthly things, especially when it gave the two Titans alone time. Now, however, a sense of boredom was beginning to flood through her, and she couldn't help but notice that all their questions led back to hero business.

Would you rather be held hostage or put on trial for murder

Would you rather win one battle against Slade or have him mysteriously disappear

Would you rather be Slade's apprentice or leave the Titans altogether.

Would you rather face off against Cyborg or Beast Boy?

And so it went, completely predictable questions for a boy who Starfire found equally predictable. Even now, she could tell what he was thinking from the way he sat: shoulders straight, back up, mouth open slightly, hands placed on his knees. He was thinking, but not in a stressed, we-have-to-save-the-world sort of way. Robin was relaxed, completely carefree as he stared at the Tamaranean girl before him.

Starfire prepared herself for his next question, folding her hands beneath her chin. "Hmmm, I've got it. Would you rather kiss Aqua Lad... or me?" Robin asked seriously, and Starfire was taken aback by the sudden intimacy of his question. How had they gone from which villain they'd rather fight, to which Titan they'd rather express physical attraction for. Starfire felt a blush rise up her neck and onto her cheeks, turning her skin from tan to crimson in a matter of seconds. Robin's smile transformed into a knowing smirk, and Starfire bowed her head, allowing her red hair to create a curtain around her burning face.

"I believe that question is invalid, Robin. I have already kissed you." Starfire responded, trying to ignore the way her voice shook with embarrassment. Of course the answer was obvious... but she could never reveal her feelings to Robin. Not when she would have to deal with the pain of seeing him every day if he rejected her.

"That doesn't count, Star. You were kissing me to learn English. Not just to be kissing me. In fact, as I recall, you hated me when you first came to this planet. Therefore, that kiss, doesn't count." Robin said confidently, crossing his arms in front of his chest, and tilting his head to the side. He watched as Starfire squirmed uncomfortably, trying to get out of having to answer his pressing question.

Finally, she sighed in defeat, "you." She whispered, almost inaudibly. She prayed to Xhal that he wouldn't hear her, but when he nodded towards her, she covered her face with her hands, not believing that she had just said that.

Why hadn't she just picked Aqua Lad? That was a believable lie. And it would've kept her from feeling so... bare in front of the Boy Wonder.

"Your turn." Robin prompted, reminding Starfire that there was still a game to play. She removed her hands from her face and tapped her chin with her index finger, a tactic she had learned from watching TV with Beast Boy. She smiled deviously as an idea occurred to her, and Robin saw a wicked gleam in her eyes.


"Would you rather engage in lip contact with me or go on another date with Kitten?" Starfire asked, and it was Robin who squirmed uncomfortably this time. She noticed this, and let a quiet giggle escape from her lips. Robin didn't like the tables being turned on him, and he felt his mind flash warning signs at him rapidly. She was targeting his most vulnerable thoughts: the thoughts he had about her.

Of course, Robin knew he shouldn't have been so stupid as to open up the can of worms in the first place; there was something about the way that she had been looking at him, something that made him curious about her feelings. Now, his heart beat sporadically in his chest, and he felt a thin film of nervous sweat on the palms of his hands. He wiped them off on his pants quickly, hoping Starfire hadn't noticed the action.

"Have you the case of the nerves, Robin?" She asked, smirking at him, imitating the expression he had flashed at her earlier. But damn if she didn't look amazing.

"That's an easy one, Starfire. Kitten's evil. Of course I'd pick you."

"But what if Kitten was not evil?"

"Uh-uh. You already asked your question, Star."

"I do not remember there being a rule on a limit of questions one may ask when it is their turn."

Robin groaned, "I'd still pick kissing you over going on a date with Kitten. Even if she was the nicest, most sincere person on Earth." Robin replied, and despite her victory, Starfire felt her face flush again. Of course, it certainly did not compare to the cherry-red tint that Robin's face had become.

"This isn't good." Robin said suddenly, shaking his head and standing up. Starfire stood up with him, bewildered by the sudden change in his mood.

"What isn't good, Robin?"

"This. Us. We're heroes, Starfire. We don't sit around playing teenage games or talking about feelings. We can't even afford to have feelings."

"But, Robin-"

"No. You should've never answered my question." Robin said coldly, pointing an accusing finger in her face.

"Then maybe you should have never asked me." She responded, her words cutting through him like a knife. He felt his blood boil beneath his skin.

"And you should have never suggested playing this stupid game. Did you really think anything would come out of it? That I would open up to you, or that you would open up to me? We're heroes, Starfire. Beyond that, we're teammates. And that's all we'll ever be."

"What if you are wrong Robin? What if we- what if the two of us are more than just teammates?"

"We'll never find out, Starfire. Heroes weren't meant to fall for heroes."

"Then perhaps I am not truly a hero. Or maybe fate had a different plan for us." Starfire whispered, and for a moment, all of Robin's anger dissipated, fading to a dull ache within his chest as he wiped away a stray tear that trailed from one of Starfire's emerald eyes.

"There's too much at stake, Star. And regardless of how you feel... or even how I feel, it will never happen." Robin said, and Starfire placed a hand on his shoulder. He brushed the hand off, walking around her stiffly, heading towards his room.

"Robin," She said, grabbing his wrist, "would you rather kiss me now... or never speak to me again?"

Robin turned towards her and grabbed her waist, pulling her to him in one swift motion. Wordlessly, he pressed his lips to hers, a shock running all the way down his spine as she wrapped her hands around his neck. He pulled back slowly, staring down into her eyes, before turning away again and heading for the door. He stopped before entering the hallway that led to his room, and turned to face her.

"I'd rather pretend that this never happened." And with that, he was gone. Ignoring the pain inside as he left every vulnerable piece of himself behind.