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Dick Grayson stood on the roof of Titan's Tower, blue eyes squinted as he looked out across Jump City. He had long ago given up wearing his mask. Besides, even with the change to "Nightwing," everyone knew who he was. Dick Grayson. Robin. Nightwing. People had long ago figured out that they were all the same person.

A lot had changed in ten years. Jump City had become a calm city. The villains were becoming old and restless, and the Titans had slowly become more and more powerful, gaining members and perfecting their strategies. In fact, the city was so peaceful that the Titans had considered leaving. But one thing kept them there.

Starfire had to come back at some point. When they had sent her to Tamaran, she'd been incredibly sick. But surely she'd been healed by now. Unless something had happened to her while she was there...

Dick shook his head, ridding the thought the moment it entered his mind. Someone would have alerted them if she'd gotten worse or been harmed. He'd left a communicator with Galfore, after all. And he'd left hoping Starfire would be okay.

And so the Titans stayed in Jump City. They spent most of their times playing video games and eating pizza; they were still there.

Dick sighed and ran his hands through his disheveled black hair, casting his blue eyes up to the stars. He found it funny that the stars - which looked so far away - were actually closer than they seemed. Yet the one Star he wanted to be close to. Well, she was too far away for his liking.

She wasn't even on his planet. Or in his solar system, for that matter. And without her, Dick saw no point in calling Earth his home. Something moved in the sky, and Dick felt his heart skip a beat. But he knew subconsciously that it couldn't be her. It was probably an airplane. A bird. A... A boy?

Dick squinted his eyes, watching as the boy grew closer, flying towards him in a fluid, free pattern that seemed all too familiar. Spotting the man on the roof, the boy stopped and floated a few feet away, bobbing up and down slightly in the air.

"Who are you?" Dick asked, straightening up. He was prepared for combat, if that was what it would come to. But something in the boy's green eyes told him he wasn't looking for a fight.

"Are you Robin?"

"Kid, I haven't used that name in a while."

"Oh, but, you are Robin?" The boy asked. Dick nodded and stepped away from the edge of the roof to give the boy room to land.

"Yeah. But you can call me Dick."

The boy chuckled, "what kind of name is that?"

Dick shrugged, unsure of what to say, "and your name is..."

"Nightfire." The boy chirped, smiling brightly. Dick couldn't figure out why he looked so familiar. But the name alone suggested why.

"You're a Tamaranian, aren't you?"

"Half Tamaranian." The boy clarified, pacing on the roof nervously. Dick watched him carefully, puzzled.

"What do you mean..."

"My mother was Tamaranian, yes. My father, was human, though. That's why I can speak English. Without, ya know, having to go through the whole lip contact thing."

Dick laughed and crossed his arms over his chest, pondering over the boy.

"So I guess you're pretty special then."

"Only one of my kind."

"And do you live on Tamaran?"


Dick cocked his head to the side, "Sometimes?"

"Sometimes I come here."

It occurred to Dick that he had better things to do than talk to a stranger on the roof of Titan's Tower. But he continued the conversation anyway, "and why is that?"

The boy hesitated, "to see you."

Dick froze, trying to figure out what to say. Instead of words, he let out a low, "uhhh."

Nightfire sighed, "Sorry, that, uh, sounded weird. I just... I'm not sure that I should tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"I. Well, let me start from the beginning."

"Okay..." Dick said, perplexed.

"My mother died while giving birth to me." Nightfire's voice broke, and Dick was fully prepared to run downstairs and into his room. He couldn't do crying kids. He wouldn't know what to do if this boy broke down in front of him.

Nightfire continued, "I was raised by her kanorfka, who was like a father to me. I never knew who my mother was, or who my real father was. But I knew that I was different. I sometimes spoke to myself in a language that wasn't Tamaranian. Galfore informed me that it was English. And then he told me about who I was.

"He said that my mother was a strong Tamaranian. That she loved my father, but she had to leave him, and he had to stay on Earth. He told me stories of both of them. He told me about how my mother was a kind, gentle princess. And my father was a mysterious hero."

Dick stopped breathing. He knew where the story was going. He knew what the young boy in front of him was saying, and he knew why the boy seemed so familiar. Those bright green eyes. That black hair and pale skin. The high cheekbones and unnatural height. But it couldn't be true. His theory couldn't be right.

"H-How old are you?" Dick asked carefully, squeezing his eyes shut.

"I'm ten. And," Nightfire held his hand out to reveal a communicator, dusty and old. Dick gasped and grabbed it from him slowly, "Ro-Dick. I think I'm your son."