A/N-Hey peeps it's Lilli! This is an OC story written by my cousin. They need 12 boys and 12 girls. Ok now they r gonna take over. Disclaimer- Neither of us own Stick It!

Hey everyone!

The object of this story is the all around final at the Olympic games! I will need 12 boy gymnast and 12 girl gymnast. There will be 12 chapters and each involves someone to have a disaster and ruin their chances! One boy and one girl will be voted out but each chapter will tell about each gymnasts routines! There will be one winner for boys and girls. No inappropriate things!


Full name-

Represented Country –

Best gymnastics event-


Hair color/ style



Uniform color-

Height/ weight-


Extra comments-

Worst event-

That's all ! Free to make as many as wanted!