Draco didn't know how he always managed to get into the worst possible situations. He was supposed to go on a simple patrol with a couple of other soldiers. After they had lost than encampment to the Allies, the German leaders had doubled the defenses around their remaining camps.

It was meant to be an easy little stroll on the outskirts of where they were camped. Yet here Draco was, blindfolded with a gun to his back and being led into the Allies' camp. His entire patrol had been shot down around him, while he had hit the ground covering his head. He had received a beating from the soldiers that had captured him, and he vaguely wondered why he was even alive at the moment.

Corporal Vanders hated prisoner duty. He saw it as babysitting terror children. Germans weren't worth his time at all. The only thing that changed his mind was when Draco was shoved to his knees in front of him. Leo blinked for a moment, not one for revenge, but this was just too tempting.

Draco was panicking. He couldn't see what was going on thanks to the blindfold covering his eyes. His breathing quickened as he was shoved to his knees, tugging at his bound hands behind his back. Leo crouched down in front of the young German, pulling off the blindfold.

Draco's scared green eyes stared right into the hardened ones of the American Corporal's. The nineteen year old visibly flinched away from Leo, as of expecting a blow from the enemy soldier, "W-What do you want from me?" he stammered out in English, his German accent very thick on his words.

Leo sighed, standing up and looking down upon Draco, "Absolutely nothing." He ran a hand through his own hair, "You have nothing I need or want. You don't even know why you're fighting in this war."

The young German immediately got defensive, "I know why I fight!"

"Oh really? So you're a fan of killing children too? You're pathetic and definitely not worthy enough to live."

Draco's eyes widened, "We don't k-kill children!"

"So tell me about those concentration camps then, Private Draco," Leo sneered, glaring down at Draco.

"Concentration camps?"

"Yes. Concentration camps. Where you put innocent families and have them gassed. Sound like a good cause?"

Draco paled, his heart sinking. He didn't want to do that. He didn't want to hurt innocent people.

"Anyway, you're not worth my time, kiddo." Leo loaded a single bullet into his pistol before pausing and examining the German Private. The kid actually looked regretful. Leonardo had a kind heart and couldn't help but feel sorry for Draco. So, the Corporal set down his gun, "I won't kill you."

Draco's eyes widened and he looked up at Leo with a bit of hope.

"I'm sending you to the Russian's POW camp." Yeah, that was probably worse than dying.

Draco's shoulders slumped but he kept his voice from wavering, "I die there, hmm?"

"Yeah, you probably will." Leo hefted Draco to his feet, tying the blindfold back around the young man's eyes before walking him out. "Misha?"

"Yes, bastard Yank?" the burly Russian was speaking to a British redheaded soldier Leo recognized as Private Niels.

"Wanna escort this young German to the jeep taking prisoners to your camp?"

"It will be Vlad and I's pleasure, Yankee." As if on cue, the huge black dog came bounding over to Misha, panting.

Draco swallowed in fear, his legs trembling a bit as he began to walk, somewhat shoved by Leo. Leo snapped his fingers at Stephan to take up the rear as he lit a cigarette and followed Draco and Misha.

Stephan got up and followed after the American, carefully avoiding any mud puddles as he walked. Not even a minute later he had a hand around his mouth and a knife to his neck. Before he could even try and fight back, he was smacked over the head, unconscious, and being dragged into the shadows.

Leo took a drag of his cigarette, the German Private not moving quickly enough for his liking, "Hey, Mishamigo, why don't you let Vlad g-" he was cut off when a knife pressed against his neck and he was dragged backwards. The corporal immediately began to struggle, only to be head butted in the head by that oh so familiar face of that annoying twenty six year old German commander, Alaric.

Alaric dropped Leo once he knew the American was dazed and raced forward, slamming a fist into Misha's face and jamming his knife into Vlad's back.

Draco didn't know what was going on, sighing in relief when his bonds and his blindfold was removed and he saw the face of his friend, "Alaric!"

Misha stumbled backwards, crashing into some boxes and falling over. Vlad let out a high pitched whine, falling onto his side and letting out soft whimpers before going still, the knife cutting clean through his spine.

Alaric grabbed onto Draco, yanking his friend towards the exit, "Let's go! We have to hurry!" Alaric had parked a jeep not too far from the allies' base.

Leo stumbled to his feet, grabbing his rifle, "Stephan! After them!" he ordered, running after Alaric and Draco, firing repeatedly.

Stephan slowly came to, blinking his blue eyes a couple times before shakily getting to his feet and stumbling after Leonardo.

Alaric was racing towards the jeep, breathing hard as he tried to make sure that Draco was keeping up. He could see the jeep coming into sight, "Almost there, Dra-" he cut off and let out a loud cry when a bullet hit his side, going straight through. He hit the ground, letting out an "oomf" as the wind was knocked out of him.

Draco's eyes widened in fear, and he stopped to run back for Alaric, "Alaric! Get up! We have to g-go!"

Leo lit a cigarette, completely pissed off as he just walked straight towards the two figures. Stephan was right behind the Corporal, his gun up as if he was worried the two Germans were going to try something. Draco swallowed nervously, pulling out Alaric's gun and firing at Leo and Stephan.

Leo hit the ground, hissing in pain when a bullet skimmed his shoulder. He got back up to his feet when he heard the empty click of the enemies' gun, brushing himself off as he strolled back over to the figures of Draco and Alaric, his gaze flickering up to the jeep parked about twenty feet away.

"Valiant attempt, Commander Alaric. Though you probably should've just waited until Draco was loaded on the POW jeep. Would've been much easier to retrieve him."

Alaric gave a tight smile, holding his side as Draco attempted to wrap it, "What can I say, sir, I acted on impulse."

Leo smirked, loading a couple of bullets in his pistol before pulling out a grenade and tossing it into the jeep before turning back to the Germans, "Well. Don't say I never did anything for you." He tossed the loaded pistol down to Alaric, ignoring the questioning look from Stephan, who thought this American was insane. "Walk back to your camp. Maybe you'll make it back alive." He glanced at the jeep as it exploded, giving a mock salute to Alaric and Draco as he turned around and walked back towards the Ally encampment, Stephan following nervously.

Alaric blinked and sat up with a groan, watching the American and British Private leave before turning to Draco, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Draco replied, helping Alaric stand up.

"Well...we may as well start walking..." Alaric gave a small smile.

Draco nodded, managing a weak smile in return. After about ten minutes of silence, the nineteen year old cleared his throat, "Hey, Alaric? Is it true? What they say about the camps?" he asked, his voice sounding young and innocent.

Alaric stiffened, waiting a bit before responding, "Yes."

"We really kill women and children? Entire families? Alaric, why would we do something like that? I don't understand."

"We do it because Mr. Hitler orders it, Draco. It's not our place to question his orders."

Draco went silent after that, lost in his own thoughts. He eventually found the courage to speak, "Alaric...can I tell you something?"

"Of course," Alaric murmured, turning to look at Draco with a raised eyebrow.

"I um...I'm...well...gay."

Alaric immediately shoved Draco to the ground, his face a perfect picture of disbelief, "What? Draco, how could you...I don't...god, I should just kill you right now, you know that?"

Draco looked confused and hurt, "Fine...I'm just going to be killed anyway," he whispered, looking up at his friend.

Alaric sighed, apologizing quietly as he helped Draco to his feet, "I...just don't let anyone else find out about it, okay?"

"I won't...but, Alaric? Do you think we could leave the army? I don't want to be responsible for the killing of innocent people."

"Draco, we can't just leave."

"Yes, we can!"

"Then we'd be hunted down and killed!" Alaric snarled, turning to glare at Draco before continuing his trudge back to the German encampment.

Draco sighed in defeat, looking down at the ground as he followed Alaric back to camp.