Chapter 8:

And it was back to the old florescent light bulb and Shima. The room seemed a little smaller and her feet stuck out form under the bed even more than before. Shima was 5ft 8ins and at the bathroom there was a weight and height measurement and when she and Shima had a height and weight contest. Well, lets just say Shima won the weight battle though at the height one Touko won due to she was 5ft 9ins. That was only this morning.

Today Shima had her shower because he said something special was going to happen. What was talking about… did he find out about her and N last night? The door opened silently as she lay under her bed to with drawn to hear the movement within her room. "Touko?" There was a voice deeper than N's but peering out at his shoes they were ugly brown loafers. Giggling she slowly slide her legs out first, then the rest of her body.

Brushing her hair out of her face, Touko stood up staring straight at the creep. Flashing her teeth in his face, " Hey your back, creep. What do you want?" Crossing over to her bed she jumped down on it sitting up cross-legged staring out at him.

"You. I'm you special event of the day Touko."

"Really now?" Raising one of her eyebrows he sat down next to her.

"Really. Today we're going to teach you how to battle again. Ready?"

"Battle? What with weapons?"

"No, Pokémon."


"Pokémon. You know the species that rules our land. We battle sometimes with them, you were the greatest trainer of Pokémon ever in this region of our land of Pokémon. You and N were considered a hero."

"N? Did I ever battle with N?"

"Of course many times. Though as friends. You two grew up together after you moved from Nuvema Town. You two were the heroes and you became them together. There were though three children who got in your way a lot, that caused problems for you that stalled your two year journey."

"Three kids… were they our age?"

"No, you and N were both about 15 when you went on your journeys, they were 10."

"Oh. So I'm 17 now. Right?"

"Yes. Now if you'll come with me I'll show you your new job and room."

"Um creep what is your name?"

"Sage Ghetsis."

Stepping into the hallway, Touko shut the door behind her. Letting the creep, Ghetsis, lead the way they suddenly turned down a short hallway that lead to a huge open doorway. Stepping into the doorway there were three hallways within the small room. One had a rainforest like feel, another was desert like, the other was like a blizzard, to the right of that there was a soft grassland with flowing grass, to the right to that was a ocean with huge rippling waves, that last was a closed door (one that you could actually see). Turning to the closed door, Ghetsis opened it and let Touko follow. It was a long grey hallway with doors closed all leading up to a metallic flower painted on the surface of the front of one of them. Each petal was painted a different, one yellow, one red, one blue, and the last purple exactly the color of Touko maybe a little brighter.

Stepping next to Ghetsis, he pulled open the door with the metallic flower painted on it. They both stepped into the room where there were four doors painted each their own metallic color. Leading Touko to the purple door, Ghetsis stepped aside motioning for her to open it.

Hesitating, she grabbed the handle and twisted it open. The room was a soft purple, there was a clean purple bed in the right corner opposite of Touko with a small bed-stand next to with a tiny lamp on it. There was a dresser in the opposite corner facing the bed with a tall mirror placed next to it, on the floor was a deep purple rug that was braided in a rectangle. And once again there was a florescent light bulb in the middle of the room, though next to the door was a tiny light switch.

Stepping in, the soft plush rug hugged her bare feet. Walking over to the dresser Touko pulled open the first drawer, full of jumpsuits… really? The next had some weird black and silver cloths. Grabbing the bottom it was empty, then suddenly Ghetsis spoke up, "You can us that drawer to buy your own leisure cloths."

Going silent again, she pulled open the last drawer it held bags of metallic purple hair. Shutting the last one, she headed to the bed stand. Pulling open the top drawer it was empty; Ghetsis said nothing. Opening the bottom one there was also nothing in them, turning to Ghetsis he spoke.

"Those are for your own keeping. Chose what you put in there, the others put some personal belongings in there but you can put what ever."

"Who are the others?"

"Later. We shall meet them later. Now would you like to see you Pokémon?"

"Ah, ok." Standing up Touko followed Ghetsis out of the room and out of the metallic flower door, then into one of the nondescript doors. There was only a wooden table with six balls on it. Half was red and the other white with a black dot in the middle. "Ghetsis, what the hell are these?"

"Pokeballs. Take them. They won't harm you."

Lifting up the first one, it felt light almost like air. Pressing the black circle in the middle, a red beam suddenly appeared. Then a large black creature came out. Almost like an all black bee it turned around suddenly facing Touko with excitement beaming from it. Glancing over at Ghetsis, he nodded. Well, if he said it was ok I guess it's ok, right? Walking over to the black bee, Touko lifted her hand to its huge head. Ducking it down, the bee let her gingerly stroke it. Smiling a tiny bit of her memory could return after all. And these Pokémon battles could be the key. Pressing open the rest of the pokeballs,Emboar, Emolga, Musharana, Braviary, and Throh came rushing out. Standing there their eyes all began to gaze into Touko with curiousness. Stepping over to them each one came up to her and nuzzled its head into her chest or neck. Giggling she kissed each one on the head in return.

Smiling at them again, she sent them back into their own pokeball. Walking over to Ghetsis again she thanked him.

"Touko, I know this a lot to handle but would you like to continue this later?"

"No, I want to help you since your helping me try to remember so much. Please lets go." Strapping the pokeballs on to her belt, Touko followed Ghetsis out of the room.

Now back in the hallway, they descended o the last door before where they came in. Turning the knob, Ghetsis stepped into the room. Following him in the room was splashed with the metallic colors that were painted on the door at the end of the hallway. All along the walls was bookshelves lined with books, thought facing the opposite wall from Touko was a television. The rug was seemingly white and a plush grey couch sat facing the TV. A small coffee table lay in front of the couch, where a pitcher of water sat on top of it with four cups empty and waiting.

Looking over at Ghetsis, he motioned her to sit down. Walking past him, she sat in the corner of the couch nearest to Ghetsis. Looking over at the other end there were suddenly two girls sitting there that there hadn't been before. Flinching back towards Ghetsis, they turned to face her.

The one closest to Touko had hair the color of cotton candy, and her eyes was a soft purple almost like the color of Touko's bedroom. She was also dressed in the same jumpsuit as Touko and so was the other girl sitting next to her on the far corner of the couch. Her hair was like golden wheat; her's though was tied up in two long pigtails with tiny lime green ribbons. Her eyes were an emerald green color that reminded Touko of her ribbons.

Smiling the one furthest from Touko spoke, "Hi! Your Touko right? Ghetsis has told us all about you."


"Well, I'm Kitty and that's Cat!" We're your new coworkers! Welcome!"

"Ah, Hi…" Cat suddenly hugged Touko, to flabbergasted too move Touko just hugged back. Letting go, Cat turned to Kitty and whispered something. Turning back to Touko they both smiled mischievous smiles.

"Welcome to the Flower Project Touko."