Twisted Advice

Summary: We all have heard the advice, but not in these contexts.

Timeline: post-'Chosen'; not comic compliant.

Warning: Pretty much just crackficlets.

A/N: This is open to anyone interested in trying their own version. They don't have to be connected with other versions.

Thanks to my betas: Why make them suffer ahead of time?

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Fargo, ND

The Scoobies were busy setting up the latest Slayer safe house in Fargo, North Dakota. It had an unusually high population of weather demons which plagued the region. And that was on top of the nearly inhospitable regular weather the locals endured.

Everyone gathered their assigned tasks from Giles with minimal complaints…except Dawn – who had insisted on being treated like an adult now that she turned 18.

"Why do I get stuck with having to go to the hardware store? Xander's the carpenter guy…he should go!" she protested.

Taking a moment to calm himself, Giles replied firmly, "Xander has other duties to attend to."

"But it's so boring!"

"Listen, Dawn…" Buffy interjected on her Watcher's behalf, "The winters here can be deadly, so this is really important. We got the largest generator the store had, but it requires propane to fuel it. It's your job to get the propane."

Xander looked almost gleeful as he added something he had obviously been sitting on for a long time, "With great power comes great responsibility!" He snickered for a second until he realized everyone was looking at him strangely. "C'mon! Get it? Generator…power…"

"Please get the propane before he continues," Giles pleaded.

A/N: Hopefully that was as funny to others as it was in my head. Oh, and I don't own the quote; it was from Spiderman, who's owned by Marvel Comics and Stan Lee…I think.