On Sale

Timeline: just before year 3.

Warning: still just crackficlets.

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Magical Menagerie

The Golden Trio tried to ignore the smell from the animals as they searched for a pet for Hermione. An owl was pretty much useless since her parents were non-magical and an owl flying in and out of their house would stand out pretty bad. For the same reason, any of the exotic animals were out as well.

Just as Hermione happened upon a cranky cat-type creature called a kneazle – or in this case, half-kneazle – the owner came rushing up to them, jabbering in a language none of them could understand. He pointed to the animal, said something and gestured over his shoulder, then looked expectantly at them.

"Do you know what he's saying?" Ron asked Hermoine.

"Not really, but I think he wants me to buy that cat/kneazle," she guessed. When she picked it up, the man smiled widely, which seemed to indicate she was correct.

She paid for the animal and the supplies necessary to care for it. Before she could leave, the man handed her an extra box. Carefully, Hermione glanced inside to find two creatures that looked like wisps of smoke.

"I didn't buy these," she protested.

The man just repeated his earlier words insistently and waved his hands to dismiss them.

"It'd be nice if we knew what he was saying," Harry commented.

Just then a young woman came from the back room and listened to the man repeat his words again. She translated for them, "He says, 'With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.'"

The Trio replied in unison, "Huh?"

"The name of the half-kneazle you bought is 'Great Power', and my grandfather is so happy that it has finally allowed itself to be purchased that he gave you the free gift of two hinkypunks named 'Great' and 'Responsibility'."

A/N: The quote is still from Spiderman, who's owned by Marvel Comics and Stan Lee…I think. Anyone else wanna try one?