It Was Never Goodbye

Summary; This is a Finchel-centric, hopefully multichapter story based on what happens to Finn and Rachel after Goodbye. Not good at summaries so hopefully the story is better.

Disclaimer: If I owned glee Finchel would be together right now! All rights go to RIB and Fox.

Chapter 1: What Means The Most To Me

Finn's POV

Okay I can tell my friends hate me right now for breaking Rachel's heart but not as much as I hate myself. I saw her face as she got onto that train. And it's all my fault. Maybe I'm not setting her free after all. Maybe I'm just holding us both back because we'll always wonder what it would've been like if we got married. In that moment I make up my mind. "I'm going after her" I say. All of my fellow New Directions members swivel their heads. "Are you sure Finn?" asks Puck. "Definitely, I'm going after her!" I yell. "I had an inkling when you mentioned your plan to us that you were going to do this so I get these" says Kurt producing 2 plane tickets from his jacket pocket. "2?" I question. "Yeah you don't think I'm not gonna wanna know how this turns out do you? Especially after I bought the tickets" says Kurt. "Alright lets go" I say running to the car.

Rachel's POV

I can't believe this! Finn's insecurities got in the way of our relationship again (like when we broke up cause I kissed Puck, even though he knew it meant NOTHING to me!). So now I'm sitting on a train, heading towards the city of my dreams and…. I don't even wanna go. All I wanna do is be with Finn. But I can't. Cause he let me go. I cry myself to sleep.

Finn's POV

We rush through the airport to the gate that the flight that Kurt booked leaves from. We make it there just in the nick of time. Yes! I had a purpose. Rach was my number 1 priority and I was going to get to New York and tell her how I really feel: that I can't possibly live without her.

About 2 hours later:

Rachel's POV

My dads had already found an apartment for me to live in but it felt… empty. And I knew what was missing. It was Finn. Great. I was gonna be stuck in this horrible, lonely apartment for the rest of my life. I didn't want New York if I didn't have Finn with me. And then came the knock at the door.

Finn's POV

"Are you sure this is her apartment?" I ask Kurt, worried that I have come to tell the woman I love that I can't live without her and the apartment is wrong- that would be embarrassing. I knock on the door. And it is. It's right. And there she is. She's never looked more beautiful than she does right now. "Finn, wh-. What are you doing here?" she asks me. "I love you, what I said earlier was stupid, I want to be with you, I don't want to go into the army, I want to be in New York with you" I say to her. She slaps me. "Why did you do that?" I ask, my hand swinging up to my cheek. "That was for leaving" she says. "And this is for coming back" she leans over and kisses me. "So you'll take me back?" I ask her. "Of course, Finny I never wanted to let you go". "Hey Finn. I'm gonna go ok" Kurt tells me. I shoot a quick nod in his direction and ask Rach. "So can I come in or are you gonna leave me sitting in the hallway for the rest of my life or what?" I ask her. "All your life, you mean you're staying here?" she asks. "Yes. Mom's sending my stuff over". "Good" she says. She grabs hold of me and wraps her legs around my waist. She kisses me, hard and fast and passionate. "Come in" she whispers into my ear. She pulls my hand into her, sorry our apartment and we kiss. Every time her tongue moves into my mouth, it's like a series of fireworks. We remove each other's clothes and I lay her on the kitchen table. I lower myself into her and then we move. As one. Completely connected. It was completely breathtaking. We reach the earshattering orgasm at the same time. We quickly redress. "I love you Finn, I'm so glad you came after me" she says. "Me too" I say. "Well I wanna get something straight first and I have a song for you to tell you". "Okay" I say, sitting up on the table.


The other day when something asked me

Are you living your dream?

I didn't know what to say

I honestly had to think

I try to be so many places at the same time

Every day a million things cluttering up my mind

Another feather falling off my wings

I climb so high it gets hard to breathe

Forget to remember what I really need

What means the most to me

Is waking up next to you

Feel the morning breeze

You're my favourite thing and I love

Coming home to your arms

When you kiss me hello

It's these simple things

That mean the most to me

That mean the most to me, yeah

Every time I have to leave

I feel like I am leaving a part of me

You're the only place I wanna be

Well nothing else matters I just lose focus

When you're not around, you're still the only one I notice

I can't help the way I feel

It doesn't matter if I win or lose

Cause what means the most to me

Is waking up next to you

When you're holding me

And have a little time to play

In your arms, race your heart, laugh til it gets dark

It's these simple things that mean the most to me

No more days far away where I miss you

No more nights trying to fall asleep without you

From now on I'm always gonna be there

I won't miss another day that we won't share

I'll be there

Cause you mean the most to me

Oh, you mean the most to me

Now that I'm here with you

I will stay by your side

I won't leave you this time

Oh no

The next time someone asks me

"Are you lving your dream?"

I guess I'll know what to say

I won't even have to think

"So don't even bother ask whether you or New York mean the most to me Finn Hudson because New York is nothing without you here with me. You mean the most to me, make no mistake!" she says. "Well I'll remember that. You'll always mean the most to me Rach. That's why I couldn't let you go" I say. She kisses me. "So does this mean we're still engaged?" she asks. "Well I still want to marry you so yes it does" I say. "Good" she says and kisses me again.

A/N: The song used in this chapter was Colbie Caillat- What Means the Most. All rights go to her. I would really like your input as to where you want this story to go- as I'd like it to be multichapter. 5 reviews and some suggestions before next chapter goes up please!.