Ok this chapter is a flash back from last chapter. It's Temari's memory of what happened that night.

Face down in the dirt she said,

"This doesn't hurt"

She said, "I finally had enough"

Face down in the dirt she said,

"This doesn't hurt"

She said, "I finally had enough"

"Was it Kazu?" Shikamaru asked even though he had a feeling he already knew the answer. She just nodded slightly he sighed this wasn't good. "What'd he do to you Temari? Did he hit you?" He asked again this time she let out a scoff. "That'd be an understatement." She said quietly.

Temari had just finished cleaning the kitchen & putting the left over dinner for Kazu in the fridge. He had missed dinner but he always did. She was used to making extra & saving them by now. She couldn't help but smile a little enjoying the peace & quiet as she pulled back down the long black sleeves of her shirt she had pushed up while cleaning.

It seemed more & more often she'd find herself wearing long sleeves & long pants no matter the weather. Other people were starting to get suspicious. Not that she went out enough for people to really start to talk. She only went out for the random mission, visits to her brothers, & to shop. Kazu wanted to make sure he knew where she was at all times & at this point she didn't want to leave the house. Everyone but her seemed to gossip about the lack of the formally social kunoichi. Her brothers were the only ones that didn't seem to care. They had already found out about their "marital issues".

She remembered the first time it happened a little into their first year of marriage. They never had any sort of relationship close to love but a relationship based on social ranks. He never was a nice guy he was always tough & mean but at least he never hit her. That was till that one night.

Kazu was of course drunk & they had gotten in an argument when he first hit her. He then held her down before she could retaliate & after a while of struggling she gave up. He let her go threatening to do it again if she didn't do what he said. Of course first thing she did the next day was tell her brothers exactly what happened.

She hadn't known what she was expecting to happen when she walked into her brother's office that day. A divorce would have been great, making sure he'd never touch again would have been better. The response she got was far from anything she hoped. They both questioned if she had been over reacting & if she had in fact instigated the whole thing.

Gaara had then told her that their family had an image to uphold & a divorce would tarnish that reputation. It was her job as Kazu's wife to take care of any issues behind closed doors. So he sent her back home to handle her husband & advised her to leave him alone when he drank. He assured her if she did that it wouldn't happen again. That was the last time she went to them or let them know about the "issue" as they called it. She knew from that moment on she was on her own to handle it herself, which meant 1 of 2 things to avoid him at all cost, or sit & take it.

Pushing all those memories & anger out of her head she leaned back against the counter with a small yawn. Looking up at the clock on the wall it was almost midnight which meant that she still had a couple hours before he got home if she was lucky. Right now he was probably drunk off his ass looking for some young girl to sleep with. Sure she had never had any feels that verged on anything close to love for him but she still held slight anger for his constant infidelity as he went out multiple times a week leaving her at home to take care of things.

She was smart enough now to know how he worked & his routine. She also knew if she was lucky she could go to sleep & he'd leave her alone for the night. Or at the worst she'd have to put up with having to "do her duty as a wife" as he'd say when he drunkenly climb on top of her while drunken ranting about a future son. Thank God that the Gods that be hadn't given her a kid even after months of trying. Last thing she'd want was to bring someone else into this mess no matter how badly he wanted one.

Giving one good look around the kitchen approving the work that was done she walked across the kitchen turning the light off & go to sleep when she heard the door open. "Shit." She mumbled to herself. There went her night. If he came home early it was never a good thing. But before she could even leave the room he entered the kitchen with a young brunette, which in Temari's opinion looked like a floozy tucked under his arm.

She looked at him, as he made no move to remove his arm from around the girl's shoulder. "Whose this?" she asked looking at him. "Never mind who this is. It's not your damn business." He said walking out of the kitchen towards the bedroom. Temari felt her anger rise as she followed him against her better judgment.

"Nu-uh. No fucking way. It's bad enough you sleep with every floozy you can find but to bring her back to my house? No way." She said looking at him as he turned around to glare at her. "Don't take that tone with me." He said moving his hand from around the girl who looked very uncomfortable at the whole situation. "Then make her leave." Temari snapped at him. "Don't tell me what to do in my own house." He said moving closer to her. "Last time I checked it was my house too." She said standing her ground. Taking the opportunity the girl quickly made her way out the door.

"Great look what you did now you stupid bitch." Kazu looking out the door as the girl left. Temari couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Oh yes I'm a stupid bitch because I made the whore my husband was going to bang in my bed run away." She said with a scoff glaring at him. But before she could say anything else Temari felt a fist connect with the side of her head causing her to stumble back a couple steps.

"I told you not to back talk me!" He yelled at her. There was something in that moment caused her to snap. She had it with everything. With being hit, being talked down to, pretending nothing was happening, all of it. She pulled back her fist & swung hitting him in the jaw causing him to stumble back a few steps this time out of shock more then anything she'd never hit him before.

"I'm done! You can sleep with as many little whores as you want I'm through." She said storming off to the door. That was where she made her mistake. She knew it'd be a mistake to try & leave but at that moment she was so clouded by anger she didn't care or even think of what would happen. She managed to get only a few steps away from the door when she stopped suddenly & against her will. "Fuck!" She said her body unable to move on it's own anymore. She knew he had a paralyzation jutsu he'd used it on her before. But she was so angry she hadn't even thought about that as she walked to the door.

Before she knew it she felt herself be thrown up against the wall the jutsu being broke. But she was still unable to move being pined under someone twice her size. "You're only done when I say so. Don't you understand yet? You belong to me. You aren't going anywhere till I say so." He said as his hands moving around her throat pulling her off the ground as her hands moved try & claw him away. "I asked you a question! Answer me damn it." He yelled one hand staying on her neck the other punching her in the side.

Taking a moment to recover from the blow his hands still at her neck she looked in his eyes. "Fuck…you." She managed to get out before she was able to connect her knee with his stomach with one hard blow.

His grasp faltered as they both fell to the floor. Taking this opportunity Temari tried to get up & scramble for the door before things got worse. But before she could even get to an upright position a pair of hands grabbed her leg forcefully yanking her back down to the hard marble floor as he climbed over her.

"Fuck me huh? Maybe if you were any good at it I wouldn't have to go out would I?" He said pinning her down as he sat on her hips. She knew that things were getting way out of control & was honestly starting to get scared he never got this carried away. "Kazu get off. You're hurting me." She said trying to push him off but it was no use he weighted twice as much as her & was making sure she wasn't going anywhere.

"But you're not good at anything are you?" He said ignoring her plea as he punched her in the side. "You can't even get me a son can you, you worthless piece of shit." He said as his fist connected with her stomach causing her to cry out. "It's no wonder your daddy & your brothers wanted to get rid of you. No one cares about you do they?" He said as another fist collided with her stomach causing her to cough up a small amount of blood. "Please just stop." She was particle begging now something unlike her but the only thing she could think of.

Yet again he continued to ignore her as his hands yet again moved back around her neck. "You are nothing more then a worthless whore." He said as he pulled her back before bashing her head against the marble floor with a sickening thud.

That was the last thing she remembered as she blacked out. She didn't remember his ruthless assault on her unconscious body, the way he freaked out thinking she'd died right there on the hallway floor, him calling his friends in panic or the plan they made to cover it all up.

She was laying down trying to figure out why she was so hot. Then it hit her something was off it was too hot & the ground it wasn't her floor like she last remembered. Slowly she opened her eyes seeing nothing but blue sky & sun so bright she had to cover her eyes. She was outside but why? Flipping over she moved to her hands & her knees gathering what little strength she had. Looking around she saw nothing but vast expansion of sand.

'I'm in the sand dunes. But why?' she thought to herself as she moved to stand up. Her whole body ached & throbbed in various places causing the night before to flash back. "Kazu." She said moving a hand to her mouth wiping off most the blood. The pieces finally falling into place he dumped her there either to kill her or he thought she already was dead. Well she wasn't going to give him the opportunity to finish the job as she used what little strength she had to start moving as fast as she could. She didn't know where she was going but she wasn't going to stop till she got there. And she was never going back.

With a sigh Temari shook her head bringing herself back in the present in the dark room filled with dull golden glow of candles. "That might be an understatement." She said quietly trying to keep her voice from breaking. "What do you mean?" With a sigh her hands moved to the bottom of her shirt.