Warning! This chapter will be a lemon. If your not into that or are under age it's fine if you just skip it.

It's also my first attempt so cut me some slack. I was so red in the face while writing this but I liked the way it turned out.

"Hey do you think it's ok if I use your bath? I am a wreck." She asked looking at him as he nodded. "Of course here let me get you some towels." He said getting of the couch as he walked to the bathroom pulling some towels out along with a brush, soap, some washcloths & what ever else he thought she'd need. "Feel free to take as long as you need. I'll just be out here if you need anything." He said she nodded walking into the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

Walking over she turned the knob filling up the tub with hot water. Moving over to the sink she attempted to pull the ties out of her hair. After a few minutes of struggling she managed to pull them out along with a chunk of hair. She had always hated her hair it was unruly & now was no exception. Picking up the brush with a groan this was going to be a struggle. She hadn't even realized how covered in dirt she gotten since that night.

By the time she finally got her hair managed the tub was already filled. Stripping down from her filthy

clothes she tossed them to the side making a mental note to wash them as soon as she could.

Moving slowly she felt her whole body ache in ways it never had before. There had been so much on her mind she didn't even have time to notice how badly hurt she had been till then. Gingerly she got herself in the tub her body almost instantly relaxing in the hot water as she let out an audible sigh of contentment. She let the water wash over her as she continued to relax closing her eyes. She let her mind drift into nothingness pushing all the negative thoughts & stress out. Enjoying the quiet for a while before she eventually sat up & starting the task of cleaning a weeks worth of dirt & grim off of her skin & out of her hair. She went slowly & took her time at the task making sure to get every inch. By the time she was done she felt like a new person.

Pulling a towel over she started to dry herself off with a smile enjoying the relaxing feeling. She ran the towel through her hair before wrapping herself in the fluffy terrycloth. Walking out to go on the search for clothes she knew she was in so much debt to the man currently laying on the couch. Stepping over a pile of clothes in the hallway it hit her how to pay him back she smiled it was the perfect idea.

Hearing the water start running Shikamaru sighed as he returned to his spot on the couch for the night. His mind quickly filled with thoughts from what happened. He knew he needed to protect Temari from this ever happening again. But the problem was he knew she wasn't his to protect. His mind was going through all sorts of scenarios & strategies. Everything that could possible happen. He was so into his own thoughts he never even realized he had gotten into his thinking position.

His eyes opened as he noticed something changed. It took a moment for him to realize what it was but then it hit him that the water was no longer running or at least that was the only thing he could notice. But something seemed off. No not off different. He shook his head. Nothing to worry about she was probably enjoying the nice hot water about now.

He had to curse his vivid imagination as he thought about her in that tub only feet away from where he sat. The warm water lapping up against her bare skin, the water covering most of her tone stomach creeping up to cover most of her breast as the nipples barely exposed as her long legs stayed slightly bent out of the water. How easy it would be to just walk down that hallway to her.

"God what I am 16 again?" He asked to himself shaking the thoughts out of his head. Leaning back down he closed his eyes & continued to push those thoughts out of his head with plans, escapes & what ever else he could think of. He ended up concentrating so hard he didn't notice that the bathroom door opened nor the familiar sound of feet walking over to him.

It wasn't till he felt like he was being watched that he opened a curious eye to see Temari staring down at him hair still wet & plastered to her shoulders. Water dripping down her to her chest slowly. His eyes couldn't help but follow the wet trail of a stray droplet as it moved down the contours of her shoulder to her collar bone & then down the valley between her breast.

He was staring at her unabashed but she didn't seem to mind as she continued to stare back at him seemingly not affected by his stare. "I suppose you want some clothes huh?" He finally asked moving to sit up but she just shook her head. "I don't think there needed you seem to be enjoying it this way." She said with that evil smirk. He couldn't help but notice a playful glint in her eye as her hand moved to the top of the towel.

He knew at that point he should say something or try to stop her but his mouth suddenly seemed to dry to speak .He continued to watch her hands as she started to undo the towel painfully slow. He sat watching as she unwrapped herself right in front of him. She then threw the towel to the side carelessly. He couldn't help but watch the way her body moved so smoothly as if every moved was planed & pulled off with the greatest grace.

He wanted so bad to touch her to feel her tight muscular body under his hands like he had done so much in his mind. He wanted to know if it compared to how he used to imagine it when he was no more then 13 knowing nothing of women. If the years of dreams & fantasies were correct. It was as if she could read the look in his eyes as she just continued to smirk at him. "You like what you see?" She said in the most seductive voice he had ever heard her speak with. That voice alone was enough to drive him nuts. He couldn't do more then stare at her for a moment before looking her in the eyes. "Yes."

"Do you want to touch me?" She asked watching him as his eyes stayed locked on hers. That seemed to interest her as she watched his gaze carefully. "Yes…so bad." He couldn't bother to lie to her or play any games at this point. They both knew what he wanted. He wanted her so badly it was now a need & she was offering. All he wanted to do was feel her under him to have ever part of her for his own. She stepped in front of him grabbing his hands placing them on her waist guiding them up the front of her stomach slowly.

Her skin was so velvety soft but yet so toned under his hands he became almost transfixed on every movement. Feeling her breath deeply he moved up her rib cage placing them gently on her breast. They weren't the biggest he'd ever seen but no where near small. He gently cupped one of them softly leaving it still for a moment. "You're not going to break me Shikamaru." She said breathlessly as she leaned

down next to his ear.

Taking her advice he squeezed harder this time causing her to take a sharp breath and lean back. Seeing her reaction he moved his thumb to flick her nipple watching it become hard. He continued to play with it as she leaned herself into his hand as his other started to copy with the other breast. Looking up he noticed she was enjoying it as much as he was.

Seeing her reaction he began to move a hand down her side keeping the other on her breast. He moved his hand over the curve of her hip leaving it there for a moment. He couldn't explain how badly he always wanted to feel her hips & it was something that he always fantasized about. Something about her hips drove him wild. But then again he never liked skinny girls without curves so Temari was perfect. He ran his hand up & down her hip.

His thumb rubbed her hip for a few moments before moving a little lower to her thigh giving that the same treatment. She made a small noise of impatient he had to smirk to himself he always knew she would be impatient during times like this. Taking his time he moved his hand closer between her legs he could already feel that she wanted him & badly. He had to admit it boosted his male ego to know that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Running a finger between her legs made it all the more apparent as she was already plenty wet.

Moving his hand from her breast he wrapped it around her waist so he could pull her down under him. Putting a knee between her legs he gently pushed them open for him. Looking down at her he ran a hand across her again watching her expression as she gasped slightly. He did it again this time making sure to put some pressure down especially on her clit causing her to push against him.

"You like that?" He asked with a smirk as his thumb continued to play with her clit she nodded not bothering to answer. His thumb continued it's assault on her as he quickly inserted a couple fingers into her softly. She responded by pushing his fingers deeper into her. He realized she was right she defiantly wasn't going to break. Pulling his fingers out he then thrust them back into her deeply moving them around slightly. She responded by letting out a small moan as she laid her head back letting him work.

He continued to thrust into her quicker & harder. Every stroke making sure to play with her clit the whole time. Soon her breaths were starting to come in shorter & shorter pants as her moans became louder. He couldn't help but watch her squirm underneath him in fascination. He continued for a couple of minutes feeling her insides growing tighter around him he knew it wouldn't be long at all before she came.

She confirmed that fact as she moaned loudly pushing against him a couple more times not matching his pace but finding her own. He suddenly felt her clamp around his finger as she threw her head back he smiled feeling her twitch around as his hand was coated with her juices.

Taking a moment to catch her breath she looked over at him. Watching her chest move up & down as she panted he knew he never wanted anything so much in his life, in fact no one may of wanted anything as much as he wanted her right there. Rolling he knees she climb over to him & started to try taking off his pants.

He was watching her hands busy themselves with his pants when his conscious suddenly hit him. 'Fuck me.' he thought to himself with a sigh as he pushed her away she looked at him offended.

"Temari I want this I do. Hell I want you more then you'll ever know. But I just…..I can't have sex with you right now. Amai." He sighed unhappily but he knew he couldn't have sex with another girl not if he was still with Amai & he knew she'd understand.

"Well we don't have to have sex." She said after a moment as she looked at him. "What do you mean?" He asked as her smirk came back that she had when she stripped in front of him that smirk that meant she had a plan whether he liked it or not. Without answering she went back to work on getting his pants off.

"What are you doing Temari?" He asked holding back a moan as she gently stroked him through his underwear. "I am thanking you for every thing. Use brain genius." She said pulling down his black boxers he felt her hot breath on his waist as she continued to get his boxers off when suddenly she pulled back away from him.

"What's wrong?" He asked suddenly very self conscious looking down at her she just shook her head. "Nothing I'm just impressed that's all." She said looking at him before her hand moved to his chest slowly pushing him backwards on the couch. "Temari what are you doing? I said we couldn't have sex." He said starting to sit up before she pushed him back down again. "I told you we aren't going to have sex. This is not sex." She said he was about to argue back when a sudden jolt went through his body causing him to gasp sharply.

Looking down at her he saw her looking back up at him with a smirk licking at him lightly. Now realizing her plan he knew he wasn't going to protest again. He just leaned back as she took him into her mouth. He watched her as she worked on him a little bit at a time taking more of him into her mouth every time. Her mouth was so hot & wet that he was starting to grow impatient with her teasing treatment. Without thinking

his hands moved to the back of her head tangling up in her wet blonde hair as he pushed her down farther onto him.

Normally that'd be something he'd never do to a girl he was usually lazy & let them do the work even when it came to sex but something about this, about her he just felt the need to be in control. He knew he needed her & he needed her to know that. It didn't matter whether or not he was being a gentleman & treating her like he should right now it was a primal urge that he needed to satisfy.

Lucky for him she seemed to have no problem with the sudden intrusion in her mouth as he pushed more of himself into her mouth. He had never felt anything like that in his life she was using a her tongue in a way Amai or any other girl had ever done while doing this for him. The feel was so intense he didn't think he was going to last too long.

Using her hair he pulled her face up slightly so he could see her while she sucked him. The second he saw her big teal eyes starring back up at him that he knew it was too much. The sensation, the need, the look on her face all of it was just too much for him. "Oh fuck Temari." He moaned as he closed his eyes tightly feeling himself get off.

Taking a minute to catch his breath he opened his eyes & looked around. Something was different something wasn't right. Looking around he realized he was by himself as the sun was starting to shine through the curtains & he was still dressed.

It was a dream the whole thing had been a dream she was never there with him. Hell she probably just went to sleep herself at her bath never even went into the living room. Looking down at himself he knew at least one part of that wasn't a dream as he got off the couch & made his way towards the shower. He hadn't had a dream like that in years but God was it good he thought to himself with a smirk as he grabbed a towel. 'I might have to think of that again.' He thought with a smirk walking into the bathroom.