Holy guacamole it's been a while. I promised myself I wouldn't use my new life as an excuse for stuff but seriously babies give you NO time it's insane. But things are starting to settle into a routine between work & baby so I should be getting more free time. I want to thank everyone for sticking around & not killing me!

Also I admit I've been side tracked reading Juushin Enbu aka Hero Tales if you've never read it or seen the anime I suggest it. Made by one of the FMA people so very much like that. Plus if you're like me & like to fan girl over couples this ones great.

Shikamaru never told anyone what had happened that day no matter how much everyone (Ino) bothered him about it. Temari wrote him a lot but he never read any of them. Every time he saw her hand writing on the envelope his stomach just twisted in knots it was all he could do to rip it up & throw it out. That was till he got one envelope different from the rest it wasn't her hand writing to neat too perfectly girly and that envelope killed him.

He still had the envelope & the invitation inside to the wedding in Suna where Sabaku No Temari would marry Takahashi Kazu. He didn't bother to go & no one bothered him asking him why. That envelope was still sitting in the bottom of his bedside drawer. He didn't know why he couldn't bring himself to throw it away maybe it was all the memories attached to it or maybe it was a reminder that she wasn't who he knew after all.

He was brought back out of these thoughts but another loud crash of thunder this time big enough to shake the entire house. Opening his eyes he noticed not only did it shake the house but it knocked out the power too. "Great." He muttered to himself as he got up & managed to make his way to his emergency supplies. Luckly for him he knew the layout of his house unlike Temari which he realized as he heard a loud thud followed by some swearing.

"Stay there I'll be in there in a sec." He yelled down the hall as he fidgeted with the match in his hand. After about the 3rd failed attempted he got an idea pulling out his lighter that was much easier. Grabbing some extra candles he made his way to the bedroom to see the blonde sitting on the bed looking annoyed holding her knee.

"Nightstand?" He asked as putting the candles around the room & lighting them. "Dresser." She said watching him as the room slowly filled with a dull candles light giving almost everything a golden hue. He sat down on the bed next to her. "You ok?" He said looking at the blonde who nodded. "Yeah I'm fine." She said with a nod. "You sure? Let me have a look." He said reaching a hand out to pull her pants leg up when she suddenly jerked her leg away. "I said I'm fine." She snapped at him as silence filled the room. He looked at her something defiantly wasn't right that was for sure.

"So is that your girlfriend?" She asked suddenly breaking the silence as she grabbed a picture off the nightstand of Shikamaru & a very pretty girl with jet black hair. He was almost taken back by the sudden change of topic. "Uhh yeah that's Amai she's out on a mission right now or I'd introduce you guys." He said looking down at the picture he couldn't help but imagine what Amai would be thinking if she knew the blonde Sand Princess was sitting on his bed in a dark room. Oh yeah that wouldn't go over well.

"She looks nice." Temari commented off handedly still holding the picture in her hands. "Yeah she is. So uhhh how is your husband?" He asked he could notice the second he said something she had tensed up slightly putting the picture back on the shelf. "Oh he's fine I'm sure." She said with a slight edge to her voice as she put the frame down.

Something was wrong he knew that & he had a feeling that it had to do with Kazu. He looked over at the blonde whose mind seemed to have drifted off. "Temari what happened to you?" Shikamaru asked looking at the blonde who wasn't looking at him. "Nothing." She said simply he looked at her as she still avoided eye contact.

The way she was acting was so off & so not Temari that he was really starting to worry. Something was wrong with the girl he had to know what it was. "Don't lie to me Temari." He said she just shook her head. "I'm not lying." She said defensively. "Damn it Temari!" He shouted he couldn't help it he hadn't meant to yell at her but he was starting to get really worried & she wasn't helping him. It was at that moment he noticed something he noticed how she flinched almost instinctively away from him.

"Temari?" He said putting a hand gently on her shoulder he felt her try to pull away so he moved her hand. "What did he do to you?" He said quieter this time sitting next to her. "It's not important." She said looking down. "You're a missing nin Temari. I am putting my own life on the line here to protect you the very least you can do is tell me what I am protecting you from." He watched her as she continued to look down this time she wasn't fighting him though as he moved next to her.

"Was it Kazu?" Shikamaru asked even though he had a feeling he already knew the answer. She just nodded slightly he sighed this wasn't good. "What'd he do to you Temari? Did he hit you?" He asked again this time she let out a scoff. "That'd be an understatement." She said quietly.