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"Sterling? Sterling?" Kurt glanced at his hopeless blonde lab partner who was currently so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't seem to hear their teacher call his name for probably the fifth time.

The brunette, quickly growing impatient with his friend, kicked Jeff's chair, throwing the boy off balance enough to the point where he snapped back into reality—and almost fell off the stool he was balancing on. "Jeff!" Kurt whispered harshly. "Ms. Bentley just called you five times. I swear to some higher spirit that if you don't answer her, I will come into your room and mess with your music library until it only plays 20th Century era songs that are so bad that they shouldn't exist."

The blonde cringed at the thought. Baroque, he could handle. 20th Century? Not so much. "Yes Ms. Bentley?"

The young chemistry teacher crossed her arms with impatience. "Jeffrey, I asked you two minutes ago to explain the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions."

Jeff tapped his fingers anxiously, trying to think up an excuse not to answer, for he had no idea what he was being asked to do. "Well, Ms. B, while I would love to enlighten you, it seems as though Kurt is aching to answer this specific inquiry of yours. It would be cruel to deprive him of this, wouldn't you agree?" He looked at Kurt with pleading eyes, begging his friend to go along with it.

Kurt smirked at the blonde's poor excuse, and began talking before the teacher could object. "Well, Ms. Bentley, endothermic reactions occur when heat or energy is absorbed and exothermic reactions occur when heat or energy is released. These types of reactions have a direct link to entropy levels." After closing his spiel, Kurt casually went back to filing his nails.

Ms. Bentley smiled at Kurt, "Thank you Mr. Hummel, but in the future, allow Mr. Sterling to answer the question on his own. Can we do that?" Without looking up, Kurt nodded. Chemistry just clicked for him. He found it necessary to use that to his advantage and help out the other students when they struggled. The class also allowed him to catch up on filing his nails, so there was some sort of point to it even if it wasn't what the teacher would have expected. "Alright, now can everyone turn their books to chapter six and read the section on reaction rate? I have to step out of the room for a few moments. When I return, I would appreciate a detailed explanation on how to hasten the rate of reaction," she paused and looked around the room, "from someone other than Kurt, please."

Kurt sighed. He had familiarized himself with the specific section weeks in advance and was now reading chapter eleven in the book. How everyone else in his class was so slow, he could not fathom. Pushing the book to the side, he turned his attention to Jeff who was now busy scribbling something in his notebook. "Jeff?"

The blonde jumped two feet off his stool at the sudden voice beside him. When he recovered, he flipped his notebook, so Kurt could not read what had been inscribed on the page. "Yeah, Kurt?"

"Well, I was going to ask you why you weren't paying attention, but now your notebook seems to be catching my attention. May I see it?" He grabbed for the notebook before Jeff realized what was happening.

Jeff attempted to pull the notebook back, but Kurt had a stronger hold on it and practically threw the blonde across the room when he snagged it. "Kurt, please don't read that."

Kurt smirked. "And why shouldn't I?"

"You don't see me trying to read all the poems and such in your notebook that you write about Anderson, do you?"

Kurt blushed hard at the mention of the boy who he considered to be his best friend. "Jeff! Blaine is not—I don't like him that way. I have a boyfriend."

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Yeah, okay. And I'm sure Sam wouldn't mind I informed him on just how much time you spend with B?"

Kurt smiled at the thought of his endearing blonde—much more endearing than this obnoxious blonde in front of him—boyfriend of nearly two years. "No, he wouldn't. Sam isn't the jealous type. He knows me and Blaine are friends."

"Yes, he also knows we are friends. Stop lying to me about how you don't care about Blaine. It's obvious that you do."

Kurt picked up his rather large text book and smiled deviously. "Sterling, I swear to God. If you don't shut up right this moment, I will smack you upside the head with this book."

"Kurt, what are you doing?" a new voice appeared behind Kurt, causing the brunette to drop the book in his hands. It fell to the floor with a loud clang that caused Jeff to burst out laughing.

Kurt spun around in his seat to greet the newcomer. "Blaine! W—what are you doing here?"

"Well, I was going to ask you about this whole chemistry thing," Blaine looked up questioningly at Jeff who just laughed even louder, "but when I came over, it looked like you were about to attack Jeff with that book."

"I—I—well—umm, I was trying to get Jeff's notebook to see who he's been daydreaming about all period, but he won't give in."

Blaine smiled at the blonde, "Aww, Jeffy! You've found yourself a girlfriend? Good for you, bro." He nudged the boy's shoulder affectionately. "What's her name?"

Jeff blushed. And when Jeff blushes, it's not the kind that goes unnoticed. The scarlet color spreads across his entire face in deep contrast with his pale hair. "Umm, I think you're missing something there Blaine."

Kurt was overcome with giggles, and resigned to picking up his textbook and preparing an explanation for Ms. Bentley as to why no one else in the room could properly explain the concept they were all supposed to be studying.

Jeff flashed a glare at Kurt, but resigned to turning back to Blaine. "Well, for one thing, you've gotten my team wrong." Jeff bit his lip and looked up awkwardly at the small boy in front of him. "I'm not—well, I mean. I guess I could—"

Kurt rolled his eyes and gave up on the text book. He wouldn't need it to explain anyways. "What Jeff is trying to say—and failing at miserably, I might add—is that he is bisexual. At least. He isn't quite sure yet. But I'm guessing from his stammering that it's a boy that is currently occupying his thoughts. What I was trying to get out of him—possibly through an act of violence—when you walked over is who exactly this boy is."

Blaine laughed as he listened to Kurt talking and he casually let his eyes wander to take in Kurt's full appearance. And damn. Kurt looked too good today. It should not be possible for their uniform to look that good on someone. "Blaine?" Kurt asked after a moment of awkward silence.

Blaine shook his thoughts away, immediately snapping back to reality. "What? Sorry. Lost in thought."

Jeff smirked, "Kurt's asking if you want to help him figure out who I like. Sounds like he's planning some crazy plan to set us up."

Blaine's smile widened at the idea, "Sounds great. So, Jeff, who's the mystery guy?"

Kurt's eyes narrowed, but the smile on his face ruined his attempt at looking intimidating. "Or are we gonna have to force it out of you?"

"I swear. If you guys were normal and just asked me like civilized human beings, you might already know by now."

Kurt smirked, "Bothering you is more fun, Jeffrey. If I was normal, you wouldn't like me half as much as you do."

Jeff quirked an eyebrow up at his friend and smiled, "Since when do I like you? I thought we had a mutual understanding that I'm only using you for chemistry help."

Blaine rolled his eyes, "Shut up, guys. You know you love each other. Now, Jeff, tell us."

Jeff's blush increased slightly. "Way to put me on the spot, B."

Blaine winked, "Any time, babe. Now tell us."

Jeff let out a long dramatic sigh and shrugged, "Fine. I'll tell you. It's—" he quickly looked around the room to make sure no one was listening in and motioned for the two boys to lean in closer, "it's Nick."

Kurt's head shot up in shock and he spun around to look at Nick Lantern, the boy that was always late to class and slept half the time. "Nick Lantern?"

Jeff hit him in the head with his notebook. "No, you idiot! Nick Duval. He's in my English class."

Blaine rolled his eyes, "And math. And history." Kurt shot him a surprised glance and he shrugged, "What? Nick's my friend! And me and Jeff have the same schedule."

Kurt shook his head. "So, Duval, huh?" He thought for a minute, picturing the tall blonde with the small brunette. "Interesting. Very interesting."

Mrs. Bentley returned to the room then and made Blaine return to his original seat. Jeff rushed to skim over the assigned chapter, and Kurt sat back in his seat, returning to filing his nails. The remainder of the class involves Blaine scrambling to make sense of the reaction rate chapter, Jeff scrambling to make sense of what Blaine is attempting to explain, and Kurt plotting for exactly he will set up Jeff and Nick.

Kurt decided to review his notes toward the end of the class when his eyes fall on a certain page.

How To Speed Up Reaction Rate~

Increase Concentration

Increase Surface Area

Increase Temperature

Add A Catalyst


Kurt grinned down at his notes and sends a quick text to Blaine.

I figured out how to get Nick and Jeff together and tutor Jeff in chem at the same time. Wanna help? –K

Kurt barely looked back up to his notes when he received a reply.

Details! Of course I'll help –B

"Alright, are you ready?" Kurt asked as he and Blaine walked into the cafeteria with a few other Warblers. It was their first recruiting day of the year, and they planned to make it interesting. Last year had gone particularly well, but this year the pair had two recruits in particular that they were aiming to convince to join.

Blaine smiled hesitantly. "Are you sure that the song isn't to—risqué to sing at school?"

Kurt shook his head. "You sang Peacock with Thad last year. This is nothing compared to that."

Blaine cringed at the memory. He still couldn't believe that Wes convinced him to sing that. And it led to rumors that he and Thad were "friends with benefits" that he was sure were still circulating in the underclassmen. Forever would he be singing Katy Perry songs to gain recruits. After all, Teenage Dream was how he landed Kurt in freshman year. "Alright, let's do this then."

Kurt shrugged his shoulders back as he heard the other Warblers beginning to harmonize behind him. He strutted forwards, hips swinging and head held high. Swinging the door open, he began to sing into the large cafeteria.

You make me feel like I'm losing my virginity

The first time, every time when you touch me

I make you bloom like a flower that you never seen

Under the sun, we are one buzzing energy

As Blaine watched Kurt sing, he couldn't help but appreciate the boy's confidence. Blaine knew full well that by the end of the day rumors would be flying about the pair, but he ignored that as he watched Kurt move around the room, followed by the eyes of countless admirers. A section of the Warblers chased Kurt as he danced around the room, and everyone in the room seemed to be eating the performance up. Everyone here loved Kurt—Blaine included.

Let's pollinate to create a family tree

This evolution with you comes naturally

Some call it science, we call it chemistry

This is the story of the birds and the bees

Blaine chased Kurt into the room with a smile on his face. He hit each note easily and smiled at Kurt as he watched him make his way toward Jeff. Blaine did as was planned and turned away from Kurt to another table on the other side of the room where he knew he would find Nick sitting.

Even the seasons change

Our love still stays the same

Kurt smirked at Jeff as he sang, wondering if the blonde realized what he was doing. As per tradition, each Warbler carried a single enveloped invitation to join the group. Kurt tapped Jeff on the shoulder as he passed by him, winking and handing him the letter.

You give me the hummingbird heartbeat

Spread my wings and make me fly

The taste of your honey is so sweet

When you give me the hummingbird heartbeat, hummingbird heartbeat

Hummingbird heartbeat

Nick turned when he heard Blaine's voice growing louder. He turned just in time for Blaine to tap him on the shoulder the same way Kurt did. Blaine smirked at Nick and handed him the expensive looking invitation. He never really thought about joining the Warblers, but this would be the second year in a row that he was approached with an invite. Last year it wasn't from a lead, so he shrugged it off. But when a lead approaches you, the entire school looks down on you if you don't accept.

I've flown a million miles just to find a magic seed

A white flower with the power to bring life to me

You're so exotic, got my whole body fluttering

Constantly craving for a taste of your sticky sweet

Jeff smiled as he opened his invitation, internally cheering. This was his second year at Dalton, and he was heartbroken when he hadn't been approached last year. This was what he had been waiting for since the beginning of the term. The only thing that would make him happier would have been to see Nick actually notice him.

I was on the brink of a heart attack

You gave me life and keep me coming back

I see the sun rise in your eyes, your eyes

We've got a future full of blue skies, blue skies

Kurt smiled gently at Nick as he made his way toward him, taking him by the wrist and leading him toward the stage in the back of the room. He winked at Blaine who currently was leading Jeff in the same direction. The other Warblers followed their lead and brought the other inductees toward the stage.

Even the seasons change

Our love still stays the same

Kurt and Blaine met in the middle of the stage and dropped Nick and Jeff's wrists. The pair stared at each other with wide eyes, as if they had just seen each other for the first time. Kurt skipped off with Blaine as the continued their song. The way he danced around him made Blaine blush like crazy, but he held his head high and pretended that it was all just part of the act.

You give me the hummingbird heartbeat

Spread my wings and make me fly

The taste of your honey is so sweet

When you give me the hummingbird heartbeat, hummingbird heartbeat

Hummingbird heartbeat

You love me, you love me

Never love me not, not

When we're in perfect harmony

You make me sound like, like a symphony

As Kurt hit the high note in the bridge, Blaine felt tingles running up and down his spine. He smiled widely at his friend and led him back to the stage. The song slowed down for the final chorus, and Blaine took over.

Spread my wings and make me fly

The taste of your honey is so sweet

When you give me the hummingbird heartbeat, hummingbird heartbeat

Kurt fought hard throughout the entire song not to think about Blaine. That wouldn't be right. Just because Sam was at a different school and he wouldn't even know, didn't make it right to flirt so openly with Blaine. When the smaller boy came back toward him, he smiled and took his hand, but avoided any further contact.

Hummingbird heartbeat

As the song ended, the rest of the cafeteria exploded in applause for the boys on stage. Kurt beamed and grabbed the microphone, switching it on. "Good afternoon, Dalton Academy! My name is Kurt Hummel and this is Blaine Anderson. We are the co-captains of the Warblers, and we would like to introduce our inductees!"

Kurt passed the mic to Blaine, who waited for the new round of applause to die down before he could pick up where Kurt left off. "Over the next two weeks, our inductees will have a chance to listen in on Warbler meetings and take part in group numbers as well as solos. At the end of this period, a narrowed down number will be selected to be in our group. Of course, the boys will have an opportunity to decline, but we hope to see them all at this evenings meeting in the choir room."

"Thank you all for your time, and look forward to seeing several more performances throughout the week!" Kurt chimed in at the end with a smile.

Blaine flicked off the microphone and placed it back in its stand. He and Kurt proceeded to walk toward Nick and Jeff who were standing in the middle, still awkwardly aware of the other's presence. "I'd like to congratulate you two on being chosen. You have been approached by the leads because we believe you have a large amount of talent and would be essential to the success of the Warblers at competitions this year. We hope to see you at the meeting today."

Kurt laughed at how formal Blaine was being. "Yeah, congrats, guys! Hope to see you later. In case you didn't know each other, Nick Duval, this is Jeff Sterling. Jeff, this is Nick. You two will most likely be performing together at least once during the next two weeks, so I suggest you get to know each other."

With that, Kurt and Blaine walked off leaving Nick and Jeff on the now empty stage. The other Warblers and inductees were chatting throughout the room and no one paid mind to the pair still standing center-stage.

Jeff smiled shyly, "Hey, Nick. I don't know if you remember me. I'm in your English class."

The corners of Nick's mouth turned up in a smile, "And math and history."

Jeff grinned in response and nodded, "Yup, and math and history."

Hummingbird Heartbeat-Katy Perry [ Kurt Blaine both]

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