Alrighty, so for any of you that read my first fic, Layers for Teen Titans, you might know that I said I would be working on a fic for the party mentioned in the epilogue. Well, don't worry, I still am! This story though, has just been sitting on my pc for a while, practically begging to be published. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and posted it. So here it is! Be kind, it's only my second fic, and the first one for Hary Potter lol. Well, enjoy! :) Oh and yes, as the summary said, there will be major insanity involved, but it's all in good fun. . . .right?

Ginny Weasley gazed around the jam-packed train station. It seemed strange coming back to Platform 9 ¾ after everything that had happened only a few months ago. The number of students returning to Hogwarts to repeat the pervious year was overwhelming. Even those few students who officially completed their seventh year were returning to receive their proper instruction.

The Battle for Hogwarts had affected the whole wizarding world, and nothing would ever be the same again. But then again, maybe that's a good thing, Ginny mused to herself with a bittersweet smile.

The scarlet haired teenager gazed at each of her friends silently, thankful that they had survived the war in one piece. Not all had been so fortunate. The sight of her beloved older brother Fred's smiling face before he was killed by a deatheater was forever burned into her mind.

A sudden prick at the back of her eyes alerted her that she was dwelling on matters that should not be dwelled on for too long. Her boyfriend Harry saw the stricken look on her face and knew she was thinking about her brother. He hastily wrapped an arm around her shoulders comfortingly. The other two watched them in silence.

Ron knew what his sister was going through because he felt it too. He missed bickering with his older brother all the time.

His girlfriend, Hermonie, was very close to Ginny and her family, and had been the one who comforted her at the Burrow when she woke up crying after a nightmare about the battle.

The whistle of the Hogwarts Express jerked each of them from their own private thoughts. They swiftly gathered their luggage and boarded the train. Choosing a compartment towards the back where they wouldn't be bothered, they strolled down the aisle in a single file line with Ginny at the end.

Once Ginny put her luggage away, she informed the others that she had to talk to Headmistress McGonagall about something. Waving goodbye, she quickly made her way to the front of the train where she knew the Headmistress would be.

During the summer, Ginny had received a letter from McGonagall telling her about a new program the school would be participating in to help the teachers with the heavy workload that comes from having a whole school of students repeat a year. Five students would be assistants to different subject professors.

Ginny had been selected to be the assistant to Professor Flitwick for Charms class. Harry had been contacted about being the assistant to the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, and Hermonie had been selected to be McGonagall's assistant in Transfiguration class. They didn't know who the other two students were yet.

"Professor, I don't think I'm the best choice to be an assistant professor," she blurted out as soon as she walked into the compartment before she could stop herself. The weary old witch simply smiled kindly at her.

"Child, I have no doubt in my mind that you will do an excellent job. I know the past couple of months have been very hard on your family, but that does not mean you can just wallow in depression. I too have felt the loss of a loved one before, and know what you are going through. Something to take your mind off Fred and the others will help you get back on your feet I think. Now, hurry along. Your friends are waiting for you I imagine," she replied firmly, a twinkle in her kind eyes once again.

Lost in thought, the young teenager was passing by a compartment when she heard a soft thump and a muffled grunt of pain. Alarmed by the sound, she peeked in the door and was shocked to find Zabini standing over Malfoy, pointing a wand at his face.

A closer look revealed blood dripping from Malfoy's slender nose and his wand lying on the floor between the door and Zabini. When the light haired teenager spotted her, his face paled even more, if it was possible. Zabini whirled around, a terrifying sneer on his face.

"Well well well. Look who we have here; it's the little Weaselette isn't it? Hmm, you seem to have found me in a very difficult position here Gryffindork. You see, I was in the middle of a very important discussion with my best friend Malfoy here when you so rudely interrupted," he said to her in a mocking tone.

Ginny glanced from the wand now pointed towards her own chest to Malfoy, lying on the floor covered in blood. The sight brought horrific memories of her eldest brother Bill after he had been mauled by Greyback two years ago and her blood seemed to freeze in her veins; not from fear but from anger.

Her own wand was in her hands before she could even blink. "Petrificus Totalus!" she whispered coldly, a hard look in her eyes. Zabini suddenly collapsed onto the floor at Ginny's feet, a stunned look on his face because he had been unable to block the powerful spell in time.

Malfoy was openly staring at her. She couldn't blame him actually. It was rather odd for a Gryffindor to save a Slytherin from one of his own house members.

She didn't pause to analyze it however. Slowly lowering her wand to his face, she saw him flinch and brace himself for her attack. But she merely muttered the spell to fix his nose. "Episkey!" A quick look at his face revealed a now perfectly normal looking nose. However, his face and clothes were still slightly bloody, the sight making her stomach churn. "Scourgify!"

Satisfied with her work, she turned smartly on her heels and walked out, feeling Malfoy's confused gaze on her the entire time. Trying to put the incident out of her mind, she slowly walked down to the compartment she had been headed for before stopping to save Malfoy from Zabini. Never in my life would I have imagined I would ever think those words, she mused with a snort.

Hermonie asked her what had took her so long, but Ginny only shook her head, not wanting to talk about it. She took a seat beside Harry and stared out the window. The look on Malfoy's face kept haunting her.

What was he thinking when he saw her point her wand at his face? Did he think she was going to hex him too? The thought made her snort in amusement again, causing Harry to glance at her funny.

The train ride seemed to last forever to Ginny. She had secretly been dreading returning to the school. Nightmares had plagued her sleep ever since the horrific battle that had changed her life. Many of the students in her year were not even bothering to return, opting instead to be home schooled by their parents or go straight to looking for a job.

Because she had been staring out the window, Ginny was the first to notice the majestic towers of Hogwarts appearing over the gently sloping hills of the countryside. The old castle gradually rose into view, looking as if the past year and a half had never happened.

The sight brought a strange sense of comfort to Ginny. Like it or not, Hogwarts was her home. It had been for the past six years. Most likely, it would always have a special place in her heart.

The four Gryffindors rapidly pulled on their black school robes over their regular clothes. A few moments later, the train pulled into Hogsmead Station and the students silently filed out. As she was gazing around the station, she noticed Malfoy standing alone away from the group, an uncertain expression on his handsome face.

Another curious flicker of pity shot through her, but she quickly suppressed it. He didn't deserve her pity. He was the reason her brother Bill was horribly scarred on his face. And she would never forget that.

So, what do you think so far? Everyone in character good enough? Don't worry, Ginny is going to lighten up considerably in future chapters. And Malfoy might be a little OOC, but hopefully not too much :)