"You can't just leave!"

Ami looked over her shoulder at Minako. Makoto and Rei were still staring at her, speechless, after she had announced her departure from the Senshi team, but Minako seemed to have found her voice and was even now moving to intercept her. She sighed. She had hoped that the shock of her announcement would keep them from coming after her until she was long gone, or was at least far enough outside of Rei's room to get away.

"Yes I can, and I am. I'm not going to be a Senshi anymore," she said. She tried to continue her exit from Rei's room, but was stopped by Minako grabbing her arm, holding her back.

"You can't just do this! After everything we've been through togeth-"

The sound of the slap resounded in the small bedroom, and both Makoto and Rei gasped as Minako fell back from the force of the blow. Ami glared down at Minako's shocked look. "Everything we've been through together? Together?! Let me tell you about what I've been through. I was forced to join a group of strangers in their war against an evil extra-dimensional force, and it's not even because I'm qualified to do it, it's because I'm the only one that can. I wasn't even given a choice. My school life is constantly interrupted by having to join in your fights against those monsters, and what can I even do against them? I can't even pinpoint their weaknesses anymore, like I could against the first few youma. I just shoot fucking bubbles!'

Minako gaped at the angry Senshi of Water, her hand touching her face where she received the stinging blow. She tried to come up with something to say, anything that could defuse the normally calm Senshi's exploding temper, but couldn't even begin to come up with anything as Ami continued her angry rant.

"So I'm completely useless in battle, and these battles are interfering with my schoolwork," Ami complained as she continued on her tirade. "But as if that's not bad enough, we're LOSING our war against the Dark Kingdom. Don't you dare dispute that, Rei, you KNOW I'm right." Ami glared at Rei who was just opening her mouth to say something, stopping the Senshi of Fire in her tracks. "And don't get me started on YOU, Makoto," she said as she turned her heated gaze on the Senshi of Thunder. "You don't even do your own homework anymore, you just expect that I'm going to be perfectly happy to do it for you so you can keep goofing around and doing whatever it is you do."

Makoto looked as if she had just been hit by a metal bat at that. Minako finally found her voice again. "Come on, Ami. You can't mean-"

"I can't mean any of what I'm saying? I mean every word of it, and I'm not even done yet!" Ami interrupted. "I could have dealt with everything, but it doesn't even seem like we're making a difference. People are DYING, and there's nothing we can do about it. So what if we keep casualties to a minimum, they're all going to die anyway when the Dark Kingdom finally wins!"

Rei was the one to find her voice this time. "You know that's not true. What about Ranma? She can save them!"

"Oh, yes, let's talk about Ranma. The reincarnation of Princess Serenity, the Moon Princess. The pampered, spoiled daughter of the Queen. She's going to just step in and make everything alright again," said Ami, her voice thick with sarcasm. "Even if she is stronger in this life than she ever was in the Silver Millennium, that's not a very high hurdle to jump. And even if she would make any sort of difference against the Dark Kingdom, have you forgotten where she is right now? She's in the hospital, after a Senshi beat her nearly to death."

"I almost had hope after these last two youma. I almost believed that things were going to start to get better. But then the Princess we've been waiting nearly a year for was betrayed and back-stabbed by one of our own! And you know what? I actually feel pretty damn silly for having any hope that a silly, spoiled, pampered china doll was going to-"

Another slap resounded through the room, and as Ami recoiled from the impact, her eyes met the furious visage of the Senshi of Love. "How dare you," started Minako in a low tone. "How dare you!" she said louder, at nearly a yell. "Princess Serenity was nothing but nice to you. She was nothing but nice to all of us. She was the kindest, most loving person I have ever known in either life, and I don't ever, EVER want to hear you disparage her like that again! She deserves better!"

Ami scowled back at Minako for a moment before simply turning on her heel and leaving Rei's room without another word, heading for the shrine's exit.

Minako sighed as she turned back toward the other two Senshi. The heavy, awkward silence hung over the room for several minutes, until Makoto finally stood. "I think I should just go too," she said, and started to leave.

Minako's voice made her pause. "Are you going to come back?"

Makoto thought about that for a moment. "I don't know," she said. "I'll let you know when I figure that out." She said nothing more as she completed her exodus from the room, leaving Rei and Minako alone.

The two remaining Senshi stared at each other in the silence, neither of them seeming to have anything to say. After long moments, Minako finally spoke up. "I guess I'll be going home."

Rei nodded. "Okay. Don't come back."

Minako blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Oh, are you deaf as well as stupid? I said, don't come back here," Rei said.

"But... this is the Senshi meeting place, and I'm the leader..." Minako started.

"Oh really? You mean how you just led Ami and Makoto right out of the group? Great job there, oh wonderful leader. Please leave now. I'll clean up your mess for you," Rei said, and turned away from Minako.

"I... but..." Minako sputtered. "You can't..." she started, but stopped. Rei had just kicked her out of the Senshi team she was the leader of. She'd wanted Rei to take over leadership, but she'd wanted to still be part of the group.

On the other hand, what group was left? The outers were in jail, Ami was gone, Makoto as well, and Rei just threw her out. The Senshi, as a group, were no more. Numbly, she turned and started walking, heading home once she left the shrine.

The Juuban District Hospital stood in the same space it always had, and Ami paused a moment to take in the view before finally entering. She had always liked hospitals; it always impressed her that such a large building was dedicated almost entirely to healing people. The fact that such a large building was necessary was not lost on her, nor the fact that there were similar buildings scattered throughout Tokyo to deal with injuries and sicknesses in the area. All that meant to Ami, though, was that the field of Medicine was an important and necessary one.

She frowned as she remembered her errand here, and the reason she had embarked on it. She had scarcely walked ten feet from the Hikawa Shrine Rei lived in before quite literally running into, of all people, Sailor Pluto... or rather, Setsuna Meioh, her civilian form. She had glared at the older Senshi at first, the look in her eyes daring Setsuna to try and turn her from her decision.

Setsuna had simply brushed herself off after the impact, looked her in the eyes, and shaken her head sadly. "I had hoped to meet with everyone together to reveal some information about our Princess, but I can see that won't be possible now," she said.

"You're not going to try to stop me?" Ami asked, somewhat confused as she continued walking toward her home.

Setsuna just shrugged as she fell into step beside her. "It's not my place to command. Especially not now that our Princess has returned to us."

"Oh, don't even talk to me about 'our Princess'. I remember that little twit in the Silver Millennium. She couldn't command a trained dog to sit, and I haven't seen that she's all that different now." Ami said venomously. "Not that it even really matters either way, because with the injuries Minako reported she has she'll be out of commission for weeks. That's assuming we can even get her brooch back from the Outers who, I might add, are in Jail!"

"Days, actually, assuming she doesn't transform and hasten the process," replied Setsuna. "And she already has her brooch back."

Ami scoffed. "Nobody heals that fast. Not even us."

"Really? My mistake then," said Setsuna, a small smile on her face.

Ami scowled at her before sighing. "If you aren't here to stop me, and you're not going to try to change my mind, what do you want?" she asked.

"I want you to talk to Ranma," Setsuna answered.

Ami stopped. "Excuse me?"

"Just talk to Ranma. Have a chat with her. It doesn't have to be about anything important, just try to get to know her a little," said Setsuna.

"Excuse me, miss. Do you... Oh, hi Ami! Are you here to see your mother?"

Ami's mind was jolted back to the present by the voice of the receptionist at the front desk. "No, I'm actually here to visit a... friend," she replied, somewhat flustered that she had been caught with her mind elsewhere. "What room is Ranma Saotome in, and is she well enough to have visitors?"

With the injuries Minako had reported Ranma having, she still had a hard time believing that Ranma was in any condition other than drugged out of her mind on painkillers. Consequently, the receptionist's response came as a complete surprise. "Oh, the girl that was attacked by a Senshi? She's doing well, and is driving the nurses on duty crazy. I'm sure it would be a relief to them for you to distract her for a while," the receptionist gossiped, and giggled.

Ami was stunned as she was given the room number and waved through. A girl that was admitted in critical condition only the evening before was not usually in a condition to accept visitors the very next day. She'd expected to be turned away at the door and be able to tell Pluto that she tried; she didn't expect to actually be able to talk to Ranma so soon.

The feeling she had when she reached the room she had been directed to was one of surreality. She could hear voices from the other side of the door, as the supposedly critically injured girl argued with one of the nurses on duty. "I know I'm supposed to be resting. You've told me that at least a dozen times now. But you could at least let me walk around a bit and stretch my legs. I'm going crazy just lying here in bed!"

Ami gaped at the door at that. This was Princess Serenity's reincarnation? "You'll be in a wheelchair, or you won't be going out at all, young lady. We will not have you injuring yourself further."

"But a wheelchair defeats the point of going for a walk!"

"Are you here to see Ranma?" A voice from behind Ami made her jump. She turned to see one of the nurses looking at her, and when the nurse saw her face she lit up in recognition. "Ami! I haven't seen you around here much lately. Is Ranma a friend of yours?" the nurse asked.

Ami quickly composed herself and schooled her features. "Yes, she is. Can I see her?" she asked, knowing the question was unnecessary; she wouldn't have made it this far if the answer was no.

"Please do! It's all we can do just to keep her in her bed, a friendly face might calm her down some," the nurse said. She opened the door and called into the room. "Ranma, a friend is here to visit."

The nurse still inside the room turned to look at the door, relief visible on her face. She turned back and frowned at Ranma. "I have other patients to check on, so you can talk with your friend. But don't you dare try to get out of that bed again, or when I come back I'll have you put in restraints!"

The nurse smiled at Ami as she left the room, and the two nurses went to do their rounds, leaving Ami alone with Ranma. 'Well, I'm here,' Ami thought as she approached the only occupied bed. 'Now what?'

Ranma smiled at her as she stood by the bed. "Ami, right? Thanks for coming. I was bored out of my mind. I don't suppose you could get me out of here, at least for a few minutes?"

Ami gave Ranma a dirty look. "You know, what you're doing to the nurses here isn't very nice. They have a stressful job as it is, taking care of all the patients," she said in an accusatory tone.

"Aw, come on. I'm not hurting anyone. It beats counting ceiling tiles, or reading about sparkly vampires," Ranma said.

Ami almost gave Ranma a sympathetic look. "Oh god, one of the nurses tried to get you to read Twilight? Those books are beyond awful," she said. "I bet it was Hitomi, wasn't it?"

Ranma shrugged. "I don't know all the nurses' names yet, and hopefully I'll be out of here before I have a chance to learn them all. The doc said I might be able to go... home..." Ranma paused as a sad look crossed her face. "I can leave tomorrow evening."

Ami frowned. Despite the fact that she'd gone a round with Jadeite, about which Ami still only had Ranma's word to go on, this was still the silly, pampered girl she had been in the Silver Millennium. "Poor nurses, having to deal with you until then," she needled her.

For a moment, she saw the hurt look on Ranma's face that she was expecting. The Princess had never taken teasing very well, and at one time in her past life she had decided to make it a point to tease the Princess whenever possible, if only so she would learn to deal with it better.

The look was only there for a moment, though, before it was replaced by something Ami didn't recognize. Ranma smirked. "Well, maybe if this hospital had better books, I wouldn't be so bored. There's nothing good on the TV public channels either, and I can't pay for any of the movie channels."

"I'm sure the hospital does have better books. Hitomi is a little... strange. I can probably get you a book or two that you'd actually like," Ami said, still confused over Ranma's reaction. The hurt had been there, and she was sure Ranma had been about to pout, or start whining at her for being mean.

"If you say so," said Ranma dubiously. "At this point I'd do anything to get out of here, but if you think there's other books here I'd enjoy, I'll give them a read."

Ami looked at the smile on Ranma's face. The same trusting look the Princess had always given her. That same carefree, lackadaisical smile that had infuriated her so much in the Silver Millennium. How could one person be so trusting, so naïve? She made her decision. "Before I do that, I have something for you. Here," she said, summoned her transformation wand from her subspace storage pocket, and tossed it to Ranma.

Ranma caught it easily, and looked confusedly at her when she realized what it was. "Ami, why are you giving me this?" she asked.

"I'm not a Senshi anymore. Please return these to Artemis," Ami said, as she summoned her communicator and likewise handed it to Ranma.

Ranma watched her summon the Mercury Computer as well, and hesitate. Some of what she was feeling must have shown on her face, because Ranma held up a hand and shook her head. "Ami, no. I can't take these from you. They're yours."

Ami scowled, nearly giving in to the urge to throw the Mercury Computer at the girl before her, but even in her rage she couldn't bear to part with it. Her arm trembled as she contemplated hitting Ranma instead. "Didn't you just hear me? I'm not going to be a Senshi anymore. I don't need these. I don't want these. Take them back!"

Ranma just shook her head again. "You're a Senshi, whether or not you have these." she said.

The sharp sound of the slap rang through the small hospital room, and Ami gave an almost surprised look down at her own hand as she lowered it. She hadn't meant to actually hit Ranma. Now that she had, though, she'd have to deal with the waterworks. She hardened her resolve, and looked up to see the undoubtedly tearful face of the Princess...

Ranma's clear, blue gaze met hers, without a trace of the emotion she was expecting. "I probably did deserve to be slapped for what you thought I just said, but that's not how I meant it. Could you let me finish before you slap me again?"

Ami was stunned. No tears, no recriminations, no blame. Ranma wasn't even acting as if she felt the slap. Ami just nodded dumbly.

Ranma thought for a moment before she started speaking again. "Whether or not you have your Senshi items, you're still a Senshi, no matter what. It's your birthright, and a part of you that will never change. The transformation wand, and the Mercury Computer... they're yours. They're a part of who you are, and nobody can take them away. Not now, not ever." Ranma held the wand back to Ami. "Besides," she continued, "It's better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them."

Ami blinked. THAT wasn't the Princess Serenity she was expecting. She'd expected an impassioned speech insisting that she stay with the Senshi team, not a well-reasoned and, quite frankly, practical argument for her to keep her Senshi items. She did have to concede to the logic in that statement though, as she reluctantly accepted her wand back. As she returned it and the Mercury Computer to her subspace pocket, her eyes fell on her communicator. "What about..." she started.

Ranma followed Ami's gaze to the device she still held in her hand. "Oh, this? It's a communicator for members of the Senshi team, isn't it?" She shrugged, and sent it off to her own subspace pocket.

Ami wanted to ask why Ranma wasn't insisting that she stay with the Senshi, why she was so accepting of her decision to leave the team. Even if Ranma had only just arrived, even if she hadn't officially joined the Senshi, she was still their Princess, the one whose protection they were charged with above all else. Before she could open her mouth to ask, though, she saw the look on Ranma's face. Sadness. Trust.

"Aren't you going to ask me why?" Ami asked, trying to goad Ranma into a more familiar reaction. The naïve trust was there, but Ranma should have been insisting that they stick together, that they belonged together, or some such nonsense about loyalty, or friendship.

Ranma's answer baffled her. "You've got your reasons," was the response.

Ami was confused. Ranma certainly acted the part of the spoiled princess, but her reactions were becoming more and more... well, off. She hadn't broken down when she was teased, she didn't cry when she was slapped, and she wasn't trying to keep the team together despite hell or high water. Ami remembered all the times Princess Serenity had insisted that they should all be friends, and she even remembered Ranma doing the same not too long ago. What had happened? When had the Princess started to grow up?

Ranma cleared her throat. "So, how about those books?" she asked. Ami just blinked at her, and her face clouded into a pout. "Aw come on, Ami. I'm dying of boredom here!" she whined.

Ami giggled at that. Ranma was still a spoiled brat, but maybe... just maybe she was a spoiled brat that she could get along with. "Alright, let me see what I can find. I'll be right back," she said, and started to head for the small hospital library.

Minako stared up at the ceiling above her bed. Her thoughts were a confused jumble, and her feelings were a mess. She'd been kicked off the Senshi team, the team that she herself was the leader of. She should have been more... angry, or hurt, or something. Instead, she just felt... numb.

She felt a paw on her forehead, and Artemis's face entered her view. "Are you alright, Minako?" the white Mau asked.

"No, I'm not," she answered. "The Senshi... the team is done. First Ami decided that she didn't want to be a Senshi anymore, and then Makoto left. After that, Rei threw me out."

Artemis gave her a horrified look. "But what about the Dark Kingdom, and the Princess, and-"

"The Dark Kingdom is winning anyway!" Minako interrupted. "That's why the Senshi team fell apart tonight. The outers are in jail, and the rest of us just... broke off. It's over."

"But that's not... you can't..." Artemis sputtered.

Minako felt a weight land on her chest, and looked down to find Luna sitting there. "Well, that's certainly not the leader of the Senshi I remember."

"Well, I'm glad you're feeling better," Minako said, then snorted. "You probably remember my mother. I'm a Senshi now because she's long gone. I'm just a girl that failed at leading the Senshi against the Dark Kingdom."

"Your mother? I know my memory of the Silver Millennium is faulty, but I certainly don't remember your mother being the young girl that befriended the Princess." said Luna, and sniffed. "The girl I remember led a group of other girls, all of them princesses, to battle against overwhelming odds. They each fought using their mothers' training wands, stolen from the royal armory, and their determination helped the Moon Princess escape an entire youma battle group that ambushed her craft on its way to Earth."

Minako sighed as those memories surfaced. "It was different then. I was fighting for Flower-chan. When I heard that her shuttle had been ambushed and there wasn't anyone that could get to her... I had to do something. I couldn't just let my little sister die. Now the stakes are so much higher. It's not just about Flower-chan anymore. I fought for her and willingly died for her then. Now we're fighting for... for everything. It's too much."

The two mau exchanged a worried look, before turning back to Minako. "This isn't like you. There's something else going on, isn't there?" asked Artemis. "What's wrong?"

Minako stared at the ceiling for long moments before responding. "It's my fault," she finally said. "The Dark Kingdom winning, the team falling apart... it's all my fault. I'm not good enough."

"Now Minako, you know that's not true," said Artemis.

"Isn't it?" Minako demanded. "Isn't it a leader's job to make sure everyone gets along and works together? I was never able to get the Senshi to really be a team. We were barely even friends on a good day. If I were a better leader..."

"If you were a better leader, you still wouldn't have been able to repair the rift in the outers group," interrupted Artemis. "Pluto and Uranus were never going to get along, and you would never have been able to force them to."

"But that's not the only thing, Artemis," said Minako. "Rei and I are as close as any of us inners got, and we barely get along. And if I were a better leader, I'd have been able to see this coming! I didn't even know... I should have known how Ami felt. I..." Minako trailed off.

"Did Ami say something that upset you?" asked Luna.

"No. I mean, yes... I mean..." Minako stopped and sighed. "Yes I'm upset at what Ami said, especially when she started to disparage the Princess. But what upset me most was that a lot of her reasons for leaving... the things she said... I kinda agree with her."

Minako sighed as she sat up, shifting Luna to her lap. "The Dark Kingdom is winning. That's been true since the beginning. This war has been slowly escalating right from the start. The Dark Kingdom keeps sending stronger and stronger youma, but we aren't getting any stronger. We've been fighting to keep the casualties to a minimum, but the Dark Kingdom is always one step ahead of us. Now they're too strong... we can't keep fighting them. We aren't making any difference."

"That's not true," said Artemis. "You're saving lives."

Minako snorted. "We're not saving anyone. People are still dying."

"How many more people would have died if the Senshi didn't stop the youma? Every life you save matters."

"And what about the lives we didn't save? Do those lives not matter?" Minako asked. "What am I supposed to say to the families of the people that died? 'Sorry, I couldn't save them. But it's okay, we saved other people'? We can't face them, Artemis. That's why everyone hates us, and there's nothing we can do."

"It's not your fault..." started Artemis.

"No, it isn't..." Minako said, and sighed. "But that doesn't change anything."

An uncomfortable silence fell over the three of them, and Minako sighed once more as she let herself fall back onto her back. Moments later, though, the silence was broken by the sound of a knock on her door. "Minako, Dear. Dinner is ready," came her mother's muffled voice.

"Coming," Minako said. "Well, it looks like I'm going to get my wish," she said to the two Mau as she left the room. "At least until the Dark Kingdom takes over, I can be a normal girl again."

"This is bad," said Artemis, after Minako left.

Luna nodded. "But what can we do? The only one that can give these girls hope is the Princess, and she's..."

"In the hospital," Artemis finished. "Let's just pray the Dark Kingdom doesn't attack again soon.

Nephrite laughed to himself from his concealment in Jadeite's quarters. The fool had still not noticed him in his frenzy to come up with a workable plan to deal with the Senshi. From the plans he had overheard Jadeite come up with, and then discard, it was clear his rival was beyond desperate.

He considered taunting his rival with his uselessness, but waved off that idea. After all, his purpose had been to get Jadeite to quit messing around with the Senshi and deal with them for good, and a few of the half-formed plans he had heard Jadeite muttering sounded like they could actually work. Deciding that there was nothing more for him to do here until his rival settled on a single plan, he quietly teleported himself back to his own quarters.

Jadeite, for his part, was frantic. Sure, the Senshi team was down by three of its strongest members, but there were still too many unknowns to account for. The three Senshi that had been imprisoned may have been the most powerful, but he hadn't had a chance to gauge the new Senshi's strength yet. Imposter or not, the power he had felt coming off her had been considerable. If he underestimated her strength, it could mean his whole plan could fall apart.

Any plan he could come up with always had that same critical weakness: he didn't have enough energy in reserve to ensure the Senshi's demise. He didn't have enough energy to empower a youma to defeat the entire remaining Senshi group. He didn't have enough energy to send enough youma to overwhelm the Senshi. He couldn't even send enough youma to gather enough energy for either of those in time for the Queen's deadline.

"It's all that new Senshi's fault," he grumbled. Without the three imprisoned Senshi, it should have been easy to overpower the rest. The one with the staff would have presented the most trouble, and probably would have escaped when the rest were overwhelmed... but once the others were killed, she alone would hardly be a threat. Add the new girl and her unknown level of strength to the situation, though, and his reserves went from 'barely adequate' to get the job done, to 'woefully inadequate'. He would have to be foolish to assume her strength was on the same level as the other remaining Senshi. He remembered how hard her attack had hit his shielding; if the girl had pressed her attack and been able to keep it up long enough, it may have shattered the barrier. That put her nearly on the level of the imprisoned Senshi, who could each do the same.

He needed a power boost, he realized. The Senshi, as a group, were too strong for him to defeat with his current reserves of energy. He needed a game-changer, something that would give him the edge. His eyes fell on one corner of his quarters, where he kept numerous little curiosities and artifacts. Most of them were useless, such as the 1/10 scale model of the Senshi of Fire (WHY did he still have that thing? He should have destroyed it long ago.), the fragments of a life energy battery gem (He grumbled at that. There was enough life energy stored within this one gem to resolve all his problems, but nobody in the Dark Kingdom could figure out how to extract it. Attempts to destroy the original gem to get at the life energy had only resulted in it breaking into four parts, each fragment containing a quarter of the energy the gem had held.), the life energy vortex grenade...

He stopped as he eyed that last item. The grenade had been a failed project, an attempt to create a weapon that could be thrown at the Senshi to neutralize them. It would cause a vortex that would completely drain anyone caught within it of life energy in seconds. Unfortunately, there were three problems with the device that made it unusable. The first was the amount of energy it took to create one. It took far more energy to create just one of these grenades than it took to create a squad of combat youma. The second problem was its effective area; the resulting vortex was far too small, and the Senshi would have no problem jumping out of its range if they saw it coming. The third, and most important problem with it: It just didn't work on the Senshi. Most of the energy that went into the creation of the grenades had been an attempt to amp up the life vortex effect to overcome the Senshi's resistance to being drained. Unfortunately, the first field test had revealed that the Senshi's 'resistance' was more along the lines of 'immunity', so further development had been halted.

As he studied the last remaining grenade, an idea came to him. An idea that, if it worked, would resolve his lack of energy and destroy the Senshi in one fell swoop. He might even have time to recover that traitor Endymion before the Queen lost patience. His face cracked into a slightly crazed grin as a plan formed in his mind.

A youma shuddered at the sound of maniacal laughter coming from within the room Jadeite occupied. Despite having been ordered to guard the door, it decided that it wanted to be anywhere else, and wandered off. Maybe it could get Zoycite to give it a better job... or put it out of its misery.

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